Sunday, 17 June 2012


So, I finally passed my exams, two years later then expected, but hey, who's counting ;D. So that means I have vacation! I'm quite bored actually, the internet is stupid, my boyfriend is on vacation and my ps3 is downstairs haha. Although I've had a really good time this week celebrating my graduation with my friends! It felt like the last time we met up was like centuries ago.

Also, in two weeks I'm going to Rock Werchter, finally seeing Blink 182! Also, Rise Against, The Cure, All American-Rejects, Skrillex (blagh!) and a lot of other bands. CAN'T WAIT FOR BLINK!

I'm probably moving to Utrecht this summer, quite excited to move out of the house.
This is it for now, next time I will probably do a DVD post, since I bought a lot lately!


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