Monday, 30 July 2012

Week update.

I also wanted to make a post about my week! I went to Paris, which was nice. It's really beautiful, although I think it's a bit overrated. The people aren't very nice and well, the Eifel Tower is just plain ugly :). On the other hand, Disney was amazing! Last time I went there, I was about 3 years old or something, so I couldn't remember anything of it. But I loved it. You'll feel like a child again the moment you walk in. It was very hot that day but I didn't really mind. Will post some pictures later!

Next week I'll go to Prague with my boyfriend. Went to prague 3 years ago, and it's a beautiful city, really amazing. Quite excited to go!

My boyfriend went away last week with his friends, and I really missed him, but luckily he's back again and it was an amazing cute weekend together :)!

That's about it, bye!

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