Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My week in Prague

So I'm back from my week in Prague! It was truly amazing! We went to see the city the first day, although we both went there a few years before, it was still amazing to see everything. It is a beautiful city that contains a lot of history. My camera lens was broken after a few weeks so not many pictures where taken unfortunately :(.

Anyway, the second day we went to see the 'Lennon-wall' what used to be a wall with many John Lennon quotes as a protest against Communism many years ago. Unfortunately there is not many left of the original graffiti, 'cause almost everything is painted over with new (non-John Lennon related) graffiti. Anyway, it was still beautiful to see, 'cause the colorful wall is an extreme contrast against Prague in my opinion.

A few days later we went to a sort of Amusement park, what contained a really strange atmosphere. I was called 'Luna Park' and it was not really abandoned, but also not well visited. It contained a roller coaster and a few other rides, but they all looked not safe so we didn't get in anything. Anyway, there where a few people to operate the attractions and stuff, but that was about it. Nobody else was walking in the park except for us. We walked a bit further behind a lot of trees and there where all remainings of old attractions, which was kinda cool and creepy to see. I loved the atmosphere in the park, 'cause it was so lost and sort of abandoned.

We did a lot of other things too, but this were a bit the main things. Also, we got a fine of 1600 CZK for not having the right tram ticket :( bit of a waste of money but ok.
I will post some pictures this week, not really in the mood to pick the nicest ones for putting here.

This is it for now :)!

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