Monday, 20 August 2012

Pictures of Prague

First day, we walked through the center of Prague, but I didn't made a lot of pictures, because my camera was being an asshole. Also, I haven't edited any because of laziness.

Second day, the Lennon-wall. Dedicated to John Lennon of course, read about it in my previous post ;).

Few days later, in search of the abandoned amusement park. It wasn't here yet, but there was an metronome, and a line with a these shoes hanging on it. Had something mysterious :). We walked to the wrong park, and had to go up a really really long staircase (for nothing actually) but well, eventually we got were we wanted to be :).

The half abandoned amusement park 'Luna Park', definitely worth going to if you're interested in these abandoned places. (Although it was not really abandoned, it had a creepy mysterious atmosphere)

(The most disappointing sandwich I've ever eaten)


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  2. Hello!
    I love abandoned places and I need more information about luna park. I want to know if is possible to entry bacause I doubt about this place is really abandoned.
    Lovely pictures in your blog!

  3. Hello, the park is not complete abandoned, but it does feel abandoned. You can just enter it, it's free. The park is a bit hard to find because there is no sign or anything that gives direction. Anyway, the park is not completely abandoned, there are a few people there, some who are with the rides and very few visitors. But the mood in this park is just really strange. Even though it's not completely abandoned, I really recommend to go there! Crazy feeling guaranteed ;). And thank you!


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