Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Addings and stuff

The House serie I ordered was canceled today, after a week of waiting. I ordered season 4 and 5 already because I didn't want to wait that long again, and it will arrive tomorrow. Season 3 is ordered again, and it will hopefully arrive friday, so I can watch again ^^. Didn't hear anything of my solicitation yet :(, also nothing from the pet shelter. Kinda annoying, I don't mind being at home, but my parents do :p. Still busy with the last trophy for Mini Ninjas. I bought Mortal Kombat for the PS3, didn't play it yet, but will probably later this week.

My boyfriend got me a present, the book of Game of Thrones! Really excited to read it, first I'm finishing The Hunger Games series, I just finished book 1, loved it. Book two is next ;).

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