Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Haven't updated in a while, because there wasn't much happening in my life. Still haven't found a job unfortunately, so I'm still sitting at home, gaming and stuff. I always play this game on the ps3 "Fat Princess" which is always a lot of fun, but for some strange reason it can't go online anymore. Only once in a hundred tries, it goes online, and every other attempts, nothing. Really pissed off because it was my favorite game and the only one I was able to play :(. It's quite strange because it connects to Playstation Network, and everything is working, until you're going to play online. It gives all kinds of errors like: 'Can't find any games', Wasn't able to connect or You are disconnected, while I know that there are games playing, and I have connection. Plus, at my boyfriends house, the games works normally. Quite annoying.

Anyway, I watched the first season of Game Of Thrones and I thought it was amazing! I'm also reading the book but it was a bit hard to read because of all the names. It became a bit confusing. So that's why I decided to watch the series before I finished the book. Really loved it, every end of an episode was so thrilling that I wanted to see the next episode right away. But now I finished watching the series, I will continue the book this week. Also downloaded season 2, but haven't started watching it yet.

But I really recommend this one, at first I thought I wouldn't enjoy it, because I'm not really into fights and Medieval and stuff, but the acting is great, and also a good story. 

Also, my camera is officially broken, which really sucks, because it's autumn, and the colors of the forest are so beautiful. Wish I could photograph but I'll have to wait till it's getting fixed or until I bought a new one. And, my macbook battery is also not good,  so also need to fix that. Bad luck!

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