Thursday, 27 December 2012


So, I'm sorry I didn't uploaded for a while. My macbook is being fixed right now (hopefully) because it was overheating everytime, although I didn't do anything special. Just safari or something like that. And when it was overheated it went on standby, so that was a bit annoying. So, I'm writing this from my old computer. Luckily I still used this for playing the Sims 2 (yes, I keep my old computer, just for playing sims 2) so it was still a bit up-to-date and stuff. 

Christmas is already over, and I got really nice presents this year! I got a H&M giftcard for 20 euros, and three books: Alice In Wonderland - Lewis Caroll, Gullivers Travels - Jonathan Swift and part two of the Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers from J.R.R. Tolkien. The thing is that I already had part three from the LOTR books, because I got it for Christmas yeaaaars ago. But because it was a bit difficult to start in part three without reading part one or two was a bit annoying. So I've actually never read it. And now I have part two but unfortunately it is from another bookcover so they don't match, because the other one is from 2002 or something. Problem is, I still don't have part one haha, so I still can't start reading it. 
I also got a couple of dvd's:

The Human Centipede: part one

 House season 6

 Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 

Game of Thrones season 1

Very happy with the dvd's, I have a lot to watch again ;).
I also ordered a movie named Idle Hands, I searched for it soooo long, and I finally found it fairly cheap so that's also a good thing.

My christmas was fun, the first day me and my boyfriend stayed at my parents, and the second day we went to his place. It was kinda nice. 
Also this event named Serious Request had ended Monday. It was a charity event for babies and it was in my hometown, they managed to get 12,2 milion euros. Quite amazing!

I have no idea what to write about haha, I just wanted to update everything, especially for my dvd's so I don't forget to register them when I get my macbook back. 

Almost 2013! 

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