Monday, 21 January 2013


Quick update, I'm not writing a lot anymore, mainly because I don't do a lot. Still searching for a job, so in my spare time I'm mainly gaming. I also signed in for the study Journalism again, since I didn't get accepted last year. Hopefully I'll get accepted this year :). I hope to be a professional reviewer someday for the local newspaper of something, this is also why I try to write reviews on my blog. So, when you have any tips or something I can us, please let me know :).
I'm trying to watch at least one horror movie a week, so I can write a review about it after the weekend. I've already watched a lot of horror movies over the years, but I think it's important to remember every detail when writing a review, so that's why I only write a review when I just watched it. Even when I already saw the movie a million times :).
Also, when you have any suggestions of (horror) movies, please let me know :)!

Also my dvd collection hasn't been updated in a long time, because I don't have enough money to buy movies. Only movie I bought recently is Stay Alive. I know many people think this movie sucked, but I quite liked it. I will eventually do a review about it.

I'm also trying to focus a bit more on photography again. There is a lot of snow in my hometown, so it's really fun to take pictures. When I have an editing program again I will probably upload some pictures. 
I finally have my macbook back, but now with Snow Leopard instead of Lion. I have no idea why they put another system on my macbook, but that doesn't really mind, because now I can play the Sims 2 :D. (That was not possible on Lion)
Only bad thing is that I have to download all the programs again, because everything is gone. Luckily I had a backup of my music, tv shows and photography. 

I don't know what else to write about, so this will be it. 


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