Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Horror Challenge

The Horror Challenge!

Every day (at least I'll try to do this everyday) I will do a challenge, this is the list.
I need to add to this, that I'm absolutely not an expert in horror movies. I haven't seen a lot of 'old' horror movies, simply because I don't like them. So most (read: all) of the movies listed here will probably be from the period of 1990 till now. 

  • Day 1: A horror movie that delivered a scary theatrical experience.
  • Day 2: A disappointing or unnecessary remake.
  • Day 3: A scene or image burned into your mind.
  • Day 4: A movie that kills off countless main characters.
  • Day 5: Excellent use of sound effects
  • Day 6: Doesn't seem to scare other people as much as it scares you.
  • Day 7: An incredibly twisted movie.
  • Day 8: A terrifying inanimate object.
  • Day 9: A movie that you like to show people.
  • Day 10: A great sequel.
  • Day 11: Wonderful use of lightning.
  • Day 12: Plot you would least like to end up in.
  • Day 13: A formidable antagonist.
  • Day 14: An egregious misuse of the "based on true events" claim. 
  • Day 15: A painfully suspenseful movie.
  • Day 16: A frightening dream sequence/hallucination.
  • Day 17: A bad ass post/pre-kill one-liner.
  • Day 18: A movie with unsettling scenery.
  • Day 19: A horror movie that gives you nightmares.
  • Day 20: A great remake.
  • Day 21: A horror movie that only makes you laugh.
  • Day 22: A frightening child actor.
  • Day 23: Graphics that pull you out of the movie.
  • Day 24: An effective jump scare.
  • Day 25: Excellent use of soundtrack.
  • Day 26: An aggravatingly incompetent protagonist.
  • Day 27: A terrifying creature.
  • Day 28: A horror movie that is hard to watch.
  • Day 29: A great horror movie with a terrible cast. 
  • Day 30: Your favorite final scene, scare, or image.

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