Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Top 20 Animation movies, 20-11

As you might know, I'm a big animation fan. This is my personal top 20! The reason why I did a top 20 instead of a top 10, is because it was too hard to choose from all these amazing movie. I hope you will enjoy it!

20. The Aristocats

I love Disney classics, and because there are so many it's very hard to choose. Anyway, I think this movie has a beautiful story, with amazing music in it. Disney always has a smooth way teaching kids some life lessons, and even for some adults it might be useful. 

19. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

This was an amazing movie, but unfortunately not as funny as the first or third one. I still love Ice Age so that's why I gave it the 19th place! Which isn't that bad I think. Unfortunately, the fourth Ice Age was a big disappointment so that one didn't make it to the list!

18. Brave

The first Pixar movie on the list is Brave. To be honest, I like every Pixar movie ever made, but I can't put every Pixar movie on the list. Sure, I like some more than others, and that's why Brave is on the well deserved 18th place! I think Brave is a very unique movie for Disney/Pixar. It has a completely different atmosphere. Other than that, the humor is great and as always, the animations are breath taking.

17. Toy Story 2

Every Toy Story movie is amazing, the characters are all lovely and the animations are beautiful. However, this is the Toy Story that I least liked. The story was a bit boring in my opinion compared to Toy Story 1 and 3. Nevertheless, still an amazing movie.

16. Puss in Boots

This was an amazing spin-off. It's a bit the history of Puss in Boots (from Shrek). The characters in this movie are hilarious. I personally did not like the egg that much, but the duck! That duck made the whole movie amazing. The story is a bit lame, but the animations, music and humor is great. I personally would have preferred a spin-off for Donkey, but this is nice too.

15. How to Train Your Dragon

This movie was very surprising in my opinion. It seemed like a nice movie already, but I really loved it after finish watching it. It teaches a bit about history, courage and friendship. This combined with amazing animations, humor and a great story makes this lovely movie.

14. 9

This movie is completely different from any other movie listed here. There's not much humor in it, but the story is amazing. The animations are breathtaking and the scenery is mind-blowing. This movie is also about friendship, courage and love. Instead of the previous movie listed it's not about history, but it's about the future. Really amazing and really recommendable. Even for adults.

13. Kung Fu Panda 

It was very hard to choose which one of the Kung Fu Panda was better. I loved them both so much. I finally made the hardest decision ever (just kidding) and choose Kung Fu Panda 2 above Kung Fu Panda. What I love about these movies is the story, the animations and the humor. I love how Jack Black is the voice for Po, it makes the movie even better in my opinion because Po is exactly like Jack Black himself.

12. Kung Fu Panda 2

You can read above why I loved the Kung Fu Panda movies. The reason why I choose Kung Fu Panda 2 above Kung Fu Panda 1 is because of the touching story. You learn about Po's history and it's so sad. I also really loved the battle. The animations were amazing. It was also very nice hearing Gary Oldman as the peacock Shen. I can't wait till Kung Fu Panda 3 comes out!

11. Pokemon the movie: Mewtwo vs. Mew

Guilty. After all these years I'm still a big Pokemon fan. However, it's only until the first two or maybe three generations of Pokemon. The first movie never fails to amaze me (neither does the second or third). I remember seeing this movie in the cinema when I was very little, and I remember that I cried during the part where all the Pokemon cried because of the Stone-Ash, well, I still cry during that part. It's an amazing touching movie but probably only when you enjoy Pokemon ;).

Tomorrow I'll upload the top 10!

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