Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Top 20 Animation movies, 10-1!

10. Despicable Me

Oh wow, those minions. They are adorable and incredibly funny. And then there is Agnes, the cutest kid you can image. There is nothing about this movie that I don't like, and I'm really looking forward to Despicable Me 2!

9. Tangled 

I'm normally not a big fan of Disney's princess movies. This movie is a big exception. It was a lot more funny than any of the regular princess movies. It had a better story in my opinion, and to top all of that, it's computer animated! I don't think there's anything wrong with normal animated movies, but I think this movie would have never been so good if it was made in the original style.

8. Toy Story 1

This was such an amazing movie, considering it was already made in 1995. If you look at Ice Age 1, made in 2002, it's animated a lot worse than this movie. The characters were right, the story was right, I can not even think of 1 thing that I didn't like to be honest.

7. Toy Story 3

Comparing Toy Story 1 and 3 together there is not much difference in animations. That's how amazing Toy Story was animated. Why I liked this movie better was because of the touching story. I can not watch this movie without crying my eyes out at the final scene. It was a perfect ending for an amazing trilogy and I truly hope they will never make the Toy Story 4 that is planned.

6. Finding Nemo

Surprise, surprise! Another Pixar movie! It's the last one I promise. This movie is incredibly funny, with some touching moments, some tensed moments en some really funny moments. I think this movie is suitable for old and young. The story contains friendship, love and family, and couldn't have been any better. I do hope they will never make the sequel though.

5. The Lion King

My ultimate favorite Disney movie ever. It was when I was little, and it still is. I think this is absolutely the best movie Disney ever made. While it contains love, friendship and of course family, it also contains revenge, jealousy and death. Disney took a few steps ahead with this movie, and crossed many lines for a child movie I think. However, that's not a bad thing. It teaches kids to deal with these things on a very young age. And to be honest, the Mufase scene? I cried my eyes out of my eye sockets. Amazing.

4. Ice Age 3

Oh this was brilliant. When I was young I loved watching the movies 'The Land Before Time'. This movie was the perfect combination between those movies and Ice Age. The humor is great but I'm not really a big fan of the addition of 'Elly'. I know she was also in Ice Age 2, but I don't really like her character. The animations are great and as always is the humor of Sid and Scrat. Amazing movie.

3. Shrek 2

The addition of Puss in Boots made this movie even better in my opinion. The story was amazing and so were the animation. I love how you see all sorts of familiar Disney references in this movie. The music is amazing and I immediately downloaded the album after watching this. Shrek 3 unfortunately did not make it to this list, but I do want to give a shout out for it, because I thought that was a real nice movie too. I do not recommend Shrek 4 tough, I thought it was absolutely horrible.

2. Ice Age 

It was so hard to choose a second place. I have to say that I enjoy Shrek 1 and Ice Age 1 equally as much. The reason why Ice Age ended up second anyway is because the animations were not that good. If you watch it now, you notice how square everything looks. Also, the music was not noticeably outstanding. It does not make the movie bad tough, because it's still a fun movie to watch. Great humor and an amazing touching story. I can watch this movie over and over again, and not ever get bored.

1. Shrek

And here we are, my number 1 animation movie. Not so surprising, it's the first Shrek movie. I think it truly the best animation movie made. It has amazing animations, great music, hilarious dialogues and of course, Donkey. I love Donkey so much, Eddie Murpy's voice is exactly right for it. I think this movie is suitable for children and adults, since the story is not exactly childish. As I already mentioned in the part about Shrek 3, there are many Disney references. In Shrek 1 it's the same thing. It's nice seeing Snow White or other Disney princesses in a non-Disney movie.
I can not get bored of this movie. Never.

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