Tuesday, 18 June 2013

DVD addings

I promised my boyfriend that I wouldn't buy any DVD's anymore until I've watched everything that I have right now (he thinks I own too many DVD's), but then I *accidentally* participated at a auction were they sold these two beauties, which I *accidentally* won. Got them for 25 euros together, so they were a really nice price.

A few years ago I watched a few episodes and I really liked them but the time they were on TV constantly changed so that's why I stopped watching. Really excited to start watching again though. 

On other news, I just got in my book (I am allowed to order books) Perks of Being a Wallflower. I really really liked the movie and I'm quite excited to read the book. Everyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, I absolutely recommend watching it, it's a real good movie. (Obviously it's not a horror movie).

I also did not get accepted at the study Journalism *again*, so since I have to do a study this year I chose Urban Design, which is kinda cool but not really what I want. Will hear in a few weeks if I got accepted. 

I'm halfway through writing my Resident Evil review so it's probably up tonight or tomorrow. 


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