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Top 10 most annoying actors

Since I've done a favorite actors/actresses list, I thought it would be fair to list all the actors that I don't like at all. These actors have ruined quite a few movies for me, movies that could be fun, if they were not in it. I'm sure that some of you won't agree with some of the actors listed, but sorry, I just can't stand them.

10. Danny McBride

This guy plays in quite a few good and funny movies, Drillbit Taylor, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, Land of the Lost, Your Highness and a few more. I'm also sure that This Is The End will be amazing where he (unfortunately)plays in. But for some reason, I can't stand this guy. I don't think he's funny and I think he's a very bad actor. He played in funny movies but he was absolutely not what made the movies funny. I'm sorry, I can't stand this guy. Luckily, he's not that terrible yet that he made all those movies unbearable to watch or something.

9. Nicolas Cage

Seriously, in what movie does this guy not play in? Sure, there are a few movies of him that I like, 8MM, National Treasure 1 & 2 and Kick-Ass. And he's not that bad at acting, but he just plays in so many movies, and he played so many different roles that I'm not sure anymore how I actually see Nicolas Cage. There are only a few roles that fit Nicolas Cage and we can all guess which ones since he has played them all, literally. I'm just so bored of seeing Nicolas Cage in every kind of movie, I'm sick of his cheesy lines, I'm sick of his haircut and I'm sick of his non smiling eyes with that stupid fake smile. Please stop making movies, it would be an incredible improvement for the film industry. 

8. Tom Cruise

If Tom Cruise plays in a movie, I most likely would never watch it. I can not stand this guy. Sure, I've seen some movies where he played in, but I disliked all of them. (With an exception for Tropic Thunder, but since he only played a small part in it I am able to watch it). I got so sick of him when everybody was bragging around how he did his own stunts in Mission Impossible 3, I'm sorry but there are plenty of actors who did the same. Also, the whole scientology thing, it almost frightens me. Or the Katie Holmes hype, where he jumped Oprah's couch... he is such an attention junkie and I'm sorry but I hate him for it. Let's hope one of the stunts in Mission Impossible 19 makes an end to it all (read: him).

7. Jack McBrayer

30 Rock is not such a bad TV show, until the moment this guy steps in the screen. His voice is so incredibly annoying, which was also one of the reasons I disliked Wreck-it Ralph. But unfortunately it's not only his voice, it's just everything. His perfect haircut, his psycho smile and mainly his acting talents. Oh this guy is so terrible and everything he does. He should really seek for a different profession. Look at that smile, doesn't that frighten you?

6. Mel Gibson

I actually have no idea why I dislike Mel Gibson, I just do. I can't stand watching him in a movie, and I just found out he plays in the movie Machete Kills (alongside two other of my favorites Charlie Sheen and Lady Gaga), so I'm afraid that movie will be a big disappointment for me. It does not matter in what movie he plays, I will never like this guy.

5. Rob Schneider

Please, someone tell me, why is this guy still acting?! Deuce Bigalow, The Hot Chick, 50 First Dates, Grown Ups and every other movie he ever played in, they were all TERRIBLE. Rob Schneider is a terrible actor and he's absolutely not funny. He's not even slightly handsome to make up for all those other flaws. All I can hope for is never seeing another movie with him in it again (just never watch any movies made by Adam Sandler ever again and that should do it).

4. Matt Dillon

Only looking at him makes me cringe. You would not believe how happy I am that I haven't seen any movies of him the last couple of years. I also include his brother Kevin Dillon into this section because he's equally terrible. I know that many people like the movie 'There's Something About Mary' but Matt Dillon, Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz in one movie? That can never be good. I disliked it very much and at the point of watching this movie for the first time I really starting to dislike Matt Dillon. Kevin and Matt Dillon, congratulations on the fourth place.

3. Matthew McConaughey 

I have no idea why Matthew McConaughey is cast that often as the pretty boy, because in my opinion he is ugly as hell. Seriously, look at him, what is good looking about him? I absolutely don't see it. Not only do I think he's not that good looking, I also think he's a terrible actor. He either plays a 'good looking' playboy or and incredible bastard, either way, he sucks at it. He's a boring person with way too much ego and that's why I put him on the third place. 

2. Russell Brand

At first I thought he wasn't that bad, I first saw him at Get Him To The Greek and I thought he just played like that. But then I saw other movies where he played in... and he played exactly the same!       And well, after seeing Get Him to the Greek a few times, that movie becomes quite terrible too. This guy just has no acting potential, and he should get out of this business really fast because he just doesn't fit in. Also, he has way too much ego and since he's nothing... well it's quite undeserved. Russell Brand, congratulations on the second place.

1. Charlie Sheen

I really really really do not get why everybody thinks Charlie Sheen is so amazing. He's a terrible person and even more important, a terrible actor. How is it possible that when somebody is such a drug addict, he only gets more popular? I seriously don't understand that. Also, why is Anger Management still on television? I've never seen such a terrible TV show in my entire life. And I already mentioned it before, but this guy also plays in Machete Kills, together with Mel Gibson and Lady Gaga, I'm sorry but is Robert Rodriguez going insane or something? I loved Machete, but bringing in that trio is definitely going to ruin that movie! Anyway, Charlie Sheen is the first on my top 10 of most annoying actors. 

Honorable mentions: Sylvester Stallone, Vin Diesel, Brendan Fraser, Eric Balfour, Steven Seagal, Taylor Lautner, Shia LaBeouf, Val Kilmer, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera and Tom Green.

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