Monday, 8 July 2013

DVD addings

Bought two seasons of Friends today. I am a huge fan of Friends, seriously, the funniest TV show ever. I died of laughing at least a thousand times because of it, so I thought it was time to buy it! I could only find Season 2 and 3 though but later this week I'll search in other stores if I can find other seasons. Buying the entire box is not an option because those are at least 100 euros. And when I buy the seasons apart from each other they are only 5 euros so well... I figure that's a lot cheaper way.

Today I got accepted to the study Urban Design, it's not really what I want but it's something I guess. My first plan was to study Journalism so I would be able to write professional reviews for a magazine someday. But like I already mentioned before, I did not get accepted for the third time for Journalism so I was forced to search for another study. I still have a tiny chance to get accepted to Journalism but I don't count on it. It's nice though that I finally got accepted to a study. Anyway, my boyfriend also wants to do this study so this year we will probably move this year to another city in The Netherlands. Won't be able to write much reviews when I'm finally studying but well, I'm always doing my best to watch a movie and write a review about it. It's of course my hobby so I won't stop with that easily. But well, there will be a lot less time for that. I can't predict the future of course, so we'll see. 
I was a bit behind on my 'schedule' this week so everything moved a few days. I did watch quite a few movies this weekend but none of my schedule. I'm currently watching The Blair Witch Project. Other movies I'm trying to watch this week are: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Boo, Captivity, Carriers and Bride of Chucky. Enough rambling for now.


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