Sunday, 4 August 2013

More DVD's!

Many addings!

Some are a bit hard to see, so from left to right:
A Tale of Two Sisters, Prom Night (2008), Summer of Fear, Puppet Master: The Legacy, Puppet Master II.
Ginger Snaps, Amityville II, It's Alive, Killjoy 2, Funny Games US.
The Dead Zone, Children of the Corn II, Children of the Corn 5, Quicksilver Highway, Creepshow I.
Friends Season 10 (absolutely not a big difference from the other purchases), Master of Horror vol. 1 till 6, The Hills Have Eyes 2 (1984), Hit and Run, Thirteen Ghosts.

That's quite a lot and I'm sad to say that my DVD case is officially full :(. That might be a sign that I need to stop buying DVD's but that's kinda hard if you have an addiction ;). Anyway, enough to watch the next couple of months. And hopefully I will score this big again in the next flea-market!

1 comment:

  1. No! Don't stop buying DVDs! Just buy another DVD case :D


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