Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sorry for my lack of updates! Here's why...

I know, I know, I post this message at least once or twice a month, but this time I'm very serious. So first of all, my school schedule is just ridiculous. Most of the time I have to go from 8:30 to 17:00, or sometimes even 19:00, plus two hours traveling time which makes my spare time totally worthless. 

I also finally got my own place! But, this means that in the free time that I do have, I'll have to go to my new house and work there. I think I will be done in two weeks, but I'm not sure yet. There's still lots of stuff to do, so I can't say exactly how long this will take. 
Because I'm moving house I had to pack all my DVD's and books which means that I can't watch or read anything until I'm all settled :'(. Of course, there's Netflix but unfortunately I already saw every horror movie on there, so even that's ruled out. I will still try to watch everything I can, like The Walking Dead and stuff, TV shows from Netflix. Perhaps my boyfriends has some DVDs left. I don't really know but my updates will be less for awhile. Apologizes in advance!

Here are some adorable characters!

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