Thursday, 9 January 2014

My DVD collection!

So it took some while, but here I am again! We finally have internet so I'm not lost anymore! Seriously though, when you don't have internet for a month you really come to realize how much you got used to it, so I'm very very very happy to be back online again. 

Now, first of all, happy new year!
I have a few post ideas in mind, especially some 2013 lists, but well, I didn't wrote anything yet so it's going to take some time before anything will be up.

As I already mentioned, I moved house and now I'm finally completely settled. Everything is decorated and most important, the dvd's are all sorted out!
Maybe some of you remember this previous DVD-update post: Dvd's!

But well, that one is from end 2012 so as you can imagine, the dvd collection grew quite a lot since then, so here it is, the updated DVD 'shelf'!

It's kinda sad because there's enough room for all the DVD's, but I still have 4 boxes of books left that can't be placed anywhere. 
Anyway, I own about 673 movies now, not including music dvd's or anything, so that's a whole lot. In the mean time of not having internet I bought a few new movies, but I can't even remember which ones anymore so I won't try to bore you with that.

I'm very excited to be back again and goodbye until the next post ;).

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  1. That's an impressive heap of movies! Welcome back.


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