Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I'm going to Rock Werchter!

For those who care, I won't be posting until at least next monday because tomorrow I'll be leaving for Rock Werchter! Tomorrow will be a crazy day because first I'll have my final important conversation for my study Urban Design, this conversation will determine if I will pass this year or not. So very important. An half hour after that conversation I'll have my last literature test, for which I still need to study, again it's a very important moment. After the test and the conversation I'll be heading towards Belgium, which is quite a long trip. Tomorrow will be a very stressful day for me unfortunately. Anyway, at first I was planning to write a review for all the X-Men movies, but that will have to wait since there's just not enough time. Perhaps next week!

Here's the poster of Rock Werchter in case you were interested in which bands I'll be seeing this weekend. (CAN'T WAIT FOR PEARL JAM)

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