Sunday, 13 July 2014


Not horror related, just boring rambling and perhaps a very short break from posting.

Remember my post from a week ago where I wrote that I won't post until this week because I had this important conversation for my study and I was going to Rock Werchter? Well, it's safe to say that things have been very shitty since that post. I don't include Rock Werchter with that by the way, because that was absolutely amazing. It's more about the school part. Friday night on Rock Werchter we received the results for that important conversation and I failed everything. Meaning, I would have to redo a lot of stuff to pass this school year. I left Rock Werchter a day early because there was just tons of stuff to do for school for my second chance. I missed Kings of Leon unfortunately, but well, I had to do it for school. Thank god Pearl Jam played on Saturday or else I would've missed them, that would've been terrible.

Anyway, I worked incredibly hard for school so I wouldn't fail the second chance. Today I had my second chance and to be honest, I couldn't be more happy with my products, everything was changed the way they wanted to see it and I really liked what I made. I did the best that I could and that in only two days time, because I didn't have more time to do it. Later today I received the message that I failed, again. Meaning that I suddenly have to quit this study because I didn't get enough points to go to the second year, even though I only miss 3 points. 
Honestly, I am absolutely clueless right now. The entire year I've been busy trying to pass the first year, just so I could receive this thing we have in The Netherlands so I could do a study about movies and television. And today, that dream was completely ruined. 
There's the possibility to go against their decision and that's definitely what I will do, since I've been one of the best students of the class this year (until today of course), and suddenly I have nothing left of it anymore. 
It's almost impossible for me to do another study that I like because on high school I never took math, and suddenly it's impossible to do any study without math. Basically, my future is pretty much ruined because some teacher didn't agree with what I made. I'm too late with signing up for a new study, meaning I need to take a break for a year and work. Plus, there's absolutely not any fun study to do when you never took math classes. 

Today really was the biggest shit day ever for me, I was a complete mess after receiving this unexpected news. Everything I did this year was for nothing, I even left Kings of Leon for this and it really had no use. I'm sorry for this incredibly boring post, but I just had to get it of my chest. I hope I'll be back with posting soon again, I just need to sort my life out right now. ATM I'm re-watching the first season and second season of The Walking Dead, just to get my mind of it. 

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