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2014 Movies: A Short Recap

I haven't seen incredibly much 2014 movies, but I thought I could do a short recap of each movie I've seen in 2014. This is especially for the 'regular' movies, for horror movies I write a separate one. Feel free to scroll further if you're not interested in reading this :). This one actually is in order from the ones that I disliked to the ones that I liked most.

17. Stonehearst Asylum
Great cast, great potential, but such a god-awful movie. I didn't even finish it, it was boring, slow and predictable. Because I didn't finish watching it I couldn't say how it ended, perhaps the ending was amazing but I just couldn't care anymore. Normally I would finish watching it, no matter how awful it is, but I was with other people who suggested we would see another movie. 

My rate: 4/10

16. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
Man, how long I (and every other fan of the first movie) waited for this sequel, and what a disappointment it was. Horrible script, to many recastings and overplaying the good things from the first movie. There were amazing actors in this movie, but their roles were just not interesting enough. This movie was absolutely horrible.

My rate: 4/10

15. Noah
Again, great cast, great potential and even made by the  great Darren Aronofsky, the director that made Requiem For a Dream, one of my favorite movies of all time. But it was not good, at all. The pacing was too slow, the CGI was horribly fake looking and the movie lasted way too long. I knew that the movie wouldn't exactly retell the biblical tale, but this crap was not refreshing or anything either. Also, a bit of disappointment towards the great cast for accepting these roles.

My rate: 4,5/10

14. Maleficent
 When I heard about Maleficent I figured it would be a dark tale about Maleficent, with an amazing story and great script. Instead I think I watched the dark version of Oz: The Great and Powerful. Angelina Jolie as Maleficent works, she can pull of the evil roles, the make-up was a bit overdone but I can look past that. What I can't look away from was how horrible Maleficent's background story was, or dare I say, almost non-existent. I thought she would be an evil mastermind, but instead she's just angry and bitter, but not evil at all. She performs one act of evil (which she tries to reverse) and that's about it. There's no motivation behind every action which makes it very lame. A small thing that bothered me most though was the huge difference in accents. For example, Stefan speaks with a British accent while he's young and so does Maleficent. When older Stefan suddenly speaks with an accent coming from South-Africa and Maleficent speaks with an American accent.

My rate: 4,5/10

13. Bad Neighbors
 This really is a huge person thing, but I absolutely hate movies such as Neighbors. Filled with unbelievable plots, rude people and stoners. The sexual humor is not funny, it's more nasty and uncomfortable. Horrible puns, dialogue and the acting isn't very good either. I usually like Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, but this was just not funny at all.

My rate: 5/10

12. The Lego Movie
This movie was the most talked animation movie of 2014, personally I wasn't a big fan of it. The trailer looked pretty cool and what I personally looked most forward to was Morgan Freeman finally voicing an animation character. It didn't deliver for me though. The idea that it's all the fantasy world of a little boy may be original, but I thought it was a huge letdown at that moment. While it seemed like a fun movie, I didn't like it a whole lot. 

My rate: 6/10

11. Snowpiercer
 I don't think I really understood this movie. Everyone is saying how amazing this movie is, but to me it felt like it was filled with plotholes. I love the idea of this movie though, how the world outside the train is too cold to live in and that there's some sort of class system in the train. But everything else in that's going on inside the train didn't really made sense to me. It's funny when you look at reviews on IMDb because the rating is either very high or very low, there's not really a mid-way it seems. I think I do go for that mid-way because I did not necessarily hate it, but I did not love it either.

My rate: 6,5/10

10. Fury
I'm not a big fan of war movies at all, there's only one that I love which happens to have Brad Pitt as well in it, which is of course Inglourious Basterds. Not a real war movie, but it is set in the war, so it's something right? I liked Fury though, it was a good movie. It was pretty brutal and perhaps sometimes a bit unrealistic, but I enjoyed watching the movie. Brad Pitt is again great in this movie, Logan Lerman plays a nice role as well and even Shia LaBeouf wasn't horrible for once. 
My rate: 7/10

9. Chef
 Not a necessarily interesting movie, but it's definitely a nice feel good movie. Great acting, good script and I thought it was very entertaining. Not very memorable, but entertaining nevertheless.

My rate: 7/10

8. Godzilla
Again a movie that's not widely appreciated, but I definitely enjoyed watching it. It was not exactly like how I expected it to be, but it was entertaining. The CGI wasn't too bad and great acting by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston.

My rate: 7/10

7. Divergent
I already wrote about Divergent not too long ago, but I was very surprised with how this one turned out to be. The young adult in a dystopia is a very big hype at the moment and to be honest, I don't mind because I love these movies. Divergent was an interesting story with an excellent cast. Perhaps a few things were lacking,  but I had a great time watching it. 

My rate: 7/10

6. The Maze Runner
  Another young adult movie, and another highly enjoyable one. This movie as well has a few plot holes, but I couldn't really care for those since I just had a good time watching it. The Maze Runner has a very interesting story and I am very curious how the next movie will be, perhaps I'll read the book as well. Good acting and great effects. Keep the young-adult movies coming!

My rate: 7/10

5. Guardians of the Galaxy
I am not a huge fan of Marvel movies such as The Avengers and stuff, I think they're enjoyable but not as amazing as everyone claims it to be. I expected the same thing from Guardians of the Galaxy to be honest because everyone was so loving about it. I think I must admit that I was wrong with my opinion because I really did enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy. I love that kind of wrong, sarcastic humor and it was just filled with lovable characters such as Groot. Guardians of the Galaxy is a nice way of a over-the-top movie, had a real good time watching this movie.
My rate: 7,5/10

4. Gone Girl
After a bunch of movies that are filled with special effects I'd also like to discuss Gone Girl. It was a very surprising movie, based on a book. Perhaps the movies pacing was a bit too slow, but it might also seem that way because Rosamund Pike has a very slow way of talking. Great and surprising story with amazing acting by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. Didn't liked the open ending a whole lot, but well, it gives room for imagination. Pretty tensive movie as well.

My rate: 8/10

3. How To Train Your Dragon 2
Absolutely my favorite animation movie of this year, and unfortunately not as hyped as The Lego Movie. I already was a big fan of the first movie and because I didn't hear a whole lot about the sequel I figured it wouldn't be such a good movie, but the sequel was a lovely as the previous one too. If you're watching this movie, prepare for the fact that your emotions will switch throughout the entire movie. To be honest, I've cried more than once like a little girl during How To Train Your Dragon 2. Amazing movie!

My rate: 8,5/10

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past
I'm not a big fan of The Avengers or anything, but I am a huge fan of X-Men and I couldn't be more excited for this movie. Boy, was it amazing. It was the perfect mix between X-Men: First Class and the first three X-Men movies, I loved seeing the old a
nd new versions of the X-Men together. Normally time-travel movies are filled with plot-holes, but I think this movie tied all the knots perfectly together. Loved this movie and I'm already excited about the next one.

My rate: 9/10

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - part 1
Of course, Mockingjay couldn't miss this list of young adult movies. Ever since the first movie came out I read all three books and I loved them incredibly much. The third movie was amazing and I'm very sad that I have to wait another year for the next and last part of The Hunger Games. Sure, this movie was a huge promotion duel between District 13 and the Capitol, but it was done so amazingly well. The few actions we saw this movie were looking incredible and I can't wait for the next part where we will see the final battle. Great adaption from the book if you ask me, although perhaps a bit unnecessary to split the last book in two parts.

My rate: 9/10

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