Saturday, 17 January 2015

My top 5 horror movies of 2014!

Every year I make a summarization of the movies I've seen that were being released that year, but considering I've seen many 2014 movies for a change I thought I should keep it short and just name my favorite movies. Perhaps it wasn't the best year for horror movies, but a few nice pieces definitely were made in 2014, read further to get to know my favorites of last year :).

5. The Den
 A bit of a surprising movie really, it has a nice twist on the found-footage genre because it's filmed with Macbooks and stuff, so it's not the shaky kind. Perhaps it's a bit of a slow movie, but it's also somewhat interesting because there's some pretty cool hacking going on and the end conclusion was pretty awesome. A cool movie to watch if you like the torture genre, or found-footage genre.
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4. The Purge: Anarchy
I know that many people disliked the first Purge, but I liked it quite a bit to be honest. But, to be fair this was a pretty awesome sequel, perhaps it was even better than the first movie. It part one we got to know what The Purge was exactly and how it affected some people, the interesting part of the sequel was of course how is The Purge affecting the rest of the world? In this part we didn't follow some rich family that knows how to protect themselves, we follow the people on the street, the ones who can't defend themselves because they have shitloads of money. It was interesting to see the purging going on in the middle of the city instead of the rich parts of town. Great movie, amazing concept and a very solid sequel.
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3. Housebound
Again, a very surprising movie. I was attracted by it because of the funny looking poster, and of course, I stayed because it's simply an awesome movie. Housebound isn't the usual ghost story and it's definitely the best comedic horror made in 2014. Very recommendable! Perfect mix between comedy and horror, great acting and quite a nice story.
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2. The Babadook

I must admit that I did not like the movie a whole lot at first, mostly my fault though because I simply didn't got what was going on. After some research though I found out that movie had a whole other meaning and wasn't just another horror movie without any logical interesting story. It's strange but because I watched it with the wrong 'attitude' I just didn't get the bigger meaning behind the Babadook, which is actually pretty awesome after all.
1. The Returned 

 One of the most surprising movies I've seen in 2014. It's a zombie movie, but not like any other zombie movie. You see, the zombie amount in The Returned is very minimal, and yet it's a very interesting and good movie. Even though it's not the typical zombie or horror movie, I had great fun watching this one, very surprising. If you've not seen The Returned yet, go watch it!

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