Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Personal post: My 2014

Sorry for again another horror unrelated post, this is in no way interesting but sometimes it just nice to write about stuff going on. By the way, I wrote this post weeks ago but because of reasons I couldn't post it yet.

If you're longer around on my blog you might remember me saying that I was trying to get a certain degree/certificate (I'm not sure how it's called, so I just call it a degree from now on) on the study I'm doing at the moment (Urban Design). I was trying to get this because we have this weird system in our country where you need to get this degree to do a certain study on a higher level, or well.. it isn't weird, it's just hard to explain actually. Anyway, I was trying to get this degree so I could do a study I would truly enjoy, something film-related. Today I finally heard I got this degree! 
It's simply not possible to describe how happy I am because I went through quite a bit to get to where I am now. Considering I was almost sent from my school earlier this school year because I failed my last project, this is quite big for me. 

The last couple of weeks I've been incredibly busy with school, trying to get my degree, meaning I was neglecting my blog. Of course, school is way more important but I did feel like I was missing something while not being able to write again. But now I finally have all the time in the world again to pick up my blogging and continue to watch all the movies again :D.

I'm sorry for this useless rambling, it's just that I'm very happy at the moment and I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere.

Oh, I bought the third season of Game of Thrones by the way a few weeks back. It's actually the first DVD I bought in 5 months or so and this one was on sale and I couldn't let it go. I still haven't found a job yet meaning that I can't afford buying new DVD's anymore. That's also why there are no more DVD collection updates anymore :).

I also said I would post pictures of my Chucky 'costume'. Excuse the bad quality and my lame posing skills, I'm not really a big fan of taking pictures to be honest. 

I'm obviously not a big star with applying make-up and it nowhere as good as those Chucky tutorials on YouTube, but I thought it was a good attempt :).

I hope everyone had a good 2014. I definitely had an amazing year. In short, I did good on school, suddenly did so bad that I almost got kicked out of it and then I got the degree I needed for the study I really wanted to do. I went on holiday to Scotland which was the best experience ever, I seriously fell in love with that country. I also went to Italy and learned that I will never do a bus tour ever again :p. It was a nice holiday though. I went to Rock Werchter which I had to leave a day early because they were going to kick me out of school, but I got to see Pearl Jam and Kodaline which was incredible. I went to Antwerp and Berlin so I guess you can say I had a nice year.

Again, I wrote this post somewhere begin December so it's all about old stuff. I will really try posting regularly again but well, I'm just so goddamn addicted to World of Warcraft that I keep postponing it :D. 

Best wishes for 2015!

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