Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Movie Wishlist

Movies I still want, but that are hard to get or too expensive. (Unless I buy them in a different country from amazon or something, but the delivery costs are way too much :))

  • Grave Encounters
  • Human Centipede 2
  • Mars Attacks
  • Let's Go To Prison
  • Role Models
  • Paul
  • Trick 'r' Treat


Rest In Peace, Michael Clarke Duncan
You were an amazing actor.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Review: Train (2008)

IMDB rate: 4,7
Genre: Slasher, Survival

So, a few months ago, I bought a horror dvd-box with the movies Train, Make out with violence and Don't let him in in it. Didn't watched any of them until yesterday, when I watched Train.

Well, it didn't sound very promising, but I can't judge without watching huh :). Thora Birch was in it, so I was thinking that it couldn't be that bad, 'cause she is playing in some reasonable movie (American Beauty, Ghost World, Hocus Pocus). Well, wrong thinking. This movie was the complete mix between Hostel and Midnight Meat Train. 

The story starts with an American wrestling team that is participating at a championship in East Europe, the exact location is not mentioned but the filming locations were in Bulgaria so I'm assuming that is were the movie is 'taking place'. A few members of the team go to a club and they return too late to catch up with their team, and so, they need to take a different train to Odessa, where the rest of the team is. Well of course this train is not a normal train, their passports are being burned by the staff (without them noticing) and they're all creepy and stuff. 
When some of the team members start to disappear, the others start to search for them, with the result of more disappearing team members. It appears that in a train cabin all the team members are being tortured, raped and cut open for illegal organ donation. 

Well, that's one thing, organ-harvesters on a train? Right, very likely. Also, this story starts with the wrestling team, but NOBODY even did an attempt to 'wrestle' their way out. They are just scared people screaming for help, while you expect that they will fight back. While two of the members where searching, they found a locked train cabin with blood stains on the front, so, of course the first thing they do is, walk OUTSIDE the train, smash a window in from the locked cabin, and open the door, because that is the normal thing to do huh. 

Anyway, it was a complete shit movie and I found it even a bit offensive towards East-Europe and Americans. The Americans are in horrors somehow always stated as stupid and arrogant towards foreigners, while the East-Europe people are always stated as poor, immoral and thieves. But that's my opinion :). Don't waste your time on this movie, it is absolutely not worth it, unless you're really into gore porn-torture movies that have not really a story in it. 

My personal rate: 4/10

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