Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 2: Strangers

This review is NOT spoiler free!

Oops, I'm a bit late with this one. I actually saw it right when it came out, but I totally forgot writing about it. As usual the episode was less exciting compared to the first episode, but well, that's pretty standard with The Walking Dead. Sometimes I think it would be best to just watch the first episode, the mid-season finale, the first episode after the mid-season break and the last episode of the season since they're the most exciting ones. I wouldn't say that this episode was boring, but it lacked action. 

In this episode there's a new character introduced, a man named Father Gabriel who claims that he has not killed anybody (alive or not). Of course this raises a lot of questions since the guys is still alive after 2 years or something. He seems to be okay, but well, everyone that seems okay in this show will turn out to be a dick, so we'll have to wait that one out.

I'm probably the most impatient person ever and I couldn't help but check the internet about a few facts about him, since he is of course a character in the comic book. The TV show doesn't follow the comics exactly (for example, Andrea and Sophia are still alive), but it does follow it somewhat. I will not tell anything about it though, since you might not want to know the details. If you do, you can always check the internet yourself :). According to the comics though, there's still a shit load to come for next seasons. 

The thing that I'm often annoyed about with TV shows is when times are finally good again, it lasts like a quarter episode and shit will go down again. It's a bit comparable with Lost, every time they're close to being rescued the show gets another season meaning it needs to continue it's storyline and everything will be bad again. And with The Walking Dead I'm afraid it will get boring eventually because it just keeps on going, when times are good, thing will go down again and it will just be never ending. When the first episode of this season was released there was an announcement that The Walking Dead was being renewed for a sixth season, which is pretty unbelievable since the first episode might be good, but the rest might be shitty as hell. 

It's obvious that The Walking Dead is not as good anymore as it used to be (and with that I mostly mean the first season, perhaps the second one), but the makers have the attitude to keep on going while it's popular. Meaning, one day the show might not be popular enough anymore, leaving the watchers with an open ending, because it suddenly gets cancelled. That's the thing I like with Breaking Bad, there are only five seasons and they only start gaining this popularity in season 4 or so, but they knew when to quit. They knew to quit on the right time without expanding it story onto endless seasons. Even Game of Thrones already knows when the last season will be, and that one will be quite hard since they're still waiting for the new books to come out. That's what The Walking Dead creators should do, to know when they should stop, because I expect this will go nowhere eventually. 

Okay, sorry for this small rant! Now onto the episode, shall we? 

Again - spoilers!

This episode the group runs into Father Gabriel like I explained before, and well he has some kind of secret only we don't know yet what it is. He seems like an awesome character though and I'm actually hoping the will join the group. I think he might be very interesting. I think it will take a few episodes to get to know his story so at the moment I can't say a whole lot about it yet. 

Another thing is of course the Terminus people. It was pretty clear that the whole build-up to Terminus wouldn't be wiped away in one episode. This episode we got to know their real story, and it's pretty sick. I've heard the rumors of course, that these Terminus people were actually 'the Hunters', who happen to be cannibals. Well, they are cannibals, and in my opinion it's a pretty badass addition to the storyline. It was not really clear what happened, but I think that Bob was bitten in the basement. That's probably why he was outside, crying, when they took him. The Hunters cut off his leg -I expect the bitten leg- and well, the episode ended with them eating that leg. I'm not sure if them eating that leg will infect them though, I sure hope so. Anyway, we'll probably find out the next episode. 

This moment was very vague, I'm not really sure what was going on actually. Carol was outside, killing a walker. She ran into Darryl, and then something with a car and another car. It was really confusing, I had to idea where they were and where all the cars came from. Sure I recognized the car that took Beth and I know that that will be their lead to Beth but the whole scene was just weird. Speaking about Carol by the way, probably the most awesome character development ever. I don't really care about Beth, but I'm curious who took her.

Wow! Long review! Sorry for the rants, and sorry for the actual little review. I'm curious about next episode, hopefully it will be a bit more exciting though. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Party Slashers Fundraiser!


Recently I got an email from Carl Bachmann, who happens to be the writer and director of horror-comedy Party Slasher. Not ringing any bells? Well, that's because Party Slashers hasn't been exactly made, YET. You can help Carl to bring his project to life, and with this help you can receive some awesome things. For example, you get the opportunity to be decapitated in the film! Who doesn't want that?! But that's not it, you can get other cool stuff as well. Perhaps you should check out his Kickstarter site where you can read all about it and watch the first test scene of Party Slashers. 

Party Slashers is about a group of high schoolers who must try to survive Halloween after it's being crashed by undead mass murderers who were summoned during a Dungeons and Dragons game. 

If you're interested in donating a bit of money to see this project come to life, just go to the Kickstarter! 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Carrie (2013)


IMDB rate: 6,0
Genre: Supernatural
Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Gabriella Wilde

For those who've read many of my reviews know that I'm not a big fan of 'old' movies. Maybe because I grew up in the time of remakes, I don't know. This is of course not the case with every old movie. I did  liked the original movie of Carrie a lot, and for the first time ever I watched the original movie before the remake. I don't do this on purpose, it's just often that the remakes are being released and I end up watching them before I watch the original. Globally speaking, remakes aren't much appreciated, even though there are a few very good ones around, dare I say it - some are better than the original. However, this is not the case with the newest Carrie movie. At least, not in my opinion. 

There's not a whole lot bad to say about the Carrie remake though, simply because it's almost an exact copy of the original. In my opinion, remakes are good when they have something to offer that's better. For example, The Hills Have Eyes is an amazing remake. The reason why it's a great movie is because the savages are looking way scarier compared to the original, it's not just a more modern version, it's really an update compared to the original. Same thing with Dawn of the Dead, the original is nice and stuff, but in my opinion the zombies don't look very scary. In the remake they are made really gross and  scary, which haves a much bigger effect on the viewers. The story is also changed a bit, perhaps not the greatest change, but the one who made it apparently thought it needed a change. Back to the subject, in Carrie there's no big changes, no update what so ever. The only big difference is that the shameful moment of Carrie in the shower is being posted online, that's it. In my opinion, it's a bit of a useless remake.

Because it's an useless remake doesn't mean it's a bad remake. It's a decent movie, but because it doesn't offer nothing new it's just literally an exact copy of the first Carrie movie. The deaths are slightly different, there's an useless pregnancy involved, the annoying spinning scene isn't copied and there's some use of social networking, these small changes just don't need an entirely new movie, I think.

Now, back to the actual movie quality. I think Chloe Moretz is an amazing young actress, who played in quite a few horror movies already (Let Me In, The Eye, Amityville Horror). I don't mind seeing her in horror movies though, she was great in every one of them. I must admit though that I wasn't entirely convinced with her playing Carrie White. Her insecurity seemed a bit over-the-top, making it less convincing. Also, I think she's way to pretty to play such an odd girl, especially compared to Sissy Spacek who has a bit of an odd look, making her much more believable. Julianne Moore as the mother wasn't a bad choice, she somehow seemed a bit less crazy compared to Piper Laurie.

There were a few casting choices who weren't a good choice at all. For example, Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell and Ansel Elgort as Tommy Ross. They were totally unbelievable as a couple who would feel for Carry, since they both look like the biggest assholes themselves. They were just one of those typical American High-school movies lovers who love to bully, instead of helping them. This is of course pretty much based on their looks, I just didn't like them as Sue Snell and Tommy Ross. The girl who played Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) was the worst actress ever by the way, she wasn't convincing at all, terrible casting choice as well. 

The supernatural powers of Carrie are used a lot more in this movie, personally I liked this a bit more since in the original Carrie movie there wasn't much focus on her powers. The death scene of Chris was also fucking brutal, something that was a cool addition to this movie as well compared with the original. 

Every time when you've watched some original version of a movie and the remake you can't help but compare the two, I know that this review is a lot of comparing, but well, all I want to say with it is that I personally liked the first Carrie better. Perhaps when I had first watched the remake and after that the original my thought would be entirely different, but of course I can't check that. Carrie is a nice movie, but I wouldn't call it great. For the better Carrie experience I would recommend watching the original. 

My rate: 6/10

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

Once in a while I like to write about something different than a horror movie. Not so long ago I watched Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, or in short: Sin City 2. 
I personally was a big fan of the first Sin City movie. It was a very refreshing movie in my opinion. They kept the color scheme of the comic book, which was mostly black and white with very few use of color. The use of color is of course what's most notable about Sin City, it's what made things pop out. What I also liked were the white glasses of Kevin, it was something that made him somewhat outstanding.

In Sin City 2 they just overused this interesting color scheme. It was not special anymore because it was used for every little unimportant thing. The blue dress? Nice, but it had to further use. Also, suddenly every character that wore glasses had them made white, again, with no further use. It's sad because I thought this was what made you recognize Kevin most, or perhaps they should've used it for another psychopath, not just for every character who happens to wear glasses.

Sin City 2 is a bit of a sequel and a prequel, which makes it difficult to keep track sometimes when what takes place. As if this wasn't difficult enough already, it's being made harder because there's almost nobody left of the original Sin City. Michael Clarke Duncan's Manute is now being played by Dennis Haysbert because Michael Clarke Duncan sadly passed away. The cop Bob is now being played by Jeremy Piven instead of Michael Madsen. Jamie Chung replaced Devon Aoki as Miho, of course Miho's role isn't that big but I loved the deadly look of Devon Aoki, while Jamie Chung looks more sweet instead of deadly. Josh Brolin now plays Dwight, who previously was played by Clive Owen. In this case however it's justified since the character got a new face and they actually did their best to make Josh Brolin resemble Clive Owen's Dwight as much as possible. 

All together, it was pretty confusing some times. Besides this cast misfortune and the wrong choice of colors, the script was just terrible. It was just messy and it did not fit together well at all. The characters are just plain, even Nancy's (Jessica Alba) great role was turned into nothing in this movie. We were all surprised when Bruce Willis showed up in the cast list on IMDB, but in fact his role in Sin City 2 might have been the shortest one of his entire career. 

I'm not always the biggest fan of Mickey Rourke, but he was pretty good in his role as Marv in Sin City 2, unlike others. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also a great choice for the role he had, I think he was my favorite in this movie. It's just so sad that it turned out to be this bad. 

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is not a good movie. It has a terrible script, and it's overplaying the significant small things from the first movie. It's not worth watching, at all. Dare I say it? I think I enjoyed The Spirit (aka the so called bad movie version of Sin City) more than this movie.

My rate: 4/10

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Horror Movie Survival Kit

A few days ago I received an email from Man Crates Gifts for Men with the question what things I would like to have if I find myself stuck in a horror movie. Quite an interesting question actually, since we've seen tons of objects fail at the moment of truth. 

Man Crates Gifts for Men is an American company who create unique gifts. Manly gifts this is. The items turn up in a crate with a crowbar, meaning you'll have to delve into that gift in the most manly way possible. They even have a Zombie Apocalypse survival crate, you might want to check that out, might come in handy someday. 

The first thing that came to mind is a chainsaw. It's definitely the most badass object for every kind of creature you might encounter. But wait... don't these things fail often as well? In Evil Dead they were lucky enough that the chainsaw worked in time, but there are plenty movies where the chainsaw couldn't start. Leatherface never seemed to have this problem, but hey, not everybody was raised like him. Now I think of it, even after Chucky's arms were cut off he managed to crawl to Andy. So nope, no chainsaw after all. 

The thing you would need in a survival kit depends on the creature you encounter, a stake for a vampire, a crucifix for the possessed person around, some extra limbs when you end up in Hostel and perhaps a nice samurai sword when you end up being in a zombie apocalypse. 

Here's what I really would like to have to survive a horror movie:

1. The best flashlight ever made, with infinite batteries and stuff. 
Every goddamn horror movie the flashlight fails at the most important moment. When you're heading to the basement because you heard a sound, or when you're going to the woods because your little brother escaped again. I would like a badass flashlight, who will not fail on me when I need it the most. Not even the flickering so I have to slap it a few times so it will work again.

2. An amazingly armored truck
Not just an armored truck though, of course I will need one that will start when I say it should start. Not the bullshit with keys being dropped to the ground, that won't happen to me. It would be amazing as well if it was driven by sun energy or something, so no gas stops. This thing is indestructible! 

3. A samurai sword
I mentioned it earlier already, but I think this one is a keeper. It's silent, doesn't need any reloading and it's easy to take with you. A bonus: you look frickin' badass. 

4. Forrest Gump's running legs
If my armored truck fails  (of course it wouldn't, but if) I would like to be able to run for my life. A pair of Forrest Gump's legs might save my life. 

5. Some guts
What's most helpful in a horror movie is being fearless. Even when your group decides to split up you know you're the fearless one and nothing can stop you! Also, being fearless might stop you from screaming for help, or screaming at all. Screaming might betray your position or it may cause that the creepy doll lady takes your tongue. 

6. An emergency kit for when all above fails
This emergency kit is of course to become a bad guy, because they never die. Even when they die, they're being resurrected in the sequel. So you always win. Here's what in it:

- A mask (hockey or a face of another). This is of course to hide your face and to make you look scary.
- A weapon (machete, chainsaw, a knife of choice). To attack the attacker.
- Duct tape. This is to cover your own mouth, because bad guys don't speak, at all. 
- When the duct tape isn't an option, some humor (a joke book). Because they don't speak at all, or they're jokers. 
- Armor, to make you pretty much invincible. 

My survival kit might be a bit unrealistic, but I think this might be the only way I survive this horror movie. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know what you will like to have in your Horror Survival Crate?!

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 1: No Sanctuary

This review is NOT spoiler free!

It's that time of the year again, a new season of The Walking Dead has started! For those who don't know already, I was a big fan of the first season, the second and third season were okay, but I wasn't the biggest fan of season four. We were left with a big cliffhanger where most of the group was locked in this so-called sanctuary Terminus. The last episode of season 4 was pretty tensive because of this cliffhanger, also the group was finally almost back together, which was pretty nice.

This episode was filled with a lot of action - finally. The last few episodes in previous seasons were just a bit... I wouldn't say lame, but it was pretty close to lame. They were just using too many episodes for useless stuff and using multiple episodes to build up to something. I hope they won't do that again, and in my opinion they started this season off amazingly. Sure it was slightly predictable, but that doesn't really matter since the viewer wants that most of the group stays alive.

If you're still reading this, this is where the real spoilers start!
This episode starts pretty much where the last one left of. Rick and his group are trapped inside Terminus. Meanwhile, Carol and Tyreese are wandering in the woods when Carol decides to go to Terminus, while Tyreese stays behind with baby Judith. In Terminus Carol manages to distract everybody, meaning Rick and the group could escape. Afterwards, Carol is being reunited with the group. She brings them to Tyreese, meaning that Rick and Carl are finally reunited again with Judith.

It was a nice episode, it really was. It was tensive, but also brutal and awesome. There are some pretty nasty deaths, and it's quite awesome that Rick and co. aren't dealing with all this shit anymore. They immediately kill anybody who is crossing their path, which is nice. Previously it lead them to situations where they were almost killed, but they're kinda done with it, I think. There were finally tons of zombies again and that included also some nice killing of them. In the end there was the final reunion with the entire group, which was a touching moment. At first I was scared they would drag the reunion over half of the season again, but luckily they did it right away. The only one still missing right now is Beth, but in my opinion she isn't really missed. I wouldn't care if she was dead, actually. She's an useless character who only sings. In the end we got a nice little surprise with Morgan showing up, perhaps he was the one kidnapping Beth? I'm also still interested in the Terminus people, since there are rumors they are cannibals. I think we aren't done with them yet actually, so maybe we still get some inside scoops.

This episode was a promising start for this season, it made me really excited for the other episodes. Perhaps The Walking Dead will finally be interesting again!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

State of Emergency (2011)

State of Emergency

IMDB rate: 5,2
Genre: Zombie
Starring: Jay Hayden, Tori White, Scott Lilly

State of Emergency is another one of Netflix' horror movies, it seemed pretty interesting actually. On the poster we see an entire horde of zombies attacking some dude, and the description was promising as well. After seeing the movie I can describe it in one word: 'meh'. It wasn't a bad movie, but it was definitely not interesting either. The poster was not very realistic if you compare it with the movie.

Here's what it's about:
Chaos consumes a small town when a chemical facility explodes releasing a deadly toxin. moments after the leak, the town's residents show signs of mutation, causing the military to quarantine the area leaving any survivors helpless and trapped inside. The story follows Jim, a young man isolated within the red zone, as he eludes flesh eating zombies in an attempt to win back his freedom

This is another one of those vague zombie movies where it's not very clear how it all started. We know that it happened because of an explosion in a factory where they make chemical weapons. This obviously has some effect on some people, but it's not clear who are affected by this, and why some are not. I think it's always a pretty interesting and important fact to know the details of an apocalypse. I'm not really sure if these people are even really zombies since their biting doesn't seem to change other people in zombies. 

The zombies are also a bit weird, some guy is literally shouting for 5 minutes and the zombie inside isn't reacting, but when the guy is trying to escape the zombie by running to some sort of attic and he makes on teeny tiny sound by walking around, the zombie is immediately reacting. I think the makers tried a bit too hard in this moment to create tension, even though it's pretty unrealistic. The zombies seem to only stand still at one spot, they just show up out of nowhere, which is a bit strange. They just keep standing there for all that time, doing nothing. Sure, I have no idea what else they should do, but they hardly seem dangerous since they can be easily avoided. 

The acting isn't very good overall, there's this guy named Scott (played by Scott Lilly) and he's the absolute worst of this movie. He's so emotionless and unrealistic. I must admit that the dialogue isn't great either, so everything they say sounds kinda lame and stupid. Jay Hayden plays the main character Jim and he's quite a good actor. He was pretty outstanding compared to the rest of the cast.
The thing I always find very peculiar in horror movies are the female characters, since they're still paying way too much attention to doing their make-up in the biggest apocalypses ever. I really think that no matter how vain the person is, someday she will give up being pretty for nobody.

State of Emergency is a very slow movie, with not much interesting going on. The poster suggests that there are tons of zombies, but in fact we only get to see very few. They don't even seem very dangerous when you're just not so stupid to walk into them. The whole situation doesn't seem very threatening at all actually, they're in quarantine, but the government does provide food and stuff, so they're absolutely not completely helpless. State of Emergency isn't necessarily a bad movie, but there's just not a whole lot going on, nothing that makes it interesting or something.

My rate: 4,5/10 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Small rant about Annabelle! (NOT A REVIEW)

When I first heard that there was a movie coming out about the creepy doll from The Conjuring I was very happy. Doll movies are my favorite since they scare the shit out of me. I haven't seen Annabelle yet at this point, and I'm starting to think I don't even want to see it.

Things that bother me terribly much is when movies are overhyped. The type where every billboard in your town shows the movie poster, every ad you see is about the movie and stuff like that. I thought The Conjuring was overhyped and indeed I did not like it very much, but now with Annabelle almost being released in cinema, I'm literally astonished with how much this movie is being overhyped.

For example: 

First of all, this amazingly scary video pops up on every IMDB page you go to. 

In the case you weren't freaked out enough yet, it plays another video on the side when the other one stops.

What I saw yesterday made me really worry about the quality of this movie, since I was on a website for World of Warcraft, and not one, not two, not even three images/videos popped up... but four! This wasn't even a movie website, which I would understand somewhat, this was a site about World of Warcraft, bugger off Annabelle!

Really people, don't you think one picture will promote the movie enough? The doll is scary enough already as it is, it will definitely stand out on a site for World of Warcraft. Anyway, I am scared this movie will be shit, since this is often the case with overhyped movies. I hope for the best, scared for the worst.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bates Motel (Season 1)

Bates Motel
Season 1

IMDB rate: 8,2
Genre: Thriller, Serial Killer
Starring: Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Max Thieriot

A while ago I finally watched Psycho for the first time. I actually decided to watch it after I first watched this TV show. Since Bates Motel is actually a prequel to Psycho, I thought it would be useful to watch it sometime. Normally I'm not a big fan of 'old' movies, but Psycho sure as hell amazed me. Actually, I loved Psycho. Just like I love Bates Motel.

I just finished watching the first season and I'm totally in love with it. It really is an amazingly good show. I'm doubting if it will actually follow the storyline of Psycho though. Sure, Norman Bates is a bit messed up, and does have a weird relationship with his mother. But so far it just doesn't seem yet as if it will be just like in Psycho. I hope it does though. The time Psycho is set, the mother of Norman Bates is dead for 10 years already, meaning at this moment it's not even near to what it should be eventually.

The TV show is starting to focus on other things besides Norman Bates, such as his brother who is in the weed industry. I've never seen one of the sequels to Psycho, nor read the book, so correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think he is having a brother, nor is the town he lives in still standing because of the weed industry in Psycho. Because of these sidetracks in Bates Motel I'm really wondering if it will actually follow the storyline of Psycho someday, I sure hope it does.

At the moment of typing this I'm halfway through season 2, the focus is going a bit more towards the mother and the brother, and less on Norman. But well, haven't finished it yet, so I'll let you know in the next review how season 2 turned out to be ;).

Bates Motel obviously isn't set in the 60's like Psycho, it does have the modern twist with cellphones and stuff like that. But something that's pretty significant is the way the Bates' are dressed and stuff. They also have cellphones, but they're dressed as if they're in the 60's most of the time. Just like Norma's car, which is an older car compared to the rest.

The thing I'm most amazed about is Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates. He is an amazing actor, of course he played in many big movies when he was younger such as August Rush (one of my favorites), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland.
As you know, I first watched Bates Motel and after that I watched Psycho. I was pretty amazed by the similarity between Freddie Highmore and Anthony Perkins. Their whole way of acting and facial expressions is the same, I think Freddie Highmore is a great choice for the role of Norman Bates.
Vera Farmiga plays Norman Bates' mother Norma Bates, and well, I can't really tell you how she is in Psycho, because of you-know-what, but I do like the chemistry between her and Freddie Highmore. They both act incredibly well as mother and son with an odd relationship. She's a great actress, I think she's a great choice for this role.

I wouldn't necessarily say that I have one specific favorite episode, they're pretty much all ending with a small twist which makes you eager to watch the next episode. They're all really good though, and I would definitely recommend watching this show. Fan of Psycho or not, it's worth a watch.

My rate: 8,5/10

Interested in reading my review of Psycho? Click this link!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Torment (2013)


IMDB rate: 4,9
Genre: Slasher
Starring: Katharine Isabelle, Robin Dunne

Recently I decided to watch Torment on Netflix because I was pretty interested by it's poster. On the poster we see a mouse mask which looked pretty cool. Personally I'm a big fan of killers with creepy masks, gives a nice vibe to the story. Torment actually isn't much of a good movie, it starts of pretty good, but suddenly begins with stupid actions which makes it quite unrealistic. 

Here's what it's about:
Newlyweds Cory and Sarah Morgan take Cory's 7-year old son Liam up to the country for some much needed family time. When it appears as if Liam has run away, psychological suspense becomes straight-out horror, as Sarah and Cory must now confront a sadistic cult-like family who have been hiding in the house all along and have taken Liam for themselves.

Katherine Isabelle plays the main character Sarah Morgan. As we all know, Katherine Isabelle is not a stranger to horror movies. She played in American Mary, Ginger Snaps and this year released See No Evil 2. So Katherine Isabelle was a welcome face to this movie. Her role is a bit more grown up compared to her other roles, which was actually a bit strange since she's still extremely young looking (mid 20's?). In this movie she acted pretty good, but unfortunately she was the only one. I was especially annoyed with the young boy Liam, played by Peter DaCunha. His acting was not very good and his voice was incredibly emotionless. Pretty annoying since he was quite important for this movie. His character is the biggest dick as well, he really has no manners at all it seems. He also never listens to his father, which of course leads to some messed up situations. 

At first I thought this movie would be something like The Strangers. This isn't a bad thing because I think The Strangers is an incredibly good movie. It did start out to be something like The Strangers, but suddenly goes a very different way with kidnapping children to form a family. This beginning was pretty tensive and even somewhat scary, but when the story suddenly changes direction, it also changes the whole scary vibe it has. The masks these people are wearing are genuinely scary and do have a lot of scaring potential, unfortunately the story did not have enough potential to live up to these creepy masks. 

Most of the movie is set during the night, which makes it very hard to keep track of what is happening. Sometimes you are supposed to see something happen, but because it's so dark you have no idea what's going on. That's something quite useful about these subtitles since they sometimes describe the sounds, so that way you still know a bit what's going on. 

Speaking of the dark, if you're being chased by a few psychopaths, would you ever consider to fire your flare gun multiple times? Just because you can't see? Sure, one time might be possible, someone in town might see it and calls the cops, plus you see something for yourself. But firing this thing 4/5 times? Really? Some way to let the psychopaths know where you're hiding... I think if she would've wait a few minutes her eyes would've gotten used to the dark, patience was all she needed. 

The so-called twist in this movie is pretty lame, and unbelievable as well. It's a very useless fact, just as letting the people know that one of these guys is ugly. Why would that matter? He sure already is ugly on the inside, why would his looks matter?

Torment is not a very good movie. It started off with great potential, but chose to go a so-called original way instead. This original way did not turn out very great, which was kinda sad. Acting is pretty mixed up, some actors were great while others weren't good at all. Wouldn't recommend watching this movie.

My rate: 4/10

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014)

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

IMDB rate: 4,6
Genre: Virus
Starring: Sean Astin, Mitch Ryan, Jillian Murray

Another Cabin Fever movie. I actually did not necessarily hate the first Cabin Fever movie. I just liked the idea of it, of a virus killing people and stuff. It's definitely a movie not to take seriously, and then you might be able to like it a bit perhaps. I always enjoy watching the first Cabin Fever movie, even though it's not a very good movie. The second movie was a lot less serious and gave it a somewhat comedic twist, but that didn't turn out great either. Part three is a lot more serious again, and in my opinion a bit better compared to part 2. It's still a bad movie though. 

First of all, I'm a bit disappointed in Sean Astin for lowering the bar so incredibly much. First he was the hero of Middle Earth (come on, Frodo was a whining prick), and now this? He played patient zero in this movie, and it just had so many flaws. Of course you get to know nothing about the virus again, this patient zero is supposed to be the most interesting character in the movie, but instead they just test on him, he turns out to be a dick and that's it. The focus in this movie is again on the partying teenagers, which is quite a shame because this patient zero's story could've been so incredibly interesting. You would've gotten to know how the virus would've reached spain, what the connection was with Cabin Fever 1 and 2. Instead the focus is all wrong, which makes it just another terrible Cabin Fever movie.

I really had high hopes when I read last year that there will be a Cabin Fever movie called Patient Zero.  The story would've gotten a lot potential, a whole story about this virus and how it all works and stuff. Of course I should've known better that this is not how horror movies work, and that the makers always choose partying teenagers above an actual interesting story.

The moment you saw that a girl would join these guys on their bachelor party you know which way this movie would go. Of course she would try to seduce the man who would marry, even though her boyfriend's with her, because in horror movies, every girl is either a slut or a virgin. A bit tired to see this actually, it would've been nicer if the girl would've been left out. But hey, how else can they show the grossest scene in the movie where the boyfriend goes down on the girl who is sick, and show his mouth filled with blood, because he can't taste or feel the difference between a shit load of blood and you-know-what. He also can't seem to hear the difference between screaming and moaning... right...

Cabin Fever is overal a pretty lame movie, but it does always have great special effects, and the make-up looks awesome as well. The moment where one of the guys tries to pull his girlfriend up and the skin of her arms just rips off is kinda awesome. Incredibly far-fetched, but awesome as well. Or the moment where on of the doctors shoots his gun but because of his illness, his hand rips off leading to a gun in his head is pretty awesome too. 

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is not a good movie. The acting is pretty bad, with the exception of Sean Astin. The plot of a patient zero is unfortunately not used enough, only with some lame ending scene. This movie is pretty exaggerated, but it does have some pretty cool effects. Now all we have to do is wait for the next disappointment called Cabin Fever: Outbreak ;).

My rate: 4,5/10

Friday, 3 October 2014

Dead Within (2014)

Dead Within

IMDB rate: 3,9
Genre: Zombie, Drama
Starring: Dean Chekvala, Amy Cale Peterson

My review of Dead Within will not be very long, the movie wasn't very interesting and actually nothing really happens. I think it's safe to say that this movie made me feel dead within. Really, you might think I'm exaggerating, but in this movie absolutely nothing happens. 

Here's in short what's going on:
Six months after the outbreak, a man and woman have survived by isolating themselves in a remote cabin. Starved for resources, they must confront the horrors that threaten them from outside and from within.

Sounds pretty interesting right? Well, it wasn't. First of all because you actually don't notice a thing for this starving for resources. They still have water (!), batteries for normal light and candles. They perhaps don't eat shit-loads of food, but they don't have to skip a meal either. They even have a bottle of wine now and then. The guy goes out every now and then to search houses nearby to search for more food and stuff, unfortunately we don't get to see a thing of his adventures, because this movie mainly focuses on the 'demons' inside the cabin.

This movie is listed everywhere as a zombie movie, but fact is that we only got to see one zombie, who's only a child. The other two zombies we get to see are in a flashback, which isn't very interesting to be honest. Oh, there's even a small flash of the dog being a zombie. You can actually just see that the dog is just wearing some color or something that must look as if you can see his bones and stuff, and instead of more scary this dog becomes more adorable because of it. A bit of a fail if you ask me. In the movie The Returned we didn't get to see a zombie either, but that movie was just strong on a whole different level. This movie just tries a bit too hard to be interesting, which it just isn't.

Dead Within is an extremely boring movie, instead of zombies we get to see a woman going crazy because she's being isolated for too long. And actually, it's quite a bitchy move because that guy is only protecting her by keeping her inside, and she's just going plain crazy on him. The entire movie you were hoping for more action, because at first you have no idea what the movie will go to eventually. I thought they would starve slowly or something, or got chased away from their safe place, but nope, the bitch was just going crazy. The female character really is a selfish unthankful bitch. 

Dead Within is 91 minutes of plain boredom. It's not horror, it's not interesting, it's just nothing. This movie could've been somewhat interesting if there was a twist at the ending where it would appear that the guy was lying to her for six months and that the world would've been normal again, and he would just kept her locked in or something. That would've made it just a tiny bit more interesting. I absolutely don't recommend watching Dead Within, unless you like being bored for 91 minutes :). 

My rate: 2/10

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Caller (2011)

The Caller

IMDB rate: 6,1
Genre: Revenge, Serial Killer
Starring: Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, Lorna Raver

Recently the name of The Caller kept popping up on every horror site I visited, because it was also available on Netflix it seemed like a good time to watch this movie. Because of the title I expected something like 'When A Stranger Calls', or something similar to that. The Caller is definitely different from When A Stranger Calls. I thought it was a good movie, but a bit confusing as well. It's hard to say which horror genre this movie belongs to, perhaps a bit Revenge? Or Serial Killer? I don't really know, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I know Rachelle Lefevre from Under The Dome and Twilight, both not very good movies/TV shows, so I didn't really know what to expect from her. In the two Twilight movies she played in, her role wasn't very big and since the movies are pretty crap it was a bit of a hard read of her acting skills. In Under the Dome her role is pretty big but since that show is pretty crap as well, I just didn't pay a whole lot of attention to her. I liked her in The Caller though, she was very convincing. Her role isn't one of those whining roles, she actually tries to make things right, she was kinda badass. Also, she has the best hair ever ;).

I was a bit sad actually with how the movie ended up to be. Not because it was bad, but because I liked how John Guidi (played by Stephen Moyer) believed her immediately, and then something bad happened and it was just a twist I didn't expect.

At first I was very skeptical about how the gardener George (played by Luis Guzmán) could've actually met the woman who lived in the house in the 70's or 80's (can't remember when the caller Rose lived there), because he seemed way too young to be working in that garden for 30 or 40 years. But after I watched the movie I searched for Luis Guzmán on IMDB, and the guy actually was 56 by the time this movie was made, while I thought he would be 40 years old max.

Where I'm still a bit skeptical about is the finger buried in the ground. I just won't believe that finger would still look that good after 30 or 40 years. Also, every time Mary Kee is screaming nobody is reacting to it. Every normal apartment building is very noisy, and I find it hard to believe that no one heard her scream and called the cops or something. Or these people are just all very deaf.

I don't really get the purpose of the ex-husband in this movie, he's only being annoying and trying to take her dog, it doesn't really seem to add anything to the movie. It made me worry that he would took her dog, but that's about it. By the way, that dog is perhaps the least protective dog I've ever seen.

The movie is very tensive and it's pretty confusing in the beginning. When you finally get what's going on you instantly start liking this movie more. I really liked the ending where Mary Kee is helping her past-self attack the woman, it's very interesting and well thought through. The Caller isn't a movie filled with scares, and you really need to pay attention to keep up with what's going on, but it's a very good movie if you ask me. Some things are a bit far-fetched, but well, which horror movie isn't far-fetched. Great acting and a great ending.

My rate: 8/10

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