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The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 2: Strangers

This review is NOT spoiler free!

Oops, I'm a bit late with this one. I actually saw it right when it came out, but I totally forgot writing about it. As usual the episode was less exciting compared to the first episode, but well, that's pretty standard with The Walking Dead. Sometimes I think it would be best to just watch the first episode, the mid-season finale, the first episode after the mid-season break and the last episode of the season since they're the most exciting ones. I wouldn't say that this episode was boring, but it lacked action. 

In this episode there's a new character introduced, a man named Father Gabriel who claims that he has not killed anybody (alive or not). Of course this raises a lot of questions since the guys is still alive after 2 years or something. He seems to be okay, but well, everyone that seems okay in this show will turn out to be a dick, so we'll have to wait that one out.

I'm probably the most impatient person ever and I couldn't help but check the internet about a few facts about him, since he is of course a character in the comic book. The TV show doesn't follow the comics exactly (for example, Andrea and Sophia are still alive), but it does follow it somewhat. I will not tell anything about it though, since you might not want to know the details. If you do, you can always check the internet yourself :). According to the comics though, there's still a shit load to come for next seasons. 

The thing that I'm often annoyed about with TV shows is when times are finally good again, it lasts like a quarter episode and shit will go down again. It's a bit comparable with Lost, every time they're close to being rescued the show gets another season meaning it needs to continue it's storyline and everything will be bad again. And with The Walking Dead I'm afraid it will get boring eventually because it just keeps on going, when times are good, thing will go down again and it will just be never ending. When the first episode of this season was released there was an announcement that The Walking Dead was being renewed for a sixth season, which is pretty unbelievable since the first episode might be good, but the rest might be shitty as hell. 

It's obvious that The Walking Dead is not as good anymore as it used to be (and with that I mostly mean the first season, perhaps the second one), but the makers have the attitude to keep on going while it's popular. Meaning, one day the show might not be popular enough anymore, leaving the watchers with an open ending, because it suddenly gets cancelled. That's the thing I like with Breaking Bad, there are only five seasons and they only start gaining this popularity in season 4 or so, but they knew when to quit. They knew to quit on the right time without expanding it story onto endless seasons. Even Game of Thrones already knows when the last season will be, and that one will be quite hard since they're still waiting for the new books to come out. That's what The Walking Dead creators should do, to know when they should stop, because I expect this will go nowhere eventually. 

Okay, sorry for this small rant! Now onto the episode, shall we? 

Again - spoilers!

This episode the group runs into Father Gabriel like I explained before, and well he has some kind of secret only we don't know yet what it is. He seems like an awesome character though and I'm actually hoping the will join the group. I think he might be very interesting. I think it will take a few episodes to get to know his story so at the moment I can't say a whole lot about it yet. 

Another thing is of course the Terminus people. It was pretty clear that the whole build-up to Terminus wouldn't be wiped away in one episode. This episode we got to know their real story, and it's pretty sick. I've heard the rumors of course, that these Terminus people were actually 'the Hunters', who happen to be cannibals. Well, they are cannibals, and in my opinion it's a pretty badass addition to the storyline. It was not really clear what happened, but I think that Bob was bitten in the basement. That's probably why he was outside, crying, when they took him. The Hunters cut off his leg -I expect the bitten leg- and well, the episode ended with them eating that leg. I'm not sure if them eating that leg will infect them though, I sure hope so. Anyway, we'll probably find out the next episode. 

This moment was very vague, I'm not really sure what was going on actually. Carol was outside, killing a walker. She ran into Darryl, and then something with a car and another car. It was really confusing, I had to idea where they were and where all the cars came from. Sure I recognized the car that took Beth and I know that that will be their lead to Beth but the whole scene was just weird. Speaking about Carol by the way, probably the most awesome character development ever. I don't really care about Beth, but I'm curious who took her.

Wow! Long review! Sorry for the rants, and sorry for the actual little review. I'm curious about next episode, hopefully it will be a bit more exciting though. 

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