Friday, 29 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 7: Dead Weight

I'm sorry to start this little review so negative, but this was one terrible episode. It was boring, and to be honest, season 4 itself isn't really good yet. It has a few strong episodes, but overall it's taking all way too long and things happening aren't very interesting. The location gets boring and the dangers of it too, the only thing that's a bit interesting at the moment is who will survive this virus and will they finally leave this prison. 

To make this episode even worse, it was about the Governor, again. You see, I get why the previous episode was about the Governor, we saw a bit of his life after Woodbury and he even seemed to have better his life. But, this episode it was all about him again and we learn that he didn't change a bit. What makes me angry is the fact that this episode seems to ignore everything that happened in the previous episode. The governor was bad, went good and went bad again. Not very interesting and to me it makes the previous episode very useless.

So the fact is now that the Governor is still after the prison for some dumb reason. I don't even get why he wants it that badly. Dude, move on and get yourself and your new family a new place. 
Now we've seen two episodes about the Governor, first he seems to better his life but this was only fake which made it a very useless episode, this episode he found Martinez and he immediately kills him when he saved him. I'm sorry, but why? Why everything? I seriously don't get what these writers are doing because it's just so boring now. 

There are already two episodes without the main cast and we're nearing the mid-season finale, which probably means that we will get some stupid cliffhanger in the next episode. Personally I hope that they stop with the Governor stuff after the next episode because it's just a repeat of season 3. I'm really hoping that he will die the next episode, and that they will find a new place again. I really don't care at the moment who dies because the character development has been poor lately. I only care about Daryl and Michonne surviving to be honest.

At the moment I think that season 4 is worse than season 3. I liked season 3 but there were so many unnecessary episodes in it. With season 4 it's almost an exact repeat only with some illness hanging around and with even more useless episodes. I'm not even excited for the next episode anymore because this one was that boring. I really hope that the writers will come with something good in the next few episodes, because this is becoming absolutely worthless. Come back with the simple episodes of season 1, only 6 episodes and everything was clear. For the new seasons they come with 16 episodes and sorry, but that's totally unnecessary. 
I'm crossing my fingers that the next episode will finally be good again!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Short non-horror review: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
IMDB rate: 8,3
Genre: Adventure

Okay, I'm sorry for this absolutely not-horror related movie, but yesterday I went to the cinema and I finally saw Catching Fire!
For those who remember one of my earlier posts (last year somewhere), I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games trilogy. I've read all three books multiple times and I absolutely loved them. I thought the first movie was good, but the beginning was a bit annoying. There wasn't much talking and the camera was shaking way too much. After awhile it became a lot better and it had a big resemblance with the book (that's quite rare these days). 

Well, I read the second book too and I was very curious about how they would recreate this in a movie. There's a lot of information, a lot is happening and it wasn't explained all too well in the books. What made me most curious was the look of the new arena, since I couldn't really visualize it myself. 
So I've seen the second movie now and seriously, I loved it. I think I cried 2/3 of the movie, not because there were so many sad moments, but because I loved it so much. I know, this sounds so terrible, but I really really liked it a lot.

First of all, I thought it was a lot better than the first part. There wasn't a shaking camera and there was just normal talking. I recognized every element from the book, and it was put in the movie in a magnificent way. For me it was just absolutely perfect. Most of the time when a book is made into a movie, they skip a lot of stuff or change important things, and with Catching Fire, this wasn't the case at all. Well, perhaps they made Johanna (Jena Malone) a little less brutal, but that wasn't bothering at all. At first I was afraid that it would be as with the Harry Potter books. I'm also a big Harry Potter fan and while I like the movies, it missed so many important things from the books. 

What was so great about it was the fact that they didn't skip any important elements. There were a lot scenes that were very small, but I think that's what made it great because not every scene has to take that long. And because of these short scenes, important things could be kept in the movie. 

The acting is amazing, again. I think that Jennifer Lawrence is a perfect casting choice for casting. I saw her in a few interviews and she's very funny and sarcastic, and that sarcastic thing is exactly what Katniss has. For me, Jennifer is just Katniss. Amazing actress. I like Liam Hemsworth, but his part wasn't very big in this movie, I'm very curious about his character in the next movie. Two other great actors were Sam Claflin and Woody Harrelson. 

Personally, I loved this movie. It was everything I hoped for and perhaps even better than that. The acting was great, the happenings were all amazingly shown and everything was in it. I truly can't wait until Mockingjay comes out next year. The only thing that bothers me terribly is the fact that they made two parts out of it. Which means, I still have to wait two years until I've finally seen every part. The book isn't much thicker than Catching Fire, so it's hard for me to imagine that they need to split the movie, but we'll see how that will turn out.

My personal rate: 9,5/10

Monday, 25 November 2013

Review: Dark Skies (2013)

Dark Skies
IMDB rate: 6,2
Genre: Science-Fiction

Finally! Another 2013 movie! I'm finally catching up a bit with all these amazing movies made this year. And believe me, 2013 is a good horror year this far! Normally there is only one good -or reasonable- movie brought out in a year, but this year has brought us a lot more! Well, I won't continue talking about that, because this is only a review about one movie: Dark Skies. I saw the trailer of this movie in the beginning of the year and I've wanted to see it but I never got around watching it. The trailer looked cool, but well, from my experience when a trailer is cool, the movie most likely isn't. So I never really bothered watching it because I assumed it wasn't very good. 
Now, I finally saw it and I must say that I'm quite impressed by it!

As the Barret family's peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly force is after them.

When I first saw the trailer I expected some sort of haunted house movie, perhaps with ghosts and stuff like that, I had no idea that it was about aliens! I'm not a big fan of Science-fiction movies but like I already said, I quite liked this one. 
Dark Skies is from the same producers as Insidious and Paranormal Activity, I quite liked the first and second PA but I disliked Insidious a lot, but now I've seen Dark Skies I'm convinced that this one is better than either of those movies.  
There are certainly a few elements from those movies in Dark Skies, for example the videocameras in the rooms, waking up in the middle of the night standing in the garden and some more stuff like that, but while it had similar stuff going on, it never looked too much like each other. 

The happenings started out really small, it seemed more like a prank than a treat. When days went by, these pranks turned a lot more serious. I actually got goosebumps while watching it, because there was so much tension in the movie. I loved it! 

We don't get to see these aliens until one of the last scenes. We didn't get a clear look but they looked quite scary from what I could see. In one scene we see one walking behind one of the characters, at first I didn't notice, but when I did... holy shit, I must admit that it did scare me for a second.

The acting is very good. I think Keri Russell is an amazing actress (I loved her so much in August Rush) and I wasn't sure how she would be in a horror movie, but again, she didn't fail to amaze me! I'm not really familiar with Josh Hamilton but he was excellent too. The kids acted reasonable, the little kid was adorable but I wasn't too sure of his acting. The older kid was decent too. 

The only thing that bothered me a lot was the same old horror mistake; people seem to forget that they have lamps in their homes. The alarm goes off, and those people ran downstairs to search the house, IN THE DARK. Some other weird stuff is going on, let's investigate again, IN THE DARK. I'm sorry but are all basic instincts lost when you're scared? Are we suddenly able to see incredibly good in the dark while we're in a rush? I'm sorry but it's so bothering that people in movies don't turn on the lights. 

Overall, I liked this movie quite a bit. It surprised me a lot! I really recommend watching this movie because I thought it was an amazing science-fiction/horror movie. Great acting, great scares and a great story! Honestly, I'm hoping for a sequel because the ending left me frightened!

My personal rate: 8/10

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 6: Live Bait

Oops, a bit late again. It was only until today that I finally had a bit time to watch The Walking Dead again. I was actually quite looking forward to it, since the last episode ended with a quick view of The Governor. The Walking Dead can use a bit of good action again so seeing a familiar face like The Governor had to make it interesting again.

With that I wouldn't say that the past few episodes were bad, but I definitely did not like them as much as I liked the previous seasons. Well, maybe I do like it as much, but on a different way. Season 1 and 2 were excellent, season 3 was good too, but unfortunately there were too many useless episodes which made it a bit less good again. Season 4 did have a few 'boring' episodes until this far, but it's not as bad yet as in season 3. 

What was nice about season 1, 2 and 3 was the fact that the location changed every time. With season 4 still in the prison it might become a bit dull, so I guess that it's a bit dangerous to use the same location again in a TV show like this one. 

What I notice in season 4 is that they focus a lot more on each individual. They focused a bit more on Michonne, Hershel and The Governor. In a way this is very clever because when they follow one individual, we get to see a new location every time they go out of the prison. It's also very interesting to get to know these characters a bit better, instead of just focusing on Rick. 

What I notice in season 4, this far, is that there's a lot less action. There are of course zombie attacks but on a different way I guess. They are quite neutral about it now, because they are facing these bastards for quite some time now. It's logical that they are becoming more neutral about seeing and killing the zombies, but for the action-level of the show it's a bit sad. 

As was it with this specific episode again. This episode was all about The Governor, we see what he did after Woodbury. He meets a family and actually helps them a bit. We know this Governor as a cruel bastard, but is he starting to show a bit of regret? I'm not quite sure yet, he was quite nice this episode and helped the family a lot. But personally I don't think that he can be trusted. I haven't read the comics of The Walking Dead, so correct me if I'm wrong but I heard that in the comics the Governor is the cruelest bastard alive, and sure that's also what we saw until this far, but is there a chance that he can be trusted again? I'm very curious to see how this Governor situation will develop in the next few episodes. 

The episode itself wasn't very exciting, the killing was kinda tame and since we are used to hating The Governor we can't really sympathize with him. I do think it was interesting to see what The Governor did after Woodbury, we perhaps start to get to know him better now.
I am very excited for the next episode though!

Book review: SPOOK Secrets

Spook Secrets
How much do you really know about classic Sci-fi/Horror?

Spook Secrets is not just an ordinary book, it's a quiz book! It's filled with huge amounts of Horror Trivia and believe me, I learned quite a few things reading this. While reading this I was testing myself, since it's written like a quiz. Every page contains 4 images with a question written above. There can be one answer, but also two, three or four! So it's incredibly hard. I think the book contains about 300 questions, and when I tested myself I only got 56 of them right.
The questions are really hard, but you also learn quite a bit of them.

Like I already said, it's not just a book because it's a quiz book. There are a few chapters in them, as stated in the index, but while taking the quiz we never see a thing of these chapters. I think it would be a bit more comfortable to read if there were some chapter-heads (or how do you call it?) in it. Maybe chapters made on base for each type of genre, like Science-fiction, horror, thriller, actors etc.
Like I said, there are chapters in them but if you click on them (it was a PDF) they seem to redirect you to a random question. There's no specific order in it which makes it a bit difficult to keep focused.

While it's a bit hard to keep focused, you do want to keep reading. Especially when you got a question right, you want to keep continuing testing your movie knowledge. It's a fun book for a die-hard Sci-fi or horror fan because you learn a lot about random stuff. What's also nice is that the book differs from the usual book.  

Do you think you know a lot about horror or sci-fi? Think again!
No but in all seriousness, it's a lot harder than what you would expect. 
Personally I quite enjoyed looking through it, I was pretty confident about my knowledge but this book kinda gave it a breakdown. Nevertheless, it was fun to get to know all this new trivia!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Review: The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring
IMDB rate: 7,6
Genre: Possession, Haunted House

The next video for my 2013 watching list! I'm a bit late to the party I guess, because every blogger already wrote a review about this movie, but hey, I'm very poor and the cinema is very expensive ;). I quite liked The Conjuring, it was a good movie to watch, BUT I must say that I expected a lot more of it. There's a whole hype about this movie and everyone says how brilliant and scary it is, but personally I thought it just felt like another possession movie. It's a good movie, sure, but to me it wasn't something  incredible or something. 

In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron move their family into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm house and soon strange things start happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the noted paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to examine the house. What the Warrens discover is a whole area steeped in a satanic haunting that is now targeting the Perron family wherever they go. To stop this evil, the Warrens will have to call upon all their skills and spiritual strength to defeat this spectral menace at it's source that threatens to destroy everyone involved.

When the movie started I was of course very curious about it because I've read so many good reviews about it. People said how refreshing it was and how original it felt. I don't think that a movie needs to be refreshing to be good, it can be good even if you're using stuff that has been used a thousand times already. To me The Conjuring didn't feel like a refreshing movie. It reminded me of movies like Amityville Horror, The Orphanage, Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism. I don't think that it's bad that it looks a lot like those movies, but it's wrong to call it refreshing in that case. It wasn't refreshing, it was just the same concept only put in this movie in a slightly different way. 

What I loved about this movie was the beginning, were we see a story about a doll. As you might know, I'm terrified of dolls and I love a good possessed doll movie (there aren't too many of those, unfortunately). I wasn't entirely sure what The Conjuring was about, and seeing this doll made me all excited because The Conjuring is from James Wan, who happens to be the creator of Dead Silence, my all time favorite horror doll movie. I guess I expected a bit of a haunted house story mixed with this doll, but unfortunately we only see this doll in the very beginning and a few seconds halfway through the movie. Fact is, the movie itself isn't about the doll, at all. I was quite sad about this and to me it felt like the doll story was a bit useless. I get it that the story in the beginning was some sort of introduction to Ed and Lorraine, but then halfway through the movie their daughter suddenly sees it? I was a tiny bit confused by this. 

The acting is very good. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are both excellent actors for horror movies, and again they carried this role very well. Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor were both excellent too. There were only a few jump-scares and they were quite predictable if you ask me.

What I disliked a bit about this movie was the overuse of so called scary stuff. The doll, the clapping, the sleep walking girl, the girl seeing stuff in her room, the little girl having a imaginary friend, the slamming doors. Sure, these are all scary effects, but together in one movie they seem like one big mess in an attempt to make it scary as hell. There was just too many, and many of them didn't fit together.The scares being used was almost a constant, which made the impact a lot less impressive. It felt to me as if there was a lot left unexplained.
But again, the trailer showed a lot of the scares already, so we know what to expect.

While this review might be slightly negative, I do think it's a good movie. I've seen horror movies far worse than this. But I think that it's a bit overhyped which gave me a lot of expectations for this movie. These expectations weren't fulfilled so I think that made the movie a bit worse for me. If I knew nothing about it I think I would have liked it a bit more. The Conjuring is a good or decent movie, but don't expect something incredibly refreshing because the movie itself is quite standard in my opinion.

My personal rate: 6,5/10

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Review: I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013)

I Spit on Your Grave 2
IMDB rate: 5,5
Genre: Torture, Revenge

With the end of the year coming up, I realized that I didn't watch a lot of horror movies coming from 2013 this year. A bit of a shame of course, because my 'Favorites of 2013' list would be very short. So today I decided to watch a few horror movies from 2013! Starting with I Spit on Your Grave 2. 
Those who read my review about the first part (click here) know how much I liked it. I was very curious about this one too because I read a few very good reviews about it. I quite liked watching this movie, although I must say that it's not as good as the first part. Again, I still haven't seen any of the original movies (will download it now), so can't say a whole lot about them. But when I've finally watched it, I'll write a review about it and I will compare the two movies.

Katie is trying to make it in the cutthroat world of modeling. When she innocently accepts an offer to have new photos taken for her portfolio, the experience quickly turns into an unthinkable nightmare of rape, torture and kidnapping. When a twist of fate finally frees her from her captors - beaten, battered, bruised, and broken, she will have to tap into the darkest places of the human psyche to not only survive her ordeal, but to ultimately find the strength to exact her brutal revenge.

Okay first of all, I'm from Europe and these movies are making me terrified about ever going to Eastern-Europe again. Watching all these movies (A Serbian Film, Hostel, Train) is absolutely not good for a countries good name. I mean, basically if you're watching a horror movie and there's someone from Eastern-Europe in it, you better start fucking running because there's no way that nothing is going to happen. 

What I really liked about this movie was the beginning. In every horror movie there are annoying scenes where a girl doesn't scream or doesn't try to run or something, that didn't happen in this movie. The girl immediately starts screaming when she figured something was wrong, she took a taser gun and instead of just treating that she's going to use it, she actually starts using it immediately. Even though she has three locks on her door, she managed to escape her room but unfortunately she got caught by her molester. In this time she was able to scream, and guess what? Somebody heard her and tried rescuing her! That didn't go well, but still, three horror cliches weren't used! I loved it!

The thing with these I Spit on Your Grave movies is that we've seen the previous parts already. Meaning that we know that a girl will be attacked and she will survive that, and then she will have a very brutal revenge. So the mystery of it isn't really there anymore. Nevertheless, the revenge scenes are always very tasteful and very amusing to watch. 

What I did not like a whole lot were the dialogues. So the first part of the movie is where the girl, Katie, is being raped and tortured. Her offenders say all these cliche things to her and that does not mind a whole lot, but eventually the roles are switched, meaning that Katie will attack her offenders. But to make things more brutal, she's saying the exact same things to them as what they said to her. Sure, I get the point of that, but after a while you can't help but think "I've all heard this a few times already, become a bit more original dude".

The acting was decent. Nothing special, but not terribly bad. Seeing Katie's crying and screaming face was a bit funny, so I had a bit trouble taking her seriously, but besides that her performance was good. The lightning was a bit poor at times. When she's buried under the ground we suddenly hear a lot of noise and suddenly she seems to be in a cave or something. I don't know but it seemed a bit random, especially because this cave led to people's living rooms. Perhaps the floor broke, I don't know but it was a bit of a weird and dark place.

The torturing scenes were again awesome, Georgie looking all infected and stuff, while Ivan's ball were smashed. All fun stuff to look at again.

Great movie, not as good as the first part, but certainly very enjoyable. A lot of brutal scenes that make you sick in your stomach and a lot of blood. Original deaths, and just look at this image above, how sick does his legs look? Brilliant.
I absolutely recommend watching this movie for fans of a bit more brutal movies. Believe me, it can be hard to watch at times. I thought it was worth it.

My personal rate: 7/10

Friday, 15 November 2013

Review: Sorority Row (2009)

Sorority Row
IMDB rate: 5,0
Genre: Slasher

I almost forgot that I've watched this movie! I think it was last week or something, I can't even remember anymore. Anyway, it's not really a movie worth to remember because it was kinda lame. To describe Sorority Row in short: It's almost exactly the same as I Know What You Did Last Summer, but with a lot of woman. Seriously, it was almost an exact copy. 
Now I've heard that this movie is a remake, so maybe it's better to say that I Know What You Did Last Summer was exactly the same as The House on Sorority Row (1983), but since I haven't seen the original movie I can't tell you.

After finding out a guy cheated on their sister, sorority house Theta Pi play a simple prank on him. They trick him into thinking that he has killed his girlfriend, then take him into the middle of nowhere to 'dismember' the body, only then revealing it was a prank. However, the prank goes horribly wrong and all involved swear never to speak of it again. A year later at graduation though, they are all reminded of the past.

Sorority Row is not a very interesting movie in my opinion, it looked a lot like I Know What You Did Last Summer and it definitely was not better than that one. In I Know What You Did Last Summer there was a lot more character development, a more interesting story and overall it was just a whole lot better. Maybe it's wrong to compare the two, but I couldn't stop thinking about I Know What You Did Last Summer while watching this movie. 

Personally I thought that these five woman are very stupid and very ignorant. Especially Jessica (Leah Pipes) was an annoying cunt and I couldn't wait for her to die. Her lines are so terribly cliche that it made me cringe a lot. 
Cassidy (Briana Evigan) was supposed to be some sort of hero but I thought she was only really annoying, her acting wasn't that bad but her face is a bit Kristen Stewart sometimes. 
Chugs (Margo Harshman) was a rather useless character since all her use in this movie was to be a slut. Also it was her brother who killed the girl and she doesn't even seem bothered by it. Hell, there was not a single connection between the two of them, and terrible actress by the way. 
Claire (Jaime Chung) was the only one who acted properly, but her role wasn't very big unfortunately. Then there is Ellie (Rumer Willis), not only was her character incredibly annoying, she acted terrible too. She cried every second of the movie, and when she didn't cry, she was only being all insecure about stuff. I'm sorry but if you're the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, that doesn't make you an instant good actress. 
Oh, and this is not one of these girl but I'll just have to mention Maxx Hennard for his TERRIBLE acting.

At the end we of course figure out who the killer is and well, there was not even a good explanation for it. So hear me out, -spoilers-, the boyfriend of Cassidy heard of the murder, and since he wanted to have a future with her, he decides to kill everyone that knows about it. What he does before that is getting the corpse of the girl, and the jacket that she wears and hangs it somewhere in the house what of course some of these five girls will see. He also sends text messages to everyone to warn them (?) that he knows (He knows what they did last summer)! And after this warning he happily starts murdering everyone. 
Now what I don't get is, why putting all this effort in getting the corpse? Or why putting effort in scaring them first? Why not just immediately kill them?
Anyway, I thought this was a very crappy motive, if you can call it a motive.

I think slasher movies are amusing, we never know who the killer is and it's always the question who will survive. With slasher movies you can go so many ways and still make a decent movie. Personally I did not find this a very good movie because it was very lazy at some points. The acting was overall not very good. It's kinda sad really because the beginning was kinda amusing, the camera work looks great and the music is good too. Unfortunately, the script writing looks very sloppy compared with all the good things in this movie.

My personal rate: 5/10

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Review: Misfits (Season 1)

Season 1
IMDB rate: 8,4
Genre: Comedic, TV Show, Supernatural

Last week I started watching Misfits, I had no idea what it was about and I always thought that it was about some random kids doing bad things, so I was kinda surprised that it was actually kinda supernatural. Maybe this review isn't very fitting for a horror blog, but hey, it's is a bit supernatural and I really liked this show. Sure, it is about kids doing bad things, but they do have superpowers! How cool is that?

So, I was very surprised when watching this because it was absolutely not what I expected. It really is a good show, it has it's drama, it has it's supernatural stuff and it has it's comedic side. For me it was a very good combination. It has the typical British humor and personally I loved it. 
While the characters are actually a bit scumbags, they start to grow on you. You start caring for them, how strangely it may seem when you first start watching this show. 

I've just finished season 2, so I'll write a review about that too Luckily there are only 6-8 episodes in a season, so it doesn't take as long as watching Lost for example (around 25 episodes each season). 

So a bit about the characters:

Nathan Young: Played by Robert Sheehan. How I hated this guy in the beginning, he was such a cunt and super annoying. But like I said, they start to grow on you, as is it with Nathan. I think that Robert Sheehan is a very good choice for playing Nathan. He just has the right looks and his acting is very convincing. His ability became known quite late, but it is quite a cool one. His ability is that he is immortal, and believe me when I say that he needed it quite a lot.
Alisha Daniels: Played by Antonia Thomas. Another character that started to grow on me, she too was an incredible bitch in the beginning, but I must say that her character became a lot softer after awhile. Antonia Thomas plays her character quite well, she can play both soft and bitchy very convincing so that's a good thing. Her ability is very lame though, if she touches a man he wants to have sex with her. Yeah well, very helpful.. 
Kelly Bailey: Played by Lauren Socha. Excellent casting if you ask me. If you only see her you can't help but think that she's trash. And when she starts to talk everything you thought about her gets confirmed. Amazing acting (or isn't it acted?). But she too get's to be a lot softer after awhile. Her superpower is that she can hear thoughts of everyone. Quite useful, but in my opinion it's isn't used a whole lot.
Simon Bellamy: Played by Iwan Rheon. Personally he is my favorite, he is incredibly adorable and shy and again, he is casted perfectly. I previously saw him as Ramsay Snow in season 3 of Game of Thrones, so this was quite a character switch. I already liked him since the very first episode, and that only grew a whole lot, so I guess I'm a new fan of Iwan. He can be invisible which is quite awesome and useful. It's also something that really fits his character since he is very shy and a bit introvert. 
Curtis Donovan: Played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. Not sure what to think of him. He seems okay and he stayed okay through entire season 1 and 2. I don't find him very interesting though. His acting is very good and I can imagine him being the same in real life as he is in character. His ability is to rewind back time. Quite useful but we don't see a whole lot of it unfortunately. He did manage to save everyone a few times though, so that's kinda cool. 

Episode discussing! It will be short I promise, but since there are only 6 episodes it's not too much to talk about.

Season 1, episode 1:
Great beginning. We get to know each character a bit better, in the beginning you may still think that it's only about a few random kids that did bad stuff but then when the lightning hits, things are starting to change! I'm glad this went that quickly or else I might have stopped watching. Great episode with a proper introduction to each character, we know what we can expect from them which is kinda good. We also immediately know that it's not just a show about random kids doing bad stuff, it's about some young folks with superpowers. Also, there's a lot happening which brings a good story for the rest of the season.
Season 1, episode 2: 
We now learn that the five young folks are not the only people who gained superpowers because of the storm. We also learn that these superpowers can be very big, but also very small and useless, for example, a man starts to think that he's a Jack Russell. I thought that was very original. Overall not a very interesting episode, but it was a funny one.
Season 1, episode 3: 
A lot of improvement in the case of this season, the dead body of their probation worker is almost being found so they search for a solution. Again, not a very interesting episode, but again it was a funny one.
Season 1, episode 4: 
Very good episode. Curtis rewinds time so he can make up for all his mistakes, but this has some serious consequences. Again, spoilers! Anyway, when he made up for one mistake, another one was being made. I thought it was brilliant that they all died when he was free, so clever because he saved them all the first time, so it's only logical that they didn't die. 
Season 1, episode 5:
A Simon involving episode, yay! Man, how sorry can I feel for this boy. I think that Iwan Rheon is an excellent (and if I may say, a very attractive) man. It was a very good episode which taught us a lot about Simon and his feelings, we also learn that you don't want to mess with him! But in all seriousness, I really liked this episode.
Season 1, episode 6:
Best episode this far. Nathan becomes a hero, sort of. It was an amazing episode with a lot of happenings. Also a mystery man shows up! Can't say a whole lot about this episode, besides that I loved it.
"We had it all, we fucked up bigger and better than any generation that came before us!"

As you may notice, I became quite a big fan of Misfits. It was absolutely not what I expected from it and that's what made it so great. I really like it and I recommend watching it!
Can't wait until I can watch season 3 tomorrow. And expect a review about season 2 too one of these days.

My personal rate: 9/10

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 5: Internment

Ah, finally it's time for another Walking Dead review!
 IMDB (or the users) rated this episode with a 9,0, which is the highest rate this far for season 4. And believe me, it was a good episode. 

Finally a good episode again! I think that's the correct thing to say, because in my opinion the last few episodes were a bit boring. They were slow and a bit melodramatic if you ask me. Nothing really interesting happens besides the illness, which caused a lot of random things to happen in the past few episodes. 

This episode is evolving a lot around Hershel, and I think that was quite an interesting choice. Hershel is probably also infected with this illness, we don't know yet for sure but I think we can assume he is. Anyway, he is with the other in quarantine to help them. We learned a bit about Hershel in the second season, and in the third one his leg got chopped off, but we never really got a fully Hershel involving episode, which is kinda sad because he seems a very interesting character. This episode was good because we saw a bit more of him and what we mainly saw was his caring side. He risked his own life going into quarantine, just to care for the others and that's a very noble thing to do. And if he wasn't there this whole time, I think that the things happened in this episode would have been much more dramatic, on a not-good-way because this already happened in the second episode. 

Meanwhile, Rick is trying to keep the gates up because there are so many walkers that the gates around the prison are giving up. This fails but luckily Carl and Rick shot everyone of them before this got out of hand. This seemed to be more of a side-story, and I was glad it was only a side-story because we know everything about Rick already, now things are less 'Rick-involved', things are getting more interesting again. 

It surprised me that Lizzie helped to get the zombie away from Glenn, because I was scared as hell that the zombie would bite Glenn. Lizzie seemed an useless character to me, a very weak girl, but she got my respect for this action. Very smart move. 

Also, I don't really get why the cells with the sick people inside aren't locked. It's not that strange that someone else will die because of this illness at some point, so it's very dangerous if they can walk around freely after they die. I mean, you can't keep an eye on everyone so just lock the doors man! We almost had a second big incident because of this stupid action!

Also, I really hope that Glenn and Sasha will survive this illness, they are way too important to die! 

In the very end we see a familiar face again, it's the Governor spying on the prison! I'm sorry but I think it's just brutal to let us wait ANOTHER week to see the next episode because personally I can't wait anymore. Seeing the Governor was very exciting to me, because it means that we can expect a lot action in the future!

Brilliant episode in my opinion, and I'm even willing to say that this is my favorite one this far (for this season). It was filled with action, a good story and an excellent ending. I had my knuckles clenched this entire time because it was extremely tensive. Hoping that no one of your favorite characters would die is a hell to go through and I'm afraid we will need to go through this again next week. I think it was an amazing episode and I can't will until the next one!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Review: Fright Night (2011)

Fright Night
IMDB rate: 6,4
Genre: Vampire

Fright Night, a movie that I did not have seen before. Hell, I haven't even seen the original yet. I saw this movie while looking through Netflix' horror movies (there are only 15 or so in The Netherlands, at the moment) and this was the only one that I haven't seen yet. 
I never really cared about watching this movie because it seemed a bit boring and standard to me, but I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. 

A remake of the 1985 original, teenager Charley Brewster guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandrige is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent, a self proclaimed vampire killer and Las Vegas magician, to help him take down Jerry.

I really liked watching this movie, it was funny and it looked amazing. The vampires were not overdone, and of course, they were not sparkling! Like I said, I have not seen the original movie yet, but I would love to watch it soon so I can compare the two movies. I know that many people dislike remakes, but I THINK this one did quite well.

The story is quite basic, perhaps a bit cliche, but I didn't really mind because somehow it felt refreshing. Normally there is a 1 hour build up before anything finally happens, but with this movie that wasn't the case.

What I also liked was the fact that no one was annoying. In every horror movie there is always one person who answers the door when there is specifically asked to not answer the door. There's always some annoying person that refuses to listen to things. Or when the kids try to tell their parents and they don't believe them, and when they try to show it nothing happens. Well, none of this happened in Fright Night. They never answered the door and something actually happened when the kid tried to show what he meant.

I think the special effects looked really cool. But the changing faces of the vampire Jerry were a bit confusing to me, it became more and more demonic, or sometimes it didn't change at all. A bit confusing. What I did like were the death scenes, they were very original, or the very good improvised scene where Jerry tries to get Charley out of his house.

I also loved the cast of this movie, Anton Yelchin is one of my favorite actors ever since Alpha Dog, and I kinda liked him in this movie. He played very sweet but also with a tough side. Really cool character. I'm not used to seeing Colin Farrell in a horror movie, so this was quite a nice change. I didn't think he would fit in a vampire role, but he did really good. Honorable mentions for Toni Collette, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, David Tennant and Imogen Poots. 

Personally I really enjoyed watching this movie, I think it's an excellent vampire movie with a good story and an excellent cast. Unfortunately I can't compare it with the original, but I'm sure that one is good too.
I really recommend watching this movie, it's fun and in my opinion quite good.

My personal rate: 7,5/10

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Review: The World's End (2013)

The World's End
IMDB rate: 7,4
Genre: Science-Fiction, Comedic

Yes, also I have finally seen The World's End, and I must admit that I've watched a downloaded version. This is because this shit country decided not to bring it to the cinemas, and honestly, I'm not going to wait until it's finally brought to DVD, because that sometimes takes ages. 

I was very excited about this movie because I am a big Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fan, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz definitely are in my favorite movies list, so the ending of the so called 'Three Flavors Cornetto' trilogy must be great.

Personally, I did not like it a whole lot. I did not find it a bad movie, but I was definitely disappointed by it. We've seen all these great movies of this combination and you get certain expectations for it. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations. 

20 years after attempting an epic pub crawl, five childhood friends reunite when one of them becomes hell bent on trying the drinking marathon again. They are convinced to stage an encore by mate Gary King, a 40-year old man trapped at the cigarette end of his teens, who drags his reluctant pals to their home town and once again attempts to reach the fabled pub, The World's End. As they attempt to reconcile the past and present, they realize the real struggle is for the future, not just theirs but humankind's. Reaching The World's End is the least of their worries.

I almost died of laughing when watching Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and even Paul, but The World's End only gave me a few chuckles. There was used a lot of the same humor, and I don't think that's a bad thing because the humor is catchy, but I feel like they used it all wrong. Sure, Simon Pegg jumping over the falling fence again is funny, but honestly, that was only one of the few moments that made me laugh. It's sad because it's obviously not one of the original moments.
 I also really missed the line 'you have blue on you' in this movie, come on, perfect opportunity, right? 

I loved seeing all these familiar faces, and with that I mean besides Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. We get to see Martin Freeman and Bill Nighy for example. But if you look closely you can also recognize a few of the zombies. 
It was also funny that they used the same 'kids-group' again. Obviously they are not the same kids anymore, because they are much older by now, but they did use the same types. In Hot Fuzz they are the graffiti kids, in Shaun of the Dead we see a group of kids in the intro and here again, Blank-robot-alien kids. 

While I love Simon Pegg as an actor, I was mostly annoyed by him in this movie. His character is always the main character in his movies, and that's okay but in this movie it was too much. It was all about Simon Pegg and it become a bit annoying. You have this great group of actors together, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Rosamund Pike, Pierce Brosnan and Martin Freeman, and it was all about Simon Pegg. Such a shame. His character is already an asshole, seeing him that much becomes annoying after awhile when he plays such a character. I would have loved to see more about the other characters.

The story is a bit illogical, the Golden Mile pub tour is a fun side story, but when the world really is ending, you won't keep doing it. I felt like they took the idea of protecting themselves from The Winchester of Shaun of the Dead and just doubled it a few times because it was such a success. And by the way, if you are already taking a lot out of your previous movies, why don't actually call a pub 'The Winchester'? That would have been a nice reference. 

The World's End is not a bad movie, it has funny moments and the acting is very good. What was especially excellent about this movie were the action shots, very well done. But personally I expected more from this and I was a bit disappointed after watching it. For me it was a sad ending for the 'Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy'.

My personal rate: 6/10

Friday, 8 November 2013

Review: Victim (2010)

IMDB rate: 6,0
Genre: Torture, Revenge

I'm back again! Finally, a horror review again. You must have gotten tired of all these Lost reviews, or other TV show reviews. I'm not sure if I can keep up with watching horror movies though, because after next week my school schedules seems to be created in hell, so probably a lot less time. And I probably will be moving house, so again, a lot less time. But when I've moved I think I'll watch a lot more movies again, so we'll see what happens!
Enough about me, let's talk about Victim!
I've watched Victim on Netflix, it was one of those 'beautiful' things that Netflix recommended for me, so I thought I'd give it a go. 

We see a young man being kidnapped by a mysterious doctor and his brutal henchman. He is being tortured and treated in a very strange way. 

I think it's very difficult to rate Victim. It has some really weird points and some strong ones. Spoiler-- The guy is being tortured and imprisoned, also the doctor seems to give him hormones. He's slowly turning into a girl in the most literal way possible.

The doctor himself is a very weird dude with a strange voice, he reminded me a bit of the doctor of The Human Centipede, only less aggressive. His brutal henchman is a very mysterious fellow, he never talks or does anything else besides torturing the young man. We don't get to know anything about him, which is kinda sad I think.

The movie is set up quite good, we feel sorry for the young man, and we wonder why this is happening to him. But in the end the roles slowly seems to turn around. This was done in an excellent way, and personally I did not see this coming. 
I've read many times that people found this movie disturbing, but personally it did not do much to me. The torturing was very mild, and hardly shown. The young man seems hardly affected by this. I think it was mostly disturbing for the guys watching since there's a scene that reminded me a lot of a specific scene of Hard Candy. 

The acting was not very good. There was this typical police woman investigating all alone and of course she is being attacked and she can't defend herself because she's a bit dumb. Her role was very unnecessary and also very badly acted. 
Like I already said, the doctor had a very weird and annoying voice, his acting was decent but nothing special. 
The young man did not act very well I think, his voice sounded a bit fake and overall he seemed very weak. His character was a bit weird too because when you're being kidnapped and you're waking up in a cell, the first thing you ask won't be if you can get any water. That's just silly.
The one that acted best was the 'brutal henchman' George, but he did not say a word, so I don't think that his acting job was very difficult.

Overall, the movie wasn't very good, the acting was only decent and it didn't have anything special. The story was decent too, but what I did like was the sudden twist between good and evil. Or, the question what is good and what is evil. The turnaround of the bad guy was done very well but unfortunately that was the only good point. I think it's an average movie and I guess I'll agree with IMDB on the 6,0 rate.

My personal rate: 6,0/10

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review: Lost [Season 6]

Season 6
IMDB rate: 8,5
Genre: Drama, TV Show, Mystery


Finally, the last season! And boy, am I glad that it's finally over. It's such a shame what the creators did to this show. The first season was brilliant, the second was good too, the third was not too bad and the fourth was acceptable. Everything after 3 is basically unnecessary and just created for a bit of money. 

Season 5 was weird with all the time traveling, but well, season 6 is, if possible, even weirder. They started with showing the same plane, with everybody in it. But after a bit of turbulence, the plane did not crash! Well, what's happening this time, you're wondering. In season 6 they decided to start showing "Flash-sideways", this means that they start showing things of 'how it COULD have been if the plane didn't crash'. Well, one way to fill up a season. 

I think they were getting pretty uninspired at this point, because after one or two episodes we see Jack coming home from the airport and stuff, but then suddenly, he has a son! 
The thing is, Jack does not have a son. I find it very interesting that he was able to get a 14 (?) year old son in those few minutes since the turbulence. Oh, and in the end of this season he is being told that he does not have a son, and Jack just accepts this immediately. Yet everybody sees this kid named David. 

This is not all, every character gets their flash-sideways, and each one of them has a story that doesn't fit with their previous stories. This is very weird it self, but in the very ending of this season all the stories come together and they all meet and when they touch each other they get "flash-backs to their times on the island". But, this is when the plane never crashed? How could these flash-backs even happen?
There's a reason for that too! Well, basically they are all dead, and none of everything in the flash-sideways ever happened. VERY FUCKING USEFUL, why did I just watch 17 episodes of things that were not even real?! 

In the last episode of season 6, The End, the island is breaking apart because of John Locke (remember, he was dead, but also wasn't, but also is) and then he gets killed again, Jack is saving everybody (again) and everyone still alive (Frank Lapidus, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Richard) is getting in the plane to home. This was a very happy ending and it looked okay, until the moment that I described before this happened (the part where everyone died). So, did the plane crash again? Well, we don't know this. Because the last thing we see is Jack dying, what happened with Hurley, Desmond or anyone in the plane is never revealed.  (Or if you want to feel miserable, you can think that everyone did indeed die).

Well, like I mentioned in my previous review, there was this Jacob story on this season. Jacob is some guardian of the island or something and he gives tasks to everybody. But then he dies and he needs to find a new guardian. Very uninteresting. 
Another thing with Jacob is the Man-in-Black, a.k.a. Jacob's brother a.k.a. "The Monster". Yes, the monster was/is a person. He became this monster because he went in a cave that gave light. But when Desmond went to the cave the broke down the island and when Jack went in the cave he saved the island because he held his hand underwater. This is a very weird cave as you can imagine. Anyway, this monster also has the ability to get in a body of a deceased person, so he becomes them. 
And this is how the John Locke (dead/not dead) story is explained! It was the monster all this time! And now John Locke is killing everyone on the island, being the cloud he is, and someone needs to stop him. 
Again, a black cloud does not seem very threatening. 

So, about Lost in general. I think that the idea is very good and interesting. Survivors of a plane crash are on a mysterious deserted island. What I would have liked to see more was the helplessness of them. They never looked starved or anything, and looking to Hurley, they never were starved. Sure, the other season there was plenty of food, but the first not. Still, I forgive them. Finding other survivors is a good twist and a good point to expand on. But everything else was just so useless. It was almost as if it had nothing to do with these survivors of the plane crash anymore. They never looked deserted, they were always busy with other problems, stupid problems. And then this "monster", they could have created King Kong, Dinosaurs, Godzilla or name it, and they come up with a fake looking black cloud with some thunder in it. I'm sorry but that's just hilarious.

I'm glad that I've finished watching everything. Six season were quite a lot and it seems even longer when half of it sucks. I would love to watch season 1 till 3 again when I feel like it, but I doubt I will ever see season 4 till 6 again. Maybe to understand things better, I don't know. It will take some time though.
Please, just stop watching after season 3.

My personal rate: 5/10
Lost overall: 7,5/10

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 4: Indifference

Well, as the title says it, another Walking Dead review. This time I'm discussing the fourth episode of season 4. Luckily I recorded it so I could watch it afterwards, since I did not have time Monday. 

Again, spoilers!

So in this episode we see Carol and Rick looking for food and medicine, they mostly discuss Carol's action in the prison, since she burned two bodies of infected people. Ah, and this is the tricky part because almost everyone is infected in their world, right? Well, in this case it doesn't mean 'Dead Infected' or 'Zombie infected', but it means actually infected with an illness. This illness is even affecting the zombies, so as if the normal zombies were not dangerous enough, there are now infected zombies, zombies that are dangerous if you're only near them. 
So, the zombies are even more dangerous now!
Back to Carol and Rick. While searching a house they stumble across two teenagers, who are offering to help. But in the end it appears that at least one of them died while helping. 
At the end of the episode Rick says that Carol has to leave because he does not trust her.

Personally I did not see the use of seeing these teenagers. They brought in a bit of humor, at least the guy did, but eventually they both died. It seemed a bit useless and time-wasting. It's the same as with the crazy woman in the first episode of season 4. Yes she was mysterious, but then she died and everything was normal again. What was the use of them? 
Carol leaving was sad, but I think we'll see her again. Perhaps she will get a side-story like Andrea, or maybe we will only see her back as a walker. Time will tell. I wonder how Daryl will react on her leaving.

Meanwhile, Daryl, Bob, Tyreese and Michonne are searching for medicine. They stumble across a few walkers, a few infected walkers and Bob appears to be an alcoholic.
Overall, not much happened with them. They needed to run for these infected zombies and there were a few nice zombie-killing-shots of Michonne, but that's about it.

I do wonder what direction it will go with Michonne, since her character is very different from the previous season. In season 3 she was free, quiet and brutal. In this season she's smiling, crying and seems a bit lost. I don't know, I would like to see a bit of character development in Michonne, but I also really like this brutal Michonne. 

Personally I thought this episode was a bit dull. In every season there was some sort of mission. Season 1 was to find Lori and Carl and search for an answer to the zombies. Season 2 was protecting the farm and finding out what was kept in the barn. Season 3 was discovering the prison and attacking Woodbury and the Governor. And season 4 this far, well it seems to be most about this decease. But I can't imagine they can continue this way much longer because it might become boring. 
Don't get me wrong, I love this show and I will continue watching, but I would like to see some sort of goal for this season, besides curing the people. 

Review: Lost [Season 5]

Season 5
IMDB rate: 8,5
Genre: Drama, TV Show, Mystery

Expect a lot of spoilers!

Time for season 5! I think that season 5 and 6 were the least interesting seasons, they were weird, un-logical and very random. I actually just finished watching season 6, so I've finally finished watching everything. I think I'll write a huge review about season six because I feel like many things were too weird, too random, too many things left unexplained and mainly, a lot of weird useless stuff happened, so enough to talk about! But, until that moment we can still talk about season 5, another season with enough weirdness to talk about.

So, at the ending of season 4, Ben moved the island so Widmore couldn't find the island. As a result of that, the island skipped through time. Yes, you read that right, a time-traveling island!
So the first bothering thing is, why does Widmore wants to find this island? And what if he finds it? Well, he wants to kill Ben (who doesn't?), and... that's it. I don't think it was ever completely explained why he wanted to kill Ben. Anyway, I don't care a whole lot about Ben, I think he's an annoying character and I don't get why nobody killed him yet.

The main thing about season 5 is, like I already said, a time traveling island. Well, how does that work? I have no idea. Ben flipped a switch and suddenly the island moved and it travels through time. If you move the island to let's say 1975, it's impossible that the island moved more than a few centimeters in all those years. So the whole connection of time traveling and moving the island is completely weird to me. So, when the time traveling begins we see all those people going through a lot of years, 1975, 1977, 2004, a long time after 2004 and a long time before 1975. We see a young Benjamin Linus, Rousseau arriving to the island, Rousseau going crazy, a young Widmore etc.
It's all a bit too much and a bit too overdone. At one point you completely forget what Lost was about, some travelers that had an accident and got on this island, it's almost nowhere to be found anymore with all this nonsense going on.

Well, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun and Sayid did return to America at one point, so in their case it is still about rescuing, but even when they're in America they decide they want to return, "because that's their purpose". This is all being shown in flash-forwards at first and after a while it's getting a bit weird and confusing because at one point this flash-forward becomes the present, so they suddenly skip three years in their present story.

Oh, and John Locke also died this season, but actually he didn't, but also he did. Another confusing story that's explained in season 6. This also has something to do with that guy Jacob and well, I have no idea anymore what is what and who is who, it's very confusing to be honest.

What I dislike most about time-traveling themes is the fact that things never fit. So basically, they lived in the present, went back to 1977 and changed things. This changing must give some sort of aftereffect to the present. But it can also be as if the things happened in 1977 already happened back then, then there is the present, and then it's 1977 again. Which means that the things in 1977 actually did happen back then and can't have an aftereffect anymore to the present. To me it's just one blurry cycle, which can't ever be right, I think.

There are also a few new characters in this season, but to be honest, I'm just getting tired of discussing all these useless characters. At one point I thought that Ilana was important to the story, but then she suddenly blows up in season 6 so well, not very useful. She had something to do with this guy Jacob, the protector of the island, but I will discuss that in my next review since there's a lot revolving around him in the next season. Richard also gets a bigger role and surprise, surprise! This guy can't age. How fucking original.

I'm not going to discuss the episodes that I liked or did not liked because it's very simple, they basically all sucked. It was more the fact that I wanted to finished every Lost season that I watched everything, but it was definitely not because of the good story. The only episodes that I liked were The Incident part 1 and 2, that's about it.

Honestly, I don't get why they continued making this show. Even when you want to keep continuing making this show just keep it simple. I really liked the first two seasons, the third one wasn't bad either and the fourth one was decent. But after season 4? Terrible, uncreative and very uninspired.

My personal rate: 5/10

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 3: Isolation

Oops, I'm a bit late this week. In fact, today the new episode already airs in America, which means I'm a week late! Oops!
I still have to wait another day until the new episode airs here, and I probably can't even watch it immediately because of school. Too bad, but I will record it so I won't miss a thing. 


Well, the last episode ended in a very mysterious way. Someone burned two bodies and someone is feeding the zombies. This episode we got answer to one of those mysteries, or well, we know who did it. We still don't know why she did it. If your still reading further, this is your last warning, there are spoilers ahead. Massive ones, so stop reading (if you want)! So, apparently it was Carol who did it. At least, that's what she is saying. Personally, I don't buy it. I think she is covering up for someone, perhaps one of the girls. But then again, two little girls can't drag two bodies around I guess. Speaking of those girls, I don't trust that girl Lizzie, especially when her sister said that she was 'messed up'. I think there will happen a lot involving her. 

In this episode it was shown that the sickness in the prison is very serious, a lot of people already died and many are still sick. Daryl, Tyreese, Bob and Michonne are traveling to search for medicine, and of course they are being attacked by walkers too. I thought it was slightly funny because Daryl is the well-known redneck from The Walking Dead, and seeing him with 3 black people in a car was very amusing. 
Anyway, the sickness in the prison is also affecting our 'heroes' which gives a lot of tension in the show. My dearest Glenn is sick and it seems that Hershel is getting ill too, not good!
I really hope they let Glenn live though, because his character is great and I think he's important for the show. I'm not too sure about Hershel's future since he is already older and weaker with his leg and stuff so it might be possible that he will die in one of these upcoming episodes. Not too sure though, since he's quite a big character in the show. 

Personally I thought this episode was less good as the previous one. It was not bad or something, but I think it was equally as good as the first episode. What I'm still missing is action, more walking or more drama. Sure there is some drama and mystery in the prison with all these sick and new people, but I hope there will be a bit more action in the upcoming episodes. I like that we saw a bit more of Michonne this episode, I think she lost her child before the apocalypse or something, I think it will be an interesting story when we get to hear this.
And OMG I just read a HUGE spoiler for the next episode, and now I don't want to watch it because it breaks my heart a tiny bit. 

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