Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 5: Internment

Ah, finally it's time for another Walking Dead review!
 IMDB (or the users) rated this episode with a 9,0, which is the highest rate this far for season 4. And believe me, it was a good episode. 

Finally a good episode again! I think that's the correct thing to say, because in my opinion the last few episodes were a bit boring. They were slow and a bit melodramatic if you ask me. Nothing really interesting happens besides the illness, which caused a lot of random things to happen in the past few episodes. 

This episode is evolving a lot around Hershel, and I think that was quite an interesting choice. Hershel is probably also infected with this illness, we don't know yet for sure but I think we can assume he is. Anyway, he is with the other in quarantine to help them. We learned a bit about Hershel in the second season, and in the third one his leg got chopped off, but we never really got a fully Hershel involving episode, which is kinda sad because he seems a very interesting character. This episode was good because we saw a bit more of him and what we mainly saw was his caring side. He risked his own life going into quarantine, just to care for the others and that's a very noble thing to do. And if he wasn't there this whole time, I think that the things happened in this episode would have been much more dramatic, on a not-good-way because this already happened in the second episode. 

Meanwhile, Rick is trying to keep the gates up because there are so many walkers that the gates around the prison are giving up. This fails but luckily Carl and Rick shot everyone of them before this got out of hand. This seemed to be more of a side-story, and I was glad it was only a side-story because we know everything about Rick already, now things are less 'Rick-involved', things are getting more interesting again. 

It surprised me that Lizzie helped to get the zombie away from Glenn, because I was scared as hell that the zombie would bite Glenn. Lizzie seemed an useless character to me, a very weak girl, but she got my respect for this action. Very smart move. 

Also, I don't really get why the cells with the sick people inside aren't locked. It's not that strange that someone else will die because of this illness at some point, so it's very dangerous if they can walk around freely after they die. I mean, you can't keep an eye on everyone so just lock the doors man! We almost had a second big incident because of this stupid action!

Also, I really hope that Glenn and Sasha will survive this illness, they are way too important to die! 

In the very end we see a familiar face again, it's the Governor spying on the prison! I'm sorry but I think it's just brutal to let us wait ANOTHER week to see the next episode because personally I can't wait anymore. Seeing the Governor was very exciting to me, because it means that we can expect a lot action in the future!

Brilliant episode in my opinion, and I'm even willing to say that this is my favorite one this far (for this season). It was filled with action, a good story and an excellent ending. I had my knuckles clenched this entire time because it was extremely tensive. Hoping that no one of your favorite characters would die is a hell to go through and I'm afraid we will need to go through this again next week. I think it was an amazing episode and I can't will until the next one!

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