Thursday, 21 November 2013

Book review: SPOOK Secrets

Spook Secrets
How much do you really know about classic Sci-fi/Horror?

Spook Secrets is not just an ordinary book, it's a quiz book! It's filled with huge amounts of Horror Trivia and believe me, I learned quite a few things reading this. While reading this I was testing myself, since it's written like a quiz. Every page contains 4 images with a question written above. There can be one answer, but also two, three or four! So it's incredibly hard. I think the book contains about 300 questions, and when I tested myself I only got 56 of them right.
The questions are really hard, but you also learn quite a bit of them.

Like I already said, it's not just a book because it's a quiz book. There are a few chapters in them, as stated in the index, but while taking the quiz we never see a thing of these chapters. I think it would be a bit more comfortable to read if there were some chapter-heads (or how do you call it?) in it. Maybe chapters made on base for each type of genre, like Science-fiction, horror, thriller, actors etc.
Like I said, there are chapters in them but if you click on them (it was a PDF) they seem to redirect you to a random question. There's no specific order in it which makes it a bit difficult to keep focused.

While it's a bit hard to keep focused, you do want to keep reading. Especially when you got a question right, you want to keep continuing testing your movie knowledge. It's a fun book for a die-hard Sci-fi or horror fan because you learn a lot about random stuff. What's also nice is that the book differs from the usual book.  

Do you think you know a lot about horror or sci-fi? Think again!
No but in all seriousness, it's a lot harder than what you would expect. 
Personally I quite enjoyed looking through it, I was pretty confident about my knowledge but this book kinda gave it a breakdown. Nevertheless, it was fun to get to know all this new trivia!

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