Saturday, 31 August 2013

Review: Forget Me Not (2009)

Forget Me Not
IMDB rate: 5,0
Genre: Revenge, Supernatural

Once in a few weeks time I buy a random movie that can either suck or be great. Unfortunately, I'm mostly buying shitty movies such as Forget Me Not. Today was the first time I saw this movie and it's quite a waste of time to be honest. It was not the most terrible movie I've ever seen but it was kinda bad. 
I always enjoy watching one of these movies that I randomly bought because I'll have no idea what to expect, but most of the time I'm only disappointed afterwards. Of course there are also surprising movies between randomly bought movies, such as I Spit On Your Grave, a movie that I loved. 
I wish that I could put Forget Me Not on my Randomly-bought-good-movies list, but unfortunately that's not the case.

It's graduation weekend, and Sandy Channing, the popular class president of her small-town high school, should be enjoying the time of her life. But when her friends start disappearing, Sandy discovers they have unwittingly awakened the vengeful spirit of a girl they wronged long ago. Fighting for her sanity, Sandy must unlock a dark secret from her own past before it's too late.

The first thing that needs to be discussed is the acting: it's terrible. Carly Schroeder plays the main character Sandy in this movie and she's the one I'm most disappointed about. I loved her so much in the movie Mean Creek, and now she's just rubbish. The other actors too; just horrible. 

They are supposed to seem like a fun group of friends who have the best time ever, but all I can see is a huge group of very shallow and unfriendly people. They cheat, lie and call each other names the entire movie. The one is even a bigger slut than the other. Just horrible people, and for such a group of friends I can't even feel sorry for them when they are being slaughtered. 

The story is very weird, when you finally think you understand it, things are suddenly different and everything is because of some girl in a coma. Why is the girl in the coma doing this after such a long time? How is she even able to do that? The reasons given for this are so thinly explained.

I must say, the creatures might look weird but I can imagine that some people might be scared by them. I don't know what's up with their mouths and with all the duck-tape around their body but they look a bit scary that way, so apparently, weird mouths and duck-tape do the trick.

At first I thought this would be a reasonable movie, but the people in it are so terrible. Their characters and their acting. The story is not even terrible, but it's just so badly explained. I think the concept of this movie was okay, but I guess something went wrong when they started to make this movie. 
Forget Me Not is just a rubbish movie.

My personal rate: 4/10

Friday, 30 August 2013

Review: Joy Ride (2001)

Joy Ride
IMDB rate: 6,5
Genre: Survival, Revenge

Today I finally watched the movie Joy Ride. I've bought this movie quite some time ago, but I never got around watching it, so I guess it was time for me to watch it! I also own the sequel Joy Ride 2, and I have the feeling that I've seen that one before, but I'm not really sure yet. Will find out eventually, but I have the feeling that's not a very good movie. Anyway, for now I'll just write a review about the first part!

College student Lewis decides to drive across the country to see Venna, a friend who doesn't know that Lewis is interested in her romantically. Unfortunately for his plans, Lewis gets saddled with his raucous-spirited older brother, Fuller, whose on-the-road pranks get the brothers and Venna sucked into a nightmare when a psychotic truck-driver takes offense.

I actually quite liked this movie. It was very tensive, but not very scary. I kept wondering if they escaped the guy or not, or what the next step of him would be. It was really fun to watch.

The acting is very good. The main characters are being played by Leelee Sobieski, Paul Walker and Steve Zahn. It's kinda funny to see Steve Zahn in a horror movie since he mostly plays funny roles, but even in this movie he's the crazy one. I don't really think he fitted the role, but it was acceptable. Paul Walker is an excellent actor and I seriously don't get why he keeps continuing those rubbish Fast & Furious movies because he can do so much better than that. Steve Zahn and Paul Walker unfortunately were not very convincing as brothers. They don't resemble each other for one bit.
I've only seen Leelee Sobieski in the remake of The Wicker Man and we all know how that movie turned out.. that remake is too rubbish to discuss but I must admit that her acting was decent in this movie.

The movie is fun to watch, but there are quite some bothering moments in this movie. For example, why do they not turn the CB off? Why don't they call the police? Why not stay in more populated places? The main characters make quite some dumb decisions for college students. But I'll ignore these things because they were not very bothering in the movie.

The movie is quite simple, you never see the villain, which makes everyone a suspect. You only hear a voice, which is quite an unsettling one (Fun fact: the voice is done by Ted Levine, the dude who played Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, quite a scary thought huh?).
You also see very little of the happenings in the movie, you only hear the sounds.

Joy Ride was quite a surprising movie to me. It was written very well, it was quite tensive and there are hardly any cliches. I expected a bunch of teenagers that were challenging some guy but it was not like that at all. These are smart teenagers who pulled a prank on the wrong person. It can happen to anyone. I really enjoyed watching this one. I see it as the good version of 7eventy 5ive, but on the road this time.

My personal rate: 7,5/10

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Review: Masters of Horror: Dreams in the Witch House (2005)

Dreams in the Witch House
Masters of Horror
IMDB rate: 6,5
Genre: Supernatural

The second episode of Masters of Horror. It's quite confusing that the DVD's are in a different order than the episodes are. Dreams in the Witch House is directed by Stuart Gordon, I'm unfortunately not familiar with his previous work (yet) but I eventually want to watch a few of his previous movies.

Walter Gilman, a college student, rents out s very cheap room in an old house, but it proves to be no bargain. One of his neighbors prays loudly and bangs on the furniture. Another neighbor, a single mother, issues a blood-curdling scream soon after his arrival. It turns out that she and her baby are being attacked by a persistent rat. Walter plugs up the rat-hole, but they still aren't safe. Walter is having nightmares - dreams that seem to have been inspired by the first neighbor, who warns him of a witch and her familiar: a rat with a human face. Walter soon suspects that the witch of his nightmare is real and that she is going to force him to kill the baby.

I can sure say that these Masters of Horror movies are strange. A rat with a human face, how do you even think of that? I'm not really sure what the whole purpose was of that but okay, let's just accept that this is a thing. When there's a close up of this rat it looks okay, but at some point it bites the baby and the face is just floating near the rat. It's quite terrible to see.

The acting is quite decent I must say. Ezra Godden plays the main character and he plays his part fine. The only thing that was a bit strange was his 'I'm scared shitless' expression, because it looks like his eyes will pop out of his head.

The story is quite good, it's very interesting because it felt like an adult witch story. Kinda spooky and cool. I thought the movie was over too quickly because it was so interesting, a longer version of this movie might have been even more interesting.

I read online that this movie is an adaption of H.P. Lovecraft's The Dreams in the Witch House, I'm absolutely not familiar with any of his work, but I must say that I quite enjoyed this adaption. His other books seem quite interesting too so I guess I'm going to search for a few books of him!

Dreams in the Witch House is one of the more interesting movies of Masters of Horror. The movie is quite strange but also good and fascinating. The acting is good and so are the special effects. For those who enjoy a weird but good horror movie; go watch Dreams in the Witch House!

My personal rate: 7/10

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Review: Masters of Horror: Deer Woman (2005)

Deer Woman
Masters of Horror
IMDB rate: 6,5
Genre: Supernatural

Another Masters of Horror movie! This time it's episode 8: Deer Woman, made by John Landis. It's the third movie that I've watched from my Masters of Horror box and I'm still not very impressed by these movies. Incident on and Off a Mountain Road was the best one I guess, at least from what I've seen so far. Cigarette Burns was quite weird and Deer Woman is not a very bad movie but also not a very good movie. It's actually quite a funny movie but absolutely not scary.

Again, sorry for the shitty pictures.

When the body of a truck driver is found trampled in his truck, the burnt-out detective Dwight Faraday is assigned for the bizarre case. He arrives tot he crime scene in a parking area with Officer Jacob Reed and their investigation discloses that the victim had left a tavern with a gorgeous woman and apparently had been trampled by a heavy animal in the truck cabin. Later, two other bodies of men arrive in the morgue in the same conditions, and the coroner Dana notes that all of them had erection in the moment of death, and Dwight notes hooves in the body. Dana investigates further and finds deer footprints and hair in the corpses. When Dwight and Reed talk to an Indian descendent in a casino, they unravel a Pohancan legend about a deer woman, half woman but having deer hooves and trampling men after seducing them. Without any other lead, they begin to believe that every legend is based on facts.

Deer Woman is definitely a weird movie, but also a bit funny. At one point the detective is thinking about possible scenarios' and these are all being showed of course. They are really funny but look terrible. For example, the picture above is showing one of these scenarios', I think you'll get why I find this funny. 

The acting is not very good. Especially the main actor is a bit emotionless, which makes it very hard to believe him. Of course, a Deer Woman itself is not very believable but some good acting might make me doubt. 
Also, the dialogues are terrible. Filled with awkwardness and it sounds very weird

The movie is not bad, it's quite funny. It's not very scary although there was one little jump-scare. I'm not sure if it's a recommendable movie, it's nothing special to be honest. Just a funny weird movie.

My personal rate: 5,5/10

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Chosen as Horror blog of the Month!

Woo! Chosen as horror blog of the month by the amazing reviewer Maynard Morrissey. 
Such a honor!

For those who are interested for the interview: click here!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Review: Dark Water (2005)

Dark Water
IMDB rate: 5,5
Genre: Supernatural

It had been a long time since I saw this movie last so I thought it would be time to watch it again! I'm never really sure what to think of this movie. I like the ending and the story is okay, but it's not scary at all. There are no jump-scares and the ghost girl is not very creepy. I've never seen the original movie entirely so I can't compare between those two, but I suspect that an asian ghost girl would be a bit scarier than this girl. I'm not a big fan of Asian horror so that's why I never finished watching it, but I can imagine why people think the original is better than this one.

Dahlia Williams and her daughter Cecelia move into a rundown apartment on New York's Roosevelt Island. She is currently in the midst of divorce proceedings and the apartment, though near an excellent school for her daughter, is all she can afford. From the time she arrives, the are mysterious occurrences and there is a constant drip from the ceiling in the only bedroom. There are also noises coming from the apartment directly above hers, though it would appear to be vacant. Is the apartment haunted or is there a simpler explanation?

The acting in the movie is very good. Jennifer Connelly is an excellent actress and she never fails to amaze me. Even though I'm not a big fan of this movie, her acting abilities are still amazing. Other main roles are played by John C. Reilly and Tim Roth. Tim Roth is a very good choice for this character I think. A serious man who is a bit lonely. However, I don't really like John C. Reilly in this movie. He mostly plays in funny movies and I think he should stick with that. It's like seeing Jim Carrey in The Number 23 all over again (which is by the way an excellent movie, if Jim Carrey would not have played the main character). John C. Reilly just has that thing over him that makes him funny, and that does not really fit in this film. I was also a bit annoyed by his character in the beginning, he had a very loud voice and was quite annoying. And of course there's the little girl Cecelia, who is played by Ariel Gade. She's really adorable and it's very hard not to love her in this movie.

The happenings in this movie are a bit unreal. Or a better word: unnatural. Sure, the ghost girl and such is quite unnatural, but I actually mean the reactions of the people living in this building. Apparently it's not very strange that an entire apartment is filled with water. Or it's not very necessary that the leak in your apartment is needed to be fixed. Sure, the woman asked about it, but when there is the possibility that the ceiling might fall down, you do react a bit different. 

I don't find the movie Dark Water very special. It's a decent movie to watch but it is not very tensive. It's also not really a horror movie, even though it's promoted as if it is. Dark Water is more a Drama movie, and for a Drama it's quite a good one I guess. Unfortunately, it was (and still is) promoted as a horror movie, which causes it's low rate. Not very surprising, because if you watch this movie expecting it will be a horror, you will be very disappointed. 

Dark Water is a decent movie to watch, but it's not very tensive or surprising. What did surprise me though was the ending, very dramatic, but also very good. Dark Water is not a horror movie so don't get confused by that.

My personal rate: 6/10

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Review: Scream 4 (2011)

Scream 4
IMDB rate: 6,2
Genre: Slasher

Yesterday I finally watched Scream 4. A bit late since I finished my Scream-marathon a long time ago but it was impossible for me to find Scream 4 on DVD. But now I've finally seen it!
I did not find the movie very special, but it wasn't bad either. It's a lot like the first Scream movie but absolutely not as good. The story-lines are a bit confusing sometimes, it almost seems like they tried to approach a few story-lines but couldn't decide which one, so they choose them all, but never finished them.

Sidney Prescott, now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey and Gale, who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill and her Aunt Kate. Unfortunately, Sidney's appearance also brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger.

What I liked most about this movie was seeing the incredible cast. Neve Campbell of course returned as Sidney Prescott which makes the movie fun to watch. David Arquette also plays his role as Sheriff Dewey again, but I can't really feel for his character since he's a terrible Sheriff. I think he got knocked out in every Scream movie when he was needed the most. Not very believable for a Sheriff and for the movie it's getting quite predictable. Courtney Cox plays her role as Gale Weathers-Riley again and while she's not as bitchy anymore, her role was a bit useless in this movie. Also, she looks terrible compared to the first Scream movie. Too much botox/plastic surgery/ does not look good on you Courtney! Gale and Dewey are supposed to be married but they hardly talk in the movie, and the brother/sister relationship between Sidney and Dewey is kinda lame. The connection seems to be gone and Sidney doesn't seem to care about anything at all.

Besides these well known main characters there are a bunch of new characters introduced. All played by excellent actors. For example: Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Alison Brie, Marley Shelton, Erik Knudsen, Rory Culkin and Adam Brody. And this is not even everybody yet.

These characters all resemble the main cast from the very first Scream movie, Kirby is the new Tatum, Trevor is the new Billy, Robbie and Charlie are the new Randy and there are many more similarities in the cast.

What I missed most in this movie was Jamie Kennedy's character Randy. His role is being filled up by two new movie geeks played by Rory Culkin and Erik Knudsen. It's fun seeing new faces but I feel like Jamie Kennedy belongs in Scream. Of course it's logical that he doesn't return since it would be very hard to explain his return.

What I also liked in this movie was the fact that they made up for the mistake in the first Scream movie, which was the scene where Rose McGowan's character got elevated while she was stuck in the cat-flap in the garage door. Fans complained back then that it was impossible for a garage door to lift a person, because it was way too heavy. So in this sequel (or reboot as they call it) they fixed it by letting the victim open the garage door first so she could crawl under the garage-door, when Ghostface closed the door when she was just beneath it, the door touched her back but stopped moving because a garage door usually haves sensors for when something is still beneath the door.
Very clever move to fix this.

Scream 4 felt to me as if it was making fun of it's previous parts instead of other movies. Scream is usually known for making fun of the horror genre, but it was not really noticeable in this part. There were plenty things that could have been made fun of, for example the found-footage genre, but it was not really there.
The movie also felt a lot like Wes Craven's New Nightmare (A Nightmare on Elm Street 7), having a movie in a movie. There are quite some similarities.

Scream 4 is practically the same as the first Scream movie, but only updated to a new version. Unfortunately, this version does not reach the awesomeness of the first movie. It's a fun movie to watch, but definitely not as good as the first two movies. I personally liked Scream 3 (of course not as much as the previous two) and I think I feel the same about Scream 4, nothing special, but fun to watch.

My personal rate: 6,5/10

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: Eden Lake (2008)

Eden Lake
IMDB rate: 6,8
Genre: Survival

Finally a new review! It took a few days, but I'm back. Eden Lake was a decent movie, but in my opinion not very special. The acting is good, even excellent. The special effects looks realistic. The storyline is not terrible but it's just not very catchy. It was a bit predictable and not very imaginative. Nevertheless, it's a good/decent movie.

Nursery teacher Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and her boyfriend Steve (Michael Fassbender), escape for a romantic weekend away. Steve, planning to propose, has found an idyllic setting: a remote lake enclosed by woodlands and seemingly deserted. The couple's peace is shattered when a gang of obnoxious kids encircles their campsite. Reveling in provoking the adults, the gang steals the couple's belongings and vandalizes their car leaving them completely stranded. When Steve confronts them, tempers flare and he suffers a shocking and violent attack. Fleeing for help, Jenny is subject to a brutal and relentless game of cat-and-mouse as she desperately tries to evade her young pursuers and find her way out of the woods.

Like I already said, the acting is amazing. Michael Fassbender is an excellent actor and in Eden Lake he proves himself once more. It's a bit strange seeing him in a horror movie but he actually fitted in perfectly. His character is a bit strange tough, his motives are a bit unbelievable. For instance, going in a strangers house because their kids were rude? It was the same case with Kelly Reilly's character, doing strange unusual stuff. You see that your husband is getting tortured, just keep watching instead of seeking help...  It's also a bit unreal that a couple's going back to the same place where they were molested the day before. If a place doesn't feel right, people don't go back unless they are forced. 

Another excellent actor was Jack O'Connell, who plays Brett, the leader of the gang. I don't want to run into him after seeing this movie, that's for sure. His acting was flawless. The other kids are great too, but unfortunately they did not have bigger parts.

The movie is brutal at some points, but not that much that it impressed me. What you saw was not too shocking, unfortunately. 
I already said it before but some points were quite unreal. There are too many coincidences. Because of the obvious coincidences, the ending was quite boring and predictable. 

It's a shame that the script is so terrible, because the acting and stuff is incredible. The dialogues and happenings are just too unreal which makes it hard to watch. It's a very brutal movie but it just doesn't feel that way because of the terrible script. You hardly felt sorry for the couple because they are just fools for letting a bunch of teenagers molest them.

It's funny because this movie gets very different reviews. Some people loved it and rated it a 8 or 9, while others hated it so much they rated it a 1. I read more reviews with a 1 so I'm quite surprised that the IMDB rate is still that high.
I did not like watching this movie, mainly because it's predictable. It might be worth a watch because of the excellent acting but that's about it. Don't watch it for the storyline, because it's a waste of your time.

My personal rate: 5,5/10

Monday, 19 August 2013

Book review: Demelza Carlton - Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer

Demelza Carlton
Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer

"Nathan Miller."
"What happened?"
"I was shot."
"Her name?"
"Caitlin Lockyer."
"What happened to her?"
"Looks like someone tried to kill her."

Nathan found a girl lying on a beach covered in blood. Saving her life was just the start. Now he's the prime suspect and he has to find out who's really responsible. Both of their lives depend on it.

Who hurt her? 
Why was he shot?
What did he promise?
Why doesn't his story add up?
Who was the dead man on the beach?
What will she remember when she wakes up?

My very first book review!
A bit different from my usual reviews, but a bit of a change isn't a bad thing. 

The lovely Demelza Carlton mailed me if I was interested in reading her book, and of course I was! I'm not familiar with Demelza Carlton's previous work so I can't compare between those books but I did like this book a lot.

I did not really know what to expect from this book, the information given about it is very little which makes it a bit of a mystery. I was curious about it and when I finally started reading it was impossible for me to put the book away.

Sometimes there were parts that were a bit unbelievable, but it's called fiction so I can't say anything about it. It's not something that's very bothering. The hospital part took a bit too long in my opinion, the first half of the book is all about Caitlin and Nathan in the hospital, Caitlin is still asleep at this point. It became a bit boring after a while. I was very happy when Caitlin woke up because from that point things got interesting! In fact, it became so interesting that I finished reading the book that same day. 

The book contains a perfect amount of twists, mystery and even some romance. I really liked reading it because it was very interesting. I actually can't wait for the next part. When Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer comes out in paperback I will definitely buy it.

I absolutely recommend reading this book because it's very surprising. It will keep you guessing the entire time you're reading it, it's really good.

DVD addings

Sorry for my lack of updates this week. I went on a short holiday to a Dutch city called Maastricht, and making posts on an iPad is kinda annoying, so no updates! I did buy a few DVD's on my holiday so I was not completely useless these days. I do think this will be my last DVD update post for a while since I really need to start saving money for my house and buying DVD's does not really work together with that. Also I ran out of room and since I can't spend money on another DVD case, it's time to stop buying DVD's. I will buy them again if I'm settled and have spare money but that might take awhile. 
Anyway, here they are! I bought 12 DVD's for 12 euros, not bad huh ;).

From left to right: Killjoy 1, The 4400 Season 1, The Ghost Whisperer Season 1, Childs Play 3.
Psycho (1998), Hellraiser II: Hellbound, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, Halloween: Resurrection
Role Models, Jason X, Dark Water, My Bloody Valentine 3D.

I'm currently watching Eden Lake, so there will be a new review up one of these days. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review: Masters of Horror: Incident on and Off a Mountain Road (2005)

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road
Masters of Horror
IMDB rate: 6,6
Genre: Survival

The second movie of Masters of Horror! Originally this is the first episode but like I already mentioned,  my DVD's are in a different order so I'll just watch it that way.
I liked this movie more than Cigarette Burns, it had a bit more action and was more interesting.

Again, sorry for the bad quality pictures!

While driving in the night in a lonely road through the mountains, Ellen distracts with her radio and hits a car parked on the road. She faints and she looks for help since her car does not start again. She meets in the woods Moonface, a deranged monster-like man that collects human bodies pulling a woman. She is abducted by Moonface, but she recalls the survival lessons of her husband Bruce facing and fighting back the killer.

It's quite a typical movie. A very predictable storyline, only with a different 'creature'. The woman in this case is a bit more badass than the regular woman so that's the thing that made this movie interesting.  If this wasn't the case it would be just another horror movie with no special twist, but with a woman that fights back it's a bit more special. We've seen this often of course, a woman who's fighting back, but it's always a nice touch. The woman in this movie is a bit the same like the woman in Storm Warning, who is also very badass. 

The acting is not very special. Bree Turner plays the main character and she's not a bad actress. Not very special either but there was nothing wrong with her. The creature is not shown very clearly, but from what you can see it's a tall dude that's almost as ugly as a creature from Wrong Turn. 

What I liked about this movie was the music. It was very good music and it fitted the scenes perfectly. I'm personally not familiar with Don Coscarelli's previous work but I think I might give it a shot. The movie is very noisy, there's constantly thunder which makes it a bit annoying sometimes. It's also very dark which makes it sometimes hard to see what the girl is doing. Another thing that could have been better is the title of the movie. It's not very catchy, and it took me a few times to finally remember it. If I based my opinion on the title of this movie, I would probably never buy it. 

Incident on and Off a Mountain Road is not a very special movie. It's not bad but not very good either. It doesn't really have something special that makes me like it incredibly much. The story is quite predictable besides the fact that the girl fights back this time. 

My personal rate: 6/10

Review: Summer of Fear (1978)

Summer of Fear
IMDB rate: 5,2
Genre: Supernatural

I'm sorry for my lack of updates but I'm back again with a Summer of Fear review. This movie is of course from the talented Wes Craven and it's already 35 years old! Summer of Fear is a bit of an older movie but it hardly felt that way.

A country family of five takes in cousin Julia, whose parents recently perished in a car crash. Julia extends her influence over the family and those around them, fooling all except for Rachel, the teenaged girl who knows her cousin is up to no good.

I quite enjoyed watching Summer of Fear. The main reason was because I felt like I was watching the movie version of a R.L. Stine book. The special effects might not have been too good but I really enjoyed watching it.

The main character is played by Linda Blair, who is of course well known for her role in The Exorcist. She's not a bad actress but her performance was certainly not as good as in The Exorcist. Her cousin Julia is played by Lee Purcell, someone I'm not familiar with, but she reminded me so much of Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Her facial features are exactly the same, only with a lot of hair. A fun face to see was Fran Drescher a.k.a. "The Nanny", who played her very first role in this movie.

The film is not really scary, and differers a lot from Wes Craven's usual work, but I did enjoy watching the movie. The finale made it an interesting movie even though the effects look a bit lame.

Summer of Fear is certainly an enjoyable movie. Remember that it was a TV movie and not just a regular movie. For a TV movie it's certainly good even though the special effects look terrible to what we are used to nowadays. The acting is decent, nothing special.

My personal rate: 7/10

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Review: Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

Lesbian Vampire Killers
IMDB rate: 5,2
Genre: Vampire, Comedic

I love this movie. I've seen it so many times already and I'm still not bored of it. The movie reminds me a bit of Shaun of the Dead, but slightly less funny. I really like this movie, even though it's weird as hell.

Centuries ago, Baron Wolfgang MacLaren vanquished the Vampire Queen Carmilla in the remote Cragwich; however, before decapitating the evil vampire, she curses the locals and descendants of the baron, swearing that every woman would turn into a lesbian vampire on the eighteenth birthday. On the present days, the clumsy and naive cuckold Jimmy is dumped again by his girlfriend Judy and misses her. His best friend Fletch is fired in his job of clown after hitting an annoying kid. The two friends are broken and decide to camp in the countryside to forget their problems, and Jimmy throws a dart in a map in a pub to decide where they should go. They head to Cragwich and when they arrive in the bar Baron's Rest, they see four hot girls leaving the place. The innkeeper offers the old Mircalla cottage in the woods for them, the same place the girls will lodge.
Meanwhile, Lotte, Heidi, Anke and Trudi have trouble with their van and Jimmy and Fletch reach them in the forest and they offer a ride to the guys to the cottage. They introduce themselves as students of folklore and they are researching the Vampire Queen Carmilla. When Fletch believes that he will have a night of beer and sex with three sexy girls and Jimmy and Lotte have a crush on each other, the cottage is surrounded by a group of lesbian vampires that intend to use Jimmy's and Lotte's blood to bring Carmilla back to life. They are abducted by the vampires, but Fletch escapes and meets Reverend Vicar that tells him that Jimmy is a descendant of the baron and only hope to stop the evil curse of Cragwich.

I think this movie is absolutely brilliant. The title of the movie is not very imaginative and in many cases that's a very bad thing for a movie. With Lesbian Vampire Killers it's different, it's actually a very funny movie even though the title is very dumb and commercial.

The movie starts of excellent, with great camera work and brilliant dialogues. A typical British movie, which is definitely not a bad thing. When the action begins it's absolutely not surprising since the movie's title is the biggest spoiler of all time. You get the vampires and they are indeed lesbian, they will also be killed eventually. No big surprises on that part but when they are being killed, things might start being a bit surprising... It's being set up as if it's a comic book, not in the Scott Pilgrim style, but in a mild style. It looks very good and gives a very nice touch to the movie.

There was also excellent acting in this movie. Mathew Horne and James Corden are making a great team together which reminds me a lot of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The humor is also quite the same as in Shaun of the Dead, but like I said, perhaps a tiny bit less funny.
I loved watching this movie, and I will probably still love it the next 10 times I watch it.

To be honest, I do not understand why this movie has such a low rating. It's absolutely brilliant and hilarious. You get exactly what you expected, but in this movie it's absolutely not a bad case. I think it's a brilliant movie, especially for a night together with your friends.

My personal rate: 8/10

Review: Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns (2005)

Cigarette Burns
Masters of Horror
IMDB rate: 7,6
Genre: Supernatural

My very first Masters of Horror movie! I am aware that this officially is the eight episode instead of the first but for some reason the Masters of Horror DVD's are in a weird order. This is the first DVD though so I guess I'll just watch it in the order of the DVD's. The story's are not connecting so I does not really mind I guess.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures by the way, Google Images does not really provided good images from this movie and to be honest, I'm too lazy to screenshot a few myself.

With a torrid past that haunts him, a movie-theater director is hired to hunt for the only known print of a film so notorious that it's single screening causes the viewers to become homicidally insane.

Well, what's to say about this movie... I did not enjoy it very much. I thought it was a bit boring and slow. The last ten minutes were interesting and very cool but the other 40-50 minutes were not so much. This movie would have been much better if it was longer. That way it could have been more detailed about certain things. Getting to know the main character better for example. Or even better: knowing more about this rare movie. The movie is an one hour short movie but like I said, it might have been better as a full-length movie.

Cigarette Burns is not very scary, in fact, it's only a bit scary at the very ending were it suddenly gets very wild. You might find the angel-creature scary though, but he's only in it for a few minutes.
A thing that I liked about the movie was the music. It reminded me a bit of the Halloween theme, but with an extra touch. It fitted the movie quite well.

What I liked about this movie was seeing Norman Reedus in it. He is of course the hero Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. I love Norman Reedus in his Daryl character, but in this movie I was a bit disappointed by him. His acting is not really bad, but I expected so much more from him! Even though it was not Norman's best performance, I will never dislike seeing him in a movie.

I personally did not like this movie very much. It was slow and not very interesting. The last ten minutes were brutal and kinda awesome but that's about it. 

My personal rate: 5/10

Friday, 9 August 2013

Review: Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Jeepers Creepers
IMDB rate: 5,9
Genre: Monster

I've seen Jeepers Creepers 2 a million times already and I thought that I've seen the first one at least once, but apparently, I never saw it before. I have this DVD so long already and I never bothered to watch it because I was convinced I saw it already. Today I really felt like watching Jeepers Creepers one and two and I came to the conclusion that it was a brand new movie for me. It was fun to watch though, the movie is definitely different from the sequel. But it was definitely a fun movie.

On their way back home during the spring break, Darry and Patricia Jenner witness a mysterious person dumping something down a tunnel. Deciding to discover what was dumped down there, Darry discovers a huge disturbing hideout full of modified bodies. Darry and Patricia set off to get help, unaware that the individual is now aware of who has been down the tunnel. Darry and Patricia soon realizes that their pursuer is not just a mysterious person, but something even more horrifying, who has more in store than they could possibly imagine.

I like knowing a bit more about Jeepers Creepers, when you see the sequel you know small parts but what I did not know was that he only picked certain people. I'm very excited to watch the sequel another time this week because in my memory he was just killing everybody he saw, instead of specific people. Well, we'll see when I watch it later this week. There are also rumors about a third part of Jeepers Creepers. This might be interesting, but can also be too much. The first and second part don't really have high ratings, and while the rating does not say everything, it does say a little bit. I don't find Jeepers Creepers a very good movie but I do find it an enjoyable movie. No matter how many times I watched it, I like it.

The acting is a bit mixed. I always love Justin Long in movies, even though I like him more in comedies. I know he plays in many horror movies but he just has such a funny face. He is the perfect loser for a comedy. Maybe also a perfect loser for a horror, haha. Anyway, my point is I like Justin Long. However, the girl who played his sister, Gina Phillips, was terrible. Her acting is not very good and she has a very annoying part in the movie. Her yelling in the pipe was so terribly annoying. Or her yelling when the 'psychic' was talking. It's kinda rude to interrupt people who are talking you know?

A dumb moment was when Jeepers Creepers took the boy away, every police man is pointing a gun on him, and then the stupid sister jumps in front of them. Do you really want a bullet in your head? Not that you need to worry about that because the police man are too stupid to shoot the guy. A bit dumb.

I always like watching Jeepers Creepers. It's a fun movie to watch, not very scary but the creature is creepy. I can't wait to see the sequel this week. I do recommend watching Jeepers Creepers.

My personal rate: 6,5/10

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review: Gremlins (1984)

IMDB rate: 7,2
Genre: Comedic, Monster

It has already been 29 years ago since the Gremlins was made, but it does not really feel that way. The movements of the gremlins are not too smooth but it is not really bothering. Watching this movie did not feel like I was watching an old movie. Even though I've seen this movie a hundred times already, it still does not bore me. I thinks it's a very funny movie with the creepy twist of the gremlins.

Miniature green monsters tear through the small town of Kingston Falls. Hijinks ensue as a mild-mannered bank teller releases these hideous loonies after gaining a new pet and violating two of three simple rules: No water, no food after midnight, and no bright light. Hilarious mayhem and destruction in a town straight out of Norman Rockwell. So, when your washing machine blows up or your TV goes on the fritz, before you call the repair man, turn on all the light and look under all the beds. 'Cause you never can tell, there just might be a gremlin in your house.

I really enjoyed watching the Gremlins again. It's a brilliant movie and very funny. I mostly like seeing Gizmo because he's the most adorable creature ever. When he played with the trumpet, I was melting. He's so cute! 

His 'brothers' though, not so cute. They do have humor though, especially the moment when they're singing in front of the old lady's door. 
The movements of the gremlins and Gizmo don't look very good, but it's not very bothering. 

There were some moments that were not entirely right. For instance, the entire movie sets in snow. But, gremlins multiply when water touches them. Snow = water... Hmm, not entirely right. Also, in the final scene Stripe is climbing the fountain while there is falling water all over him, he tries to reach the top so  he can drink water. The water already touches him all the time...

The acting is very good, Zach Galligan reminds me a bit of James Franco. It's also very nice to see a young Corey Feldman in this movie. I never noticed this before, but he's kinda cute.

Gremlins is more a comedic movie than a horror, but it's certainly worth watching. I never get bored watching this movie. It's really funny and an amazing classic!

My personal rate: 8,5/10

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Review: Hit and Run (2009)

Hit and Run
IMDB rate: 4,6
Genre: Revenge

Hit and Run is one of those movies that I bought without knowing what it's about. Well, I've seen many  surprising movies that way but also a lot of shit movies. Unfortunately, this was one of the shit movies. It was really really bad.

Mary Murdock, a college student, thinks she's hit and killed a cat with her car driving home drunk from a party. She is horrified beyond words when she gets home and discovers a man's nearly dead body impaled on the bumper of her Jeep. Terrified and irrational, Mary is faced with a series of decisions that determine her fate.

The acting in this movie is terrible. Mary Murdock is played by Laura Breckenridge and she is so horrible. Absolutely not convincing and her actions are so unbelievable. One thing is sure, Mary Murdock is the queen of vomiting, no wonder she's so skinny... When she convinced that she killed someone she did not even looked scared. She was all natural about it. When she figured out that she hit someone why not call the police instead of killing the guy entirely. She said she wanted to help him and  instead she killed him! Only because he touched her leg. Weird action. The guy himself is a weird one too. I think he might be immortal. That guy is total loss, killed a few times, got buried, broke many bones (as he said himself) and a day later he is suddenly able to go hunt the girl. Also, he suddenly kills his wife. For no reason. I must say that the way he did it was kinda epic and cool.

The camerawork is so irritating. Everything moves way too much. Really annoying. The make-up too, it looked very fake (for example, the picture below)
The movie is much like I Know What You Did Last Summer, but the bad version. Immortal guys and bad acting just doesn't do it. 

The movie started of reasonable but turned out as crap.

I absolutely did not like this movie. A real shitty movie with bad acting, bad camerawork and a very useless story. I do not recommend watching it.

My personal rate: 2/10

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011)

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
IMDB rate: 5,6
Genre: Monster

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark was one of those many movies that I bought without knowing what it's about. Guillermo del Toro is the writer and producer of this movie so I kind of expected a lot from this one. Unfortunately, it was absolutely not what I expected.

A young girl is sent to live with her estranged father and his girlfriend at their new home. The father, Alex has plans to spruce up the home with the help of his interior decorator girlfriend, Kim. The previous owner of the home was a famous painter who mysteriously disappeared. Alex's daughter, Sally, soon discovers the cause of the painter's disappearance.

First of all the acting, Bailee Madison plays the main character Sally, and she's such a horrible actress. She looks 6 but talks like a grown-up. She seems like a huge spoiled brat to me. Katie Holmes is definitely not someone who I enjoy as an actress but she was reasonable. Guy Pearce is an amazing actor but unfortunately his part is not very big.

The creatures look terrible and way too CGI-like. They act a bit like gremlins, but they are tiny, or maybe Gollum or something, any weird creature will do. Their voices are so lame.

It's mostly a weird movie. The girl is bothered by creatures and her parents know that, and they are just packing so slowly, like there's no rush or something. It's not like there are some weird creatures in your house trying to kidnap your daughter or something.
Why not go away immediately and get your stuff the day after, IN DAYLIGHT? I'm so bothered by these things in horror movies.
The moment that Kim get's kidnapped, why the hell do they just accept that and go away immediately. Why not call the cops, or try to do something so you can save her? Nope, 'oh she just got kidnapped into that tiny hole, well, bad luck! Let's get outta here!'
And how the f* did they get away with that? The police just accepts that she is kidnapped by these creatures and also does nothing? No suspicion or anything? Rrrrright.

I absolutely did not enjoy this movie. I like fantasy movies, but this was just plain stupid. Bad acting for the main actress, good acting from the side-actors. Weird concept and very unbelievable reactions.

My personal rate: 4,5/10

Monday, 5 August 2013

Review: Funny Games U.S. (2007)

Funny Games U.S.
IMDB rate: 6,4
Genre: Survival

Funny Games U.S. is not really a horror movie. More a thriller I guess. It's an interesting movie but it's so boring most of the time. The story is nice, a bit of The Strangers but without the masks. Games are being played to survive (or not) and while this is an interesting concept, I did not like the way it was made.
It's a very slow movie. Very, very slow. There are many useless scenes and the scenes that do have an use are far too much expanded, they just take way too long and it's really hard to keep focused.

In this exploration of our violent society and how depictions of violence reflect and shape our culture, a middle-class family submits both psychically and mentally to the torture, violence, and death foisted upon them by two young, unexpected, white-gloved visitors at their vacation retreat near a lake.

I must say the acting is amazing, Michael Pitt especially. That guy plays a psychopath so well, that he scares me in every other movie he plays in. Naomi Watts also is excellent in playing her part. Tim Roth kinda has a small part. From the moment he is being injured he's almost invisible in the movie. No use at all. Everything is up to Naomi Watts' character which makes me think that Tim Roth's character George is a bit of a pussy. The other psychopath is played by Brady Corbet who is also genuinely scary. Not as scary as Michael Pitt though.

There is almost no music in this movie. The sounds that are in the movie are coming from the TV or the radio. I liked the beginning where at first there is played classic movie, and suddenly it changed to some sort of metal. A brilliant noticeable change.

Unfortunately, there is one big huge mistake in this movie which makes me hate it; The killing of a dog. Seriously, does nobody learn that you should not kill an animal in a movie in order to make a movie successful.

Like I already said, the movie is very slow which makes it hard to focus. Also, whenever something action-like happens the screen is very dark. So you never see something happen, unfortunately.

I don't think Funny Games U.S. is a bad movie, but it's certainly not a movie for me.
It's very slow and you never see something happen. The acting is very good though. Also a nice concept.

My personal rate: 6/10

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Review: I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

I Spit on Your Grave
IMDB rate: 6,2
Genre: Torture, Revenge

I've never seen the original movie, Day of the Woman, but I actually quite liked this on. It's very brutal and isn't afraid to show some details. I think it resembles the movie The Last House on the Left a lot, but I Spit on Your Grave is even more brutal. It's definitely not a movie for everyone since it's very violent but it think there are quite some horror lovers out there that enjoyed watching this movie. I personally thought it was a very cool movie, the perfect revenge comes from an innocent girl and she really kicked her assaulters asses (sometimes literally). 

Writer Jennifer Hills takes a retreat from the city to a charming cabin in the woods to start on her next book. But Jennifer's presence in the small town attracts the attention of a few morally depraved locals who set out one night to teach this city girl a lesson. They break into her cabin to scare her. However, what starts out as terrifying acts of humiliation and intimidation, quickly and uncontrollably escalates into a night of psychical abuse and torturous assault. But before they can kill her, Jennifer sacrifices her broken and beaten body to a raging river that washes her away. As time passes, the men slowly stop searching for her body and try to go back to life as usual. But that isn't about to happen. Against all odds, Jennifer Hills survived her ordeal. Now, with hell bent vengeance, Jennifer's sole purpose is to turn the tables on these animals and to inflict them every horrifying and torturous moment they carried out on her... only much, much worse.

I really really enjoyed watching this movie. It was simply awesome because the girl was kick-ass. It was definitely not what I expected from it, since I expected that I bought another shit movie. But luckily, I was so wrong! I like seeing that a woman can defend herself, instead of always being the useless victim in a movie. She might have started as an useless victim but that changed a lot. 
I like that this movie is not afraid to show things. The girl is assaulted in many brutal ways and this is very much visible. Definitely not a movie for everybody. 

The thing what I liked most was the way she took her revenge. One called her a horse all the time, she let him be the horse. Another one never did anything and only watched, this time she let him watch. One is always busy with his appearance, and she makes his appearance very unflattering. And then the biggest revenge; ruining the life of an innocent girl, just like they did with her. Simply brilliant.

The acting is magnificent, very real and believable. I did think it was a bit strange seeing Daniel Franzese in a movie like this since I only know him as Damian in Mean Girls. Believe me when I say that this role is very different from that one! Not that that matters much, but it was just something I noticed.

I absolutely recommend watching I Spit on Your Grave. I think it was very surprising and absolutely not what I expected from it. It was brutal, sadistic and cruel. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. Expect the worst from it, because that's what you will get. I do not recommend watching this movie for those with a weaker stomach. Or if you're not much into gore, blood and violence; do not watch this!

My personal rate: 7,5/10

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