Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Review: Masters of Horror: Deer Woman (2005)

Deer Woman
Masters of Horror
IMDB rate: 6,5
Genre: Supernatural

Another Masters of Horror movie! This time it's episode 8: Deer Woman, made by John Landis. It's the third movie that I've watched from my Masters of Horror box and I'm still not very impressed by these movies. Incident on and Off a Mountain Road was the best one I guess, at least from what I've seen so far. Cigarette Burns was quite weird and Deer Woman is not a very bad movie but also not a very good movie. It's actually quite a funny movie but absolutely not scary.

Again, sorry for the shitty pictures.

When the body of a truck driver is found trampled in his truck, the burnt-out detective Dwight Faraday is assigned for the bizarre case. He arrives tot he crime scene in a parking area with Officer Jacob Reed and their investigation discloses that the victim had left a tavern with a gorgeous woman and apparently had been trampled by a heavy animal in the truck cabin. Later, two other bodies of men arrive in the morgue in the same conditions, and the coroner Dana notes that all of them had erection in the moment of death, and Dwight notes hooves in the body. Dana investigates further and finds deer footprints and hair in the corpses. When Dwight and Reed talk to an Indian descendent in a casino, they unravel a Pohancan legend about a deer woman, half woman but having deer hooves and trampling men after seducing them. Without any other lead, they begin to believe that every legend is based on facts.

Deer Woman is definitely a weird movie, but also a bit funny. At one point the detective is thinking about possible scenarios' and these are all being showed of course. They are really funny but look terrible. For example, the picture above is showing one of these scenarios', I think you'll get why I find this funny. 

The acting is not very good. Especially the main actor is a bit emotionless, which makes it very hard to believe him. Of course, a Deer Woman itself is not very believable but some good acting might make me doubt. 
Also, the dialogues are terrible. Filled with awkwardness and it sounds very weird

The movie is not bad, it's quite funny. It's not very scary although there was one little jump-scare. I'm not sure if it's a recommendable movie, it's nothing special to be honest. Just a funny weird movie.

My personal rate: 5,5/10


  1. hmm...looks like it's right in my alley :P guess i'll need to give it a watch one of these days.
    also, officer Reed...Deer backwards? gotta love unclever jokes in these movies XD

  2. I have found a lot of the Masters of Horror series underwhelming. I think Incident On and Off a Mountain Road was the best. Cigarette Burns was next. Then several tie for third. Deer Woman is down the list a bit. Good review though, Melanie!


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