Saturday, 30 March 2013

Review: Martyrs (2008)

IMDB rate: 7,0
Genre: Survival, Torture

Yesterday I finally watched this movie. I've wanted to watch it for a long time, but I never came to it. I heard a lot about this movie, things like that it was just as shocking as A Serbian Film and that it was a movie that would be hard to watch. I was surprised that such a movie had a 7,0 score on IMDB, because torture and stuff is usually not a genre that gets high rates. 

Well, the movie, I think it was quite amazing. The 7,0 score on IMDB is definitely well deserved. But I'll have to admit that it was a different movie than I expected. I expected even more gore, cruelty and things like that. The movie is definitely not worse than A Serbian Film, even though Martyrs is called a torture porn, it's nothing like A Serbian Film. Yes, there is a lot of torture, but there is not any porn of some sort. Even though there is nudity, it's definitely not like A Serbian Film. I'm comparing these two a lot because A Serbian Film is in my opinion the most cruel movie ever made. And I think this one definitely comes on number 2 at the moment (I haven't seen any movies worse than these yet). So I think that's good comparing material. Don't get me wrong, the two movies have a whole different story and purpose, A Serbian Film is all based around torture porn and family, while Martyrs is about torture, revenge and the after-life. I hope I explained it right, because it might be a bit confusing the way I'm saying it ;).

Fifteen years after a horrifying experience of abduction and prolonged torture, Lucie embars on a bloody quest for revenge against her oppressors. Along with her childhood fried Anna, who also suffered abuse, she quickly descends, without hope, into madness and her own delusions. Anna, left on her own begins to re-experience what Lucie did when she was only twelve years old.

I think it's a good thing that I've waited a day before I wrote this review, because I had some thinking to do about the things that I didn't get. The puzzle pieces all fell to place and the movie seemed a lot clearer. I think it's a good idea to watch this movie again, because there are still some small things that I didn't get. But for now, I think it was an amazing movie.

The acting was incredible and convincing. Because it's a movie from France I didn't know any of the actresses/actors in it, but it might be possible that they are very famous in their country. The camera work in this movie is also amazing, it was shot exactly right. And the music was very suitable. At one point my boyfriend said that he didn't get why the movie was all nice and sweet while the girl was left tortured. But I thought it was amazingly chosen because right before that moment there was mentioned that she just had to let it go, instead of resisting everything that happened. So in that moment, she didn't care what happened anymore, and the music was emphasizing that.

This movie is absolutely not the torture that you've seen in Saw. This is worse, but on a different scale. Martyrs seems to be about torturing, but it haves a bigger purpose than that. In Saw you're feeling disgusted, and you're hoping that the people will get away, because you know the story. In Martyrs, you're also disgusted, but you're desperately waiting for the reasons behind it, and believe me that is a surprising story. The movie turns in a few seconds time from a torture gore flick into a sad and rather depressing reflection of human suffering. 

I had many feelings while I watched this movie. First I thought it would be some sort of Captivity. A girl locked in a room, growing old. I was wrong. After that, I thought it would be about the same girl, taking her revenge. I was wrong again. And after that, I was convinced that it was about the supernatural creature that follows the girl. And guess what? I was wrong again! My point is that the movie seems to be going many directions at first, and you don't know what the whole point of the movie is in the first half. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing, it was not bothering me because I kept wondering what the story will be about eventually. But I can understand that many people don't like these vague aspects of the movie. 

I think the movie is definitely underrated by many people. Maybe it isn't really surprising, because it's just not a movie for everybody. If you are going to watch this movie, bear in mind that there are many parts that might need a strong stomach to watch.
Movies like Saw and Hostel are torture on a whole different level than this movie, so don't think they are comparable. I'm not really sure what I can compare this movie with, so it's hard to say what movies are a bit a-like. 

I can only say that if you don't have a strong stomach, than this movie is not suitable for you. 

My personal rate: 7,5/10

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Short review: Dream House

Dream House
IMDB rate: 5,8
Genre: Thriller

When I saw the trailer for the first time I was convinced that this was a horror movie, and even when I started watching this movie I thought it would be a horror movie. But after 20 minutes or so, it goes another way and it appears to be a thriller instead of a horror. Well, it's fine with me, but that's why I'm writing a short review instead of a regular one.

The cast of this movie is amazing, Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, so that was a good thing to start with. And indeed, they played terrific and there really seemed to be a good chemistry between the characters (useless trivia: Daniel Craig met his now-wife Rachel Weisz on the set of this movie!). The movie is absolutely not bad, I think I can call it fairly good. But I'm afraid I'll have to watch it again because it was a bit confusing after a while. I'm not giving out any spoilers so unfortunately I can't tell why it was confusing.

In New York, the successful editor Will Atenton quits his job in the GPH Publishers to move to the suburb New Ashford and dedicate more time to his beloved wife Libby and his daughters Trish and DeeDee and to start writing a novel. The family is frightened by a stranger watching them through the window and Will decides to investigate and finds teenagers in a satanic cult in his basement. Soon he discovers that family man Peter Warn killed his wife and his two daughters in their house five years ago. Will goes to the police but the officers do not pay attention to him. He also learns that Peter Ward spent five years in Greenhaven Psychiatric Hospital, but was recently discharged. Will decides to go to Greenhaven to get information about Peter Ward and he discloses a dark secret about the former intern that will affect his life in his dream house.

The story is good, but like I said, it was very confusing and I'm hoping that I will fully understand it the next time I'm watching the movie. The thing that I didn't like was that the mystery was revealed way too early. It was really a thing that they should kept till the ending of the movie. Because when you know the mystery, the story gets a bit boring. Everything that happens after it does not really matter anymore. Also, the relationship between Naomi Watts and her husband should have been shown a bit more, because now you know nothing about those two. It's sad that the movie is advertised so wrong, because if it was just shown like it was a thriller I think it would have gotten a higher rate. Even though it wasn't a horror it was a nice movie to watch because you want to know why everything is happening.

My personal rate: 7/10

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I added genres to all the movies I've reviewed so it will be easier to find a movie. Of course there are not many movies in there yet, but with time it will come, and also the genres will be a bit more. If your searching for a movie in a specific genre, you can search for it in the Labels!

The Horror Challenge: Day 30

The Horror Challenge,

The last day!
Day 30:
Your favorite final scene, scare or image.

This picture above is a bit after the amazing scene, but when you see The Cabin In The Woods and the moment the elevators open... BAM! Amazing, it's not really the final scene, but from that moment, this movie became the most awesome movie I've ever seen.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review: Fragile (2005)

IMDB rate: 6,1
Genre: Ghost

To be honest, I didn't like this movie. It was way too slow, boring and there were way too many cliches, unfortunately. I don't really know Calista Flockhart from other movies or tv shows, so I can't really judge her, but I thought she played kinda boring and 'plain'. 

Amy Nicholls (Calista Flockhart) arrives in the old Mercy Falls Children Hospital to work as a night nurse as replacement of the former nurse Susan. The hospital is in a deactivation process, with the patients being transferred to Saint James Hospital; however, due to a train crash, the closing process has been postponed. Amy is introduced to eight children with lung cases by the nurse Helen Perez (Elena Anaya), and she feels a sort of attraction for the terminal girl Maggie. Maggie likes to play with some letters blocks to talk with the "mechanical girl" called Charlotte that would live upstairs, in an abandoned floor. Amy asks about Charlotte to her coworkers and they explain that she is an urban legend and that Maggie is making up her existence. But sooner they find that the children can not be transferred  to Saint James since there is something ever that wants to keep them near.

You know how the story goes, a little girl claims there is something evil out there. Nobody believes her until bad things start to happen and it's almost too late to do something about it. Well, this one is not any different than the usual story unfortunately. The script was kinda bad, it was way too slow and it was hard keeping my focus. I had an incredible urge to turn the dvd off because it was so boring. 

What I disliked about this movie is the fact that there was a second floor in the hospital, yet nobody ever went to that floor to investigate if there might be, for example, dead bodies still lying there? When you see the second floor it looks like all the people there just lay down their stuff and went somewhere else and just never returned. This isn't a bad thing, but it would be cooler when it looked like that when the whole hospital was abandoned instead of just one floor. When a boy breaks two legs out of a sudden, nobody is wondering why? Yeah, very believable, in a hospital. And while the hospital is slowly moving out, it isn't very believable that they took the portable breathing machine (I do not know the name) with them, while they know that there is a boy in there that needs it. Also, the mechanical girl Charlotte, when you finally see her you might die of laughing because she looks absolutely ridiculous, and not scary at all. Unless you find the Ozzy Osbourne look scary. I'm sorry, but these are of those things that could have been made a lot better, things like this make a story unbelievable and that's really a shame, and I don't even count the looks of Charlotte with this.

The acting is not really bad, but there doesn't seem to be any chemistry between the characters, at all.  The explanations of the ghost story were a bit vague, and don't offer anything new that you didn't already know. Also, you never really find out what Amy's story is, they keep mentioning it, but never fully explain it. Why all this happens is explained by two old ladies that seem to pop up out of nowhere, so I think it's fair to say that they should have been introduced a bit more properly. And the most fun thing of a horror movie, a room without light. In these rooms where not light is coming in, natural or not, the characters are always seen clearly. I think it's quite funny, because this happens in ALL horror movies (except for hand camera movies, in these everything is always black when something happens).

The director and writer of this movie is Jaume Balaguero, who is the maker of [Rec]. I think [Rec] is an amazing movie, which was very surprising. Unfortunately, this doesn't go up with Fragile. Nothing surprising or new.

Don't get me wrong, this movie was not that bad. There were just many negative things in my opinion. I heard many people liked this movie a lot, so there is a chance that you will also like it. It was just not my taste of movie.

My personal rate: 5/10

The Horror Challenge: Day 29

The Horror Challenge,

Day 29:
A great horror movie with a terrible cast.

Absolutely House of Wax. I think it's a very good movie, and a good remake as well. But why for god's sake, will somebody ever cast Paris Hilton in a (horror) movie?! Worst choice EVER.
Chad Michael Murray is a fairly good actor, Elisha Cuthbert is kinda good, Jared Padalecki is amazing and then you have.. Paris Hilton. Why??????
The other two were also good by the way, but they were not really famous so I don't know their names out of my head. The 'villains' were also good casted, so they really messed up in my opinion.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Review: Storm Warning (2007)

Storm Warning
IMDB rate: 5,8
Genre: Survival

I once started watching this movie, but I never finished watching this. The movie was on television this weekend so by coincidence I finished watching this from about the same point where I stopped the last time. It had quite some cliches in it, but also a few surprising moments were in it. 

On a weekend boting excursion,husband and wife, Rob and Pia become lost and end up in the most unlikely place, a thick brush filled marsh, on an island in the middle of nowhere. With their boat in disarray, darkness coming on, and a heavy thunderstorm starting up, their only solution is to look for help or seek shelter of some kind. They finally come across a decrepit house and barn with no one home. However, there are definite signs of the house being inhabited, and the enormous crop of marijuana in the barn suggests the homeowners may not welcome their presence. Even worse, there is no telephone or means of communication to the outside world. But when the deranged, redneck owners, Brett, Jimmy and their even more sadistic father Poppy returns, Rob and Pia realize a fear far beyond anything they have ever known. Furious with the unwanted intrusion of the affluent, snooping intruders, the monstrously sadistic farmers imprison and torture the couple, who fearing for their lives, submit to appalling degradation and humiliation. When Rob and Pia learn their kidnappers have no intention of letting them go alive, they finally understand they must do whatever it takes just to survive, and whatever it takes means going to a limit they could never have imagined.

When I started watching this movie, I thought it would be one big cliche. The helpless woman that will become the big victim, the husband that tries to protect her but fails miserably and gets hurt himself. However, it turned out completely different than I thought. When Rob and Pia knew for sure that they would never get away there alive, something great happened. Pia stood up for herself, and made all kinds of traps for the rednecks. What I really liked was the anti-rape tool she made, it was brilliant. 

So like I said, it turned out quite different than you might think, and that's really a good thing. You really respect the woman for making all these traps instead of just crying by her husband. The husband broke his leg and is unable to help, but they do make a good team after all. There where some cliches like running away, and standing still for something they saw on the street. Getting in a car, without the keys. You know them all, but they were not really bothering. 

The story may be a bit standard, a few normal people, on the wrong place, at the wrong time, but it is well written. A bit of gore, well acted and it was actually a bit believable at some points.

I think I liked the movie, it was not one of the best movies I've ever seen, but it was not too bad either, just a normal horror movie that I enjoyed watching.
It's a bit comparable with Wrong Turn (but without the nasty looking fellows) and The Last House on the Left. It's not an extremely good movie, but it's certainly not bad either. It's just a movie with a certain genre that you'll have to enjoy. Gore, blood and cruelty, but also with a story. 

My personal rate: 6,5/10

The Horror Challenge: Day 28

The Horror Challenge,

Day 28:
A horror movie that is hard to watch.

A Serbian Film, definitely. I had so many times that I wanted to turn it off, because of the cruelty, after all I was glad that I finished watching it, but I was also glad that it was over. Read my review about A Serbian Film for more information.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 27

The Horror Challenge,

Day 27: 
A terrifying creature.

I found the creatures from The Descent really terrifying. But something that I also found terrifying was the zombie in [Rec], the skinny one at the end. 

The Horror Challenge: Day 26

The Horror Challenge,

Day 26:
An aggravatingly incompetent protagonist.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, the character Chrissie played by Jordana Brewster. She could have run away so many times and every time she tried being the hero by saving her friends. I'm sorry but she was just asking to be killed. It was obvious that they were psychos, and the only obvious way that she could save them was by running away and searching for police. If you're being that stupid you only deserve to die.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 25

The Horror Challenge,

Day 25:
Excellent use of soundtrack.

I can also choose Halloween, because that soundtrack is always recognizable, but I thought that Halloween would be a bit of a standard answer, so I choose Saw. Also a remarkable soundtrack, used in all the movies. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 24

The Horror Challenge,

Day 24:
An effective jump scare.

I almost never scare from a jump scare, but the movie that I did scare was 100 Feet. The moment when Famke Janssen is lying in her bed, and light a cigaret (I believe) and then a ghost appears. Oh I'm convinced that my heart run to my ears somewhere. Other movies that I have effective jump scares are those found footage movies like paranormal activity, but that mostly because you know that something will happen, so you tensed as hell, and when it happens, well.. you have a jump scare. But 100 Feet was different because I totally did not saw that coming.
My boyfriend though, he scares from EVERYTHING. (He will even scare from Cartoon Network shows, seriously) So it's really depending on how sensitive you are for jump scares.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 23

The Horror Challenge,

Day 23:
Graphics that pull you out of the movie.

I was not quite sure if they mean good or bad graphics, so I went for bad graphics. I went for Alone In The Dark, and I'm convinced that I don't have to explain why ;). If I have to say a movie with good graphics, it would be a bit harder but I think I'll go for Cloverfield.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New poll!

So the last poll ended, and I made a new one! Which one of the Saw movies did you enjoy best?
Let me know!

The Horror Challenge: Day 22

The Horror Challenge,

Day 22:
A frightening child actor.

I'm seriously doubting between Isabelle Fuhrman in Orphan and Daeg Farch in Halloween. They both acted so well in both movies that I hate them in every other role they play. For example, Daeg Farch in Hancock. This is of course also because he plays an asshole, but even when he didn't play an asshole I'm quite sure I would hate his character, just because of the role he played so well in Halloween. It's the same with Isabelle Fuhrman in every role she plays, this is because of the same reason as I mentioned with Daeg Farch. 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Short review: 8MM (1999)

IMDB rate: 6,4
Genre: Thriller

I only write a short review for this movie because I don't really consider it as a horror movie. I have to say that this is definitely one of the better movies of Nicolas Cage. Other movies where he played in that I liked were both of the National Treasures, but I think that's mainly because of the script, and not because of him. 

8MM is a good movie. At some points it's a bit slow, but that's bearable because you're curious about the ending. The genre is a bit comparable with Untraceable, a thriller with some horror/gore elements in it. I don't mean that the movie is about the same thing, but in both movies there were those gore elements that you don't see often in thrillers. 

In short, Nicolas Cage is a private detective that has to investigate if a snuff film is real or fake. 

The snuff film looks terrifying, even though you don't see a lot details. The script is very good, the acting is also good. There were quite a lot familiar faces in this movie like Catherine Keener and Joaquin Phoenix. You can also catch a short scene with The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in it. 

I think it was a good movie, but nothing special. But like I said, the genre is comparable to Untraceable, so if you liked that movie, you also might enjoy this one. 

My personal rate: 6,5/10

The Horror Challenge: Day 21

The Horror Challenge,

Day 21:
A horror movie that only makes you laugh.

I should be ashamed of saying this, but the first time that I watched The Exorcist, I was terribly drunk and I couldn't stop laughing at it. The scene were Linda Blair is walking down the stairs upside down, I just couldn't handle it. Sure, the movie is good, but I don't find it scary or anything at all. The thing was that I watched it on the wrong moment, and it should be a good idea watching it again, but this time sober.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dark Skies

Dark Skies
In theaters March 21 (The Netherlands)

Seems a lot like Insidious from what I can see. Surprisingly it has also the same producer as Insidious ;). 

The Horror Challenge: Day 20

The Horror Challenge,

Day 20:
A great remake.

Definitely The Last House on the Left. Damn, what an amazing movie. I think many people will agree with me on this one. Another remake that I liked was The Hills Have Eyes, I think that many people will disagree with me, but I personally disliked the original. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Imdb rate: 5,8
Genre: Slasher

I bought this movie so long ago, and I never got around watching it. I was convinced that I never saw the movie, but when watching, I figured that I already saw the movie, but probably a long time ago.
I must say that I was really disappointed when I watched this, I expected a lot more details about Leatherface himself, but all you get in this movie is a remake of the remake Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

In August, 1939, a worker goes into labor while working in a slaughterhouse and dies after a complicated labor, though the deformed child survives. The orphaned baby is dumped in a garbage container and found by a beggar later, who brings him home. Along the years, the mentally retarded and disturbed boy called Thomas is raised by the Hewitt family in spite of having psychological problems as well as suffering from an unnamed skin disorder, later working in a meat packing plant. In July, 1969, when the facility is closed, the inhabitants move to other places, but the deformed, mentally childlike Thomas flies into a rage after being insulted and kills the foreman. His deranged brother (considered his uncle due to their age difference) executes the sheriff that is going to arrest Thomas, and assumes his identity, wearing his clothes, driving his car through the roads in Texas and entitling himself as Sheriff Hoyt. Meanwhile, the brother Eric and Dean are traveling in a Jeep with their girlfriends Christie and Bailey, Eric to serve in Vietnam and Dean escaping to Mexico. When the group has a car accident, Hoyt arrests Eric, Dean and Bailey and brings them to his house. Christie follows them trying to rescue the trio, trapped in the house of sadistic and insane cannibals, in a trip of horror and gore.

What I really disliked about this movie was the fact that it was exactly the same as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I learned nothing new about Leatherface, what seems to me what the movie should have been about. Yes, I now know that he is called Leatherface, because he cuts peoples skin of and puts them on like a mask. I also now know that his Uncle Monty lost his legs because of Leatherface. And, what I also now know is why Sheriff Hoyt lost his tooth. Yay. These are not even interesting things to know. Maybe for the part why he is called Leatherface, that is slightly interesting if you're not familiar with the story already. But the other facts are quite useless. What this movie seems to be about is how Sheriff Hoyt became the maniac he is, which isn't anything interesting to be honest. What I want to see in a 'beginning' movie is why Leatherface became like this. There is shown something about it, but it's absolutely not satisfying. 

I have to say that the acting is quite good in this movie, but in my opinion they could have made so much more out of this movie. It's exactly like the original, only with different people and a few years earlier. I heard a lot people saying that if you've seen Texas Chainsaw 3D, that a lot of this movie became clear. But I haven't seen it yet, so if that's true I will absolutely mention it in the review for that movie. 

There were a lot of things that bothered me while watching this movie. I know that it's the horror cliche, but I never understand the reactions of humans. When you see those nasty and sick things happen to your friends, you're not going to try and safe any other friend. What every human would do is run, besides in a horror movie. When something like this happens, and you have all the room to run, would you really go upstairs? To the place where all the sick twisted minds are together? Of course you do, because you're a hero! What happens after that is kinda obvious. Another things was that one guy couldn't run the whole movie, he even broke his ankle (that's what I'm assuming) from a bear claw, but in the end, the boy can run like the devil! Not really believable huh? And, he police man that went missing. Nobody went searching for them, or course. Leatherface is a huge big ass dude, but he runs like Road Runner, can hide himself in backseats of a car, and has the stealth of a ninja. Too bad.

As I said, it's the horror cliche. And this cliche will never go out of fashion, but that doesn't make it less bothering. 

I honestly think that this movie could have been great, but some points need a lot of rethinking. Like the title for example. 
The acting is good, the sound effect are reasonable, the blood and gore is immense, but the script is terrible. I am looking forward to see Texas Chainsaw 3D though, and I'm truly hoping that they didn't mess that one up.

If you can enjoy a slaughtering movie, you will definitely like this. Even when you're a fan of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But please do not expect anything of a beginning of Leatherface, because that will be a big disappointment. 

My personal rate: 5/10

The Horror Challenge: Day 19

The Horror Challenge,

Day 19:
A horror movie that gives you nightmares.

I almost never have nightmares from a movie I've seen, but I remember, when I was really little and Donnie Darko just came out, I watched it with my parents and I had so many nightmares about the bunny suit man. Another movie that gave me nightmares when I was little, is Mars Attacks. Which isn't even a horror movie, but I was really freaked out by the aliens.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 18

The Horror Challenge,

Day 18:
A move with unsettling scenery.

Every abandoned place movie ever? Silent Hill freaks me out even more, because of the fog and the ash falling down. House of Wax is another good example of an unsettling scenery. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 17

The Horror Challenge, 

Day 17:
A bad ass post/pre-killer one-liner.

"Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?"

Do I need to say more?


New on my blog, a poll! Every week a new one (if I don't forget it). I'm kinda curious about different opinions, so please participate if you want ;).

Review: All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
IMDB rate: 5,7
Genre: Slasher

So I finally got around watching this movie. I heard a lot of good things about it, but to be honest.. I was a bit disappointed. But I also have to admit, that my predictions about the killer were wrong. You see, there is quite an interesting plot twist at the ending, so that was quite surprising. I figured it would be a cliche horror movie, and it was a bit cliche, but the plot twist made it a whole lot better. It was a bit hard choosing fitting pictures for this movie, because I was scared that certain pictures would spoil the movie, so that's why I choose for some boring pictures, without any slashing or anything. Hey, at least you can enjoy Amber Heard now huh ;).

The orphan Mandy Lane (Amber Heard) is a beautiful, virgin and pure teenage raised by her aunt, desired by her schoolmates and a close friend of the outcast Emmet. After the death of their high school mate in a pool party, Mandy befriends Chloe, Marlin, Red, Bird and Jake. Red invites the group for a weekend party in the isolated ranch of his family, with all the boys disputing who would succeed in having sex with Mandy Lane. They meet the henchman Garth that takes care of the rand and he asks the group to go east on the drugs and booze. In the middle of the night, a stranger wearing a hood attacks Marlin in the barn; when Jake seeks her out, he faces the killer, beginning a night of bloodshed and terror.

The story was kinda slow, and it was hard to keep your focus. Because it also starts of with what seems the typical cliche horror, it was even harder to focus.  Because the story takes place in a isolated ranch, you're gonna expect the typical teenage slaughter movie, but this is not the case. But don't expect a Cabin in the Woods story either ;). 

The acting in this movie is average, not to excellent, but also not that bad that it get's annoying. Amber Heard is the main character in this movie, but she doesn't talk a lot, so in that case she succeeded in being the shy and mysterious girl. The group seems like a real close group of friends, but Mandy Lane falls a bit apart with her being the shy girl, while the rest is getting drunk, stoned or getting laid. You keep wondering why she is with them, because she is so different. 

(May contain minor spoilers)

Some parts where a bit unbelievable. From the moment that Marlin doesn't return, nobody seems to care or wanting to take any action. When somebody finally does it's the same case, because nobody goes looking for him when he didn't return. Also they heard a few gunshots, and they didn't even seem to care. Yes, the guy took a gun with him, but he could have easily killed somebody or himself, instead of random shooting around, like what the others think. Also, it might have been a possibility that he got shot by somebody, but nobody seems to care, even though the two are already gone for a long time. 

When the 'slashing' finally begins it seemed to be taken really lightly. The Henchman got shot, Mandy Lane helps him, and the other two are going to get the car (which they left a few miles away from the ranch). Of course, the two are running and of course, the girl gets tired and says she can't run anymore. This is while their friends are in danger, and a killer is somewhere outside. Oh and of course, they have to kiss each other first, before getting the car. This is where it all goes wrong, understandably. 
Mean while, at the ranch, Mandy Lane is going to get the keys from the Henchman's house, but she shouldn't have a clue where the killer is, right? Well, she doesn't care and just crosses the grass between the two houses, without looking if there might be somebody there, and while at the Henchman's house, she freely is looking around if there is something interesting to look at.

Another thing that bothered me was the ending, because I didn't understand it. When I watch a movie I need an explanation for things that happen, and in this movie, there was not given any. Which I find very frustrating. Some points I could understand, but other not. This might have been my own fault.

As I already said, the movie was average. The plot twist was nice, it made the movie a lot better. But if it wasn't in there I don't think I would have liked it, at all. The acting was reasonable, the camera work was nice and the script was also reasonable. I heard that most parts were improvised, so there's not much to say about that. 

If you're into slasher movies, this might be something you will like. As I said, many people liked this movie, so it's really a personal opinion. I didn't think it was a bad movie, but I also wouldn't watch this very soon again. 

My personal rate: 6/10

The Horror Challenge: Day 16

The Horror Challenge,

Day 16:
A frightening dream sequence/hallucination.

That moment in Freddy vs. Jason where the girls on the swing are singing that song: One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again. Oh man, those girls are giving me the creeps. I believe it's also from a original Nightmare on Elmstreet, but I can't say for sure, so correct me if I'm wrong.

Actors Who Always Die in Movies


This doesn't really have a lot to do with horror, but it's something fun anyway. Actors who always die in movies, and strangely enough, Sean Bean isn't the number 1! Some died and came back to life by the way, for anybody is going to complain.

13: Leonardo DiCaprio
  1. The Quick and the Death
  2. Total Eclipse
  3. Romeo + Juliet
  4. Titanic
  5. Blood Diamond
  6. The Departed
  7. J. Edgar
  8. Django Unchained
  9. The Great Gatsby 
12: Tim Curry
  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. Clue
  3. Legend
  4. Congo 
  5. The Shadow
  6. Oliver Twist
  7. The Colour of Magic
  8. McHale's Navy
  9. Charlie's Angels
  10. Scary Movie 2
11: Bruce Willis
  1. Billy Bathgate
  2. Mortal Thoughts
  3. Death Becomes Her
  4. Twelve Monkeys
  5. The Jackal
  6. Armageddon
  7. The Sixth Sense
  8. Hart's War
  9. Charlie's Angel: Full Throttle
  10. Sin City
  11. Grindhouse: Planet Terror
10: Stellen Skarsgard (it might be possible that he died in swedish movies, these where not counted)
  1. The Hunt for Red October
  2. Savior
  3. Ronin
  4. Deep Blue See
  5. No Good Deed
  6. Dogville
  7. Helen of Troy
  8. King Arthur
  9. Angels & Demons
  10. Melancholia
  11. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
9: Danny Trejo (Same case as with Stellan Skarsgard, only not swedish movies of course)
  1. Death Wish 4: The Crackdown
  2. Desperado
  3. Heat
  4. From Dusk till Dawn
  5. Anaconda
  6. Point Blank
  7. The Replacement Killers
  8. XXX
  9. Once Upon a Time in Mexico
  10. Halloween
  11. Predators
8: Gary Oldman
  1. The Book of Eli
  2. State of Grace
  3. Bram Stoker's Dracula
  4. The Fifth Element
  5. Leon
  6. Air Force One
  7. True Romance
  8. Lost in Space
  9. JFK
  10. Sid and Nancy
  11. Hannibal
  12. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

7:  Johnny Depp
  1. A Nightmare on Elmstreet
  2. Platoon
  3. Freddy's Dead
  4. Ed Wood
  5. Dean Man
  6. The Brave
  7. The Astronaut's Wife
  8. From Hell
  9. The Libertine
  10. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  11. Public Enemies
  12. The Brave
  13. 21 Jump Street
6: Robert De Niro
  1. Bloody Mama
  2. Bang the Drum Slowly
  3. Mean Streets
  4. 1900
  5. Brazil
  6. The Mission
  7. Cape Fear
  8. This Boy's Life
  9. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
  10. Heat
  11. The Fan
  12. Jackie Brown
  13. Great Expectations
  14. 15 Minutes
  15. Hide & Seek
  16. Machete
  17. New Year's Eve
5: Gary Busey
  1. The Magnificent Seven Ride
  2. Lolly-Madonna XXX 
  3. Hex
  4. The Buddy Holly Story
  5. Straight Time
  6. Lethal Weapon
  7. Hider in the House
  8. Predator 2
  9. Point Break
  10. Wild Texas Wind
  11. The Firm
  12. Under Siege
  13. Drop Zone
  14. Surviving The Game
  15. Man With a Gun
  16. Lethal Tender
  17. The Rage
  18. Soldier
  19. The Gingerdead Man
4: Mickey Rourke
  1. A Prayer for Dying
  2. Rumble Fish
  3. Johnny Handsome
  4. Picture Claire
  5. Iron Man 2
  6. Once Upon a Time in Mexico
  7. Sin City
  8. Killshot
  9. Passion Play
  10. Immortals
  11. Double Team
  12. Francesco
  13. White Sands
  14. Bullet
  15. Fall Time
  16. Desperate Hourse
  17. The Last Outlaw
  18. Spun
  19. Man on Fire
3: Sean Bean
  1. Caravaggio
  2. War Requiem
  3. The Field
  4. Lorna Doone
  5. Patriot Games
  6. GoldenEye
  7. Airborne
  8. Essex Boys
  9. The lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
  10. Don't Say a Word
  11. Equilibrium
  12. The Island
  13. Far North
  14. The Hitcher
  15. Outlaw
  16. Cash
  17. Death Race 2
  18. Black Death
  19. Age of Heroes

Tv Miniseries:
  1. Tell Me That You Love Me
  2. Clarissa
  3. Scarlett
  4. Hendry VIII
  5. Red Riding
  6. Game of Thrones

2: Vincent Price
  1. Tower of London 
  2. Green Hell
  3. Brigham Young
  4. The Long Night
  5. Rogues' Regiment
  6. Dangerous Mission
  7. The Mad Magician
  8. The Ten Commandments
  9. The Bat
  10. House of Usher
  11. Master of the World
  12. The Pit and the Pendulum
  13. Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile
  14. Tales of Terror
  15. Tower of London (1962)
  16. Diary of a Madman
  17. The Haunted Palace
  18. Twice-Told Tales
  19. The Comedy of Terrors
  20. The Last Man on Earth
  21. The Masque of the Red Death
  22. The Tomb of Ligeia
  23. Witchfinder General
  24. More Dead Than Alive
  25. Scream and Scream Again
  26. Cry of the Banshee
  27. Theatre of Blood
  28. Scavenger Hunt
  29. House of the Long Shadows
  30. The Great Mouse Detective
  31. From a Whisper to a Scream
  32. Catchfire
  33. Edward Scissorhands
1: John Hurt
  1. The Wild and the Willing
  2. Sinful Davey
  3. A Man for All Season
  4. 10 Rillington Place
  5. The Ghoul
  6. East of Elephant Rock
  7. Spectre
  8. Alien
  9. The Elephant Man
  10. Heaven's Gate
  11. The Osterman Weekend
  12. The Hit
  13. After Darkness
  14. The Black Cauldron
  15. Jake Speed
  16. Spaceballs
  17. Aria
  18. Deadline
  19. Little Sweetheart
  20. Scandal
  21. L'Oeil qui ment
  22. Monolith
  23. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
  24. Contact
  25. The Climb
  26. All the Little Animals
  27. You're Death
  28. Lost Souls
  29. Hellboy
  30. Pride
  31. Tabloid
  32. The Proposition
  33. V for Vendetta
  34. Outlander
  35. Boxes
  36. An Englishman in New York
  37. Ultramarines
  38. Whistle and I'll Come To You
  39. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tv Miniseries:
  1. I, Claudius


*If you know other movies that these persons died in, please let me know. Or if you now people who died more often than these persons, give me a message!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 15

The Horror Challenge,

Day 15:
A painfully suspenseful movie.

The Last House On The Left. Oh I've never been so stressed watching a movie, the moment that 'the gang' arrived at Mari's home.. and they where treated so nicely, and from that moment on, that Mari came back while everybody thought she died, and that the gang was in the same house too. Oh my god, the suspense was killing me. 
Please, if you haven't seen this movie, go watch it because it's amazing. I know it's a remake but this one definitely topped the original movie. 

Monday, 11 March 2013


(Found on 9GAG)

The Horror Challenge: Day 14

The Horror Challenge,

Day 14:
An egregious misuse of the "based on true events" claim.

The Amityville Horror, it might also be the original Amityville Horror, but I enjoyed the reboot also a lot because of a man named Ryan Reynolds ;). Besides that, the things that are happening in the movie are a bit.. questionable. I can go on and on about why I choose this movie, but I won't. There are a lot of this movies, like all those movies that are based on Ed Gein (Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  Silence of The Lambs). Sure he was a killer, and he did terrible things, but what happened in these movies were different and is only slightly comparable with what was 'based on true events'.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring
In theaters July 2013

What do you think of it?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Review: Wicked Little Things (2006)

Wicked Little Things
IMDB rate: 5,0
Genre: Zombie

For some reason this movie is named 'Zombies' on the dvd cover, so I couldn't find what movie I actually bought for a long time. So that's why I finally decided to watch it. The first thing I noticed was that Chloe Moretz is playing in this movie, so from that moment I could finally search it on IMDB. The rate wasn't that good, and not a lot of 'famous' actors where playing in it, but that doesn't have to say anything of course. 

In 1913, in Carlton Mine, Addytown, Pennsylvania, the cruel owner of a mine uses poor children in the exploration and after an explosion, a group of children is buried alive. On the present days, Karen Tunny (Lori Heuring) has just lost her husband after a long period of terminal disease when the family savings have been spent in the treatment. Without any money, she moves with her daughters Sarah (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Emma (Chloe Grace Moretz) to and old house in the mountains that belonged to her husband. Karen is advised by her neighbors to stay at home in the night, and Sarah hears that there are zombies in the area. When Emma becomes a friend of Mary (a kid that died in the mine accident), her mother believes she is an imaginary friend. However, when Sarah's friends are attacked and eaten alive by zombie children and Emma vanished, Karen and Sarah chase her nearby the mine.

To be honest, what a terrible movie. It's full with horror cliches. The teenagers making out in a car hearing a noise outside, the unfriendly locals and the local freak who appears not to be a freak.
We've seen them all, and when watching this movie,  you will probably all see it coming. 

The acting is terrible, from almost everybody, except Chloe Moretz. Even when she was a lot younger, she was a very good actress, and even in this movie, you can tell that she's the one that will get famous, not one of the others. I already complained about Taylor Scout-Compton in my Halloween review, and in this movie she's just as bad. Come one, when you have a bunch of zombie children coming after you, will you really fall down on the ground and cry that you can't run anymore? It's called adrenaline, and it will make you run if you are seeing this crazy shit going on. The make up of the zombie kids looks terrible, and is not even a bit scary. Zombie children can be very scary, but they just made this all wrong. It resembles the vampires in 30 Days of Night a lot, and well, they where vampires, and not zombies...

Another real bothering fact was the door. If somebody is throwing blood all over your front door, will you really still not get a lock? I mean, you have an eight year old daughter, and you live in the woods. Seriously? You don't find it a bit weird that the door is open EVERY time you look at it. Get the stupid lock fixed woman! Talking about bad parenting... Another weird thing is that the local grocery store hangs full with posters of missing people. And still, nobody bothers talking about it. When this many people are missing, the FBI would already be on top of it. But no, of course not.

There where not many tension building moments, and when they where, nothing eventually happens, so that was a bit of a waste. There was an incredibly annoying sound during the whole movie, not only the 'scary' moments, but also on the moments when nothing happened. When you notice this sound, you can't ignore it, and it becomes irritating. 

This movie could have had potential, because zombie children that came out of a mine can be really scary. But this movie just messed up terribly. The acting is terrible (except for Chloe Moretz), the script is terrible and the sounds wrong placed and not scary at all. The ending was the worst, way too 'mild'. If it had a bit more action, I might have given it a better rate but sorry it's just not.

There might be a small change you find this scary if zombie children are freaking you out like hell, maybe if you have the hots for Taylor Scout-Compton or if you just enjoy watching bad zombies movies, but in any other case, don't spend any money or time on it.

My personal rate: 3/10

The Horror Challenge: Day 13

The Horror Challenge,

Day 13:
A formidable antagonist.

I think I'll have to go for the killers in The Strangers. Everything they did was with good thinking. Somebody wants to take the phone? Ahh, too bad! It just went missing! Let's drive away with the car! What did you say? Ah, I just set it on fire, what a shame. They where a step ahead of them, every time. And the way they scared them was excellent, starting with a lot of mind fucking before starting to attack. And the mind fuck is what scares you the most, because they seem to be everywhere around the house, yet you can't see them.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Horror Challenge: Day 12

The Horror Challenge,

Day 12:
Plot that you would least like to end up in. 

First thing that came to my mind was House of Wax, so House of Wax it is. How terrible would it be to be still alive, but not being able to move, talk or anything else, just dying slowly there. It's creeping me out for sure. Ravenous is something that came to my mind too, cannibals are really creepy. And of course any killer doll or clown is not cute too. 

The Horror Challenge: Day 11

The Horror Challenge,

Day 11:
Wonderful use of lightning.

I must admit that lightning is definitely not something that I pay attention on. However, the one movie that I did noticed the lightning was in 28 Days Later, I have no idea why, but it took my attention. It's in most of the post-apocalyps movies that the lightning is fascinating, because it makes the world look more abandoned when the lightning isn't bright. I like that effect. Another movie that came to my mind is Sin City, but obviously that's not a horror.

Friday, 8 March 2013

RUMORED sequels!

There are a lot of rumors about upcoming horror sequels, prequels and reboots, and well, we're not all happy with some of them. Here a quick list and some comments with it.

  • 28 Months Later: I would really love it if this one came out, when 28 Weeks Later came out the rumors of 28 Months Later came quickly and there was an IMDB page of it. However, this one is removed a few weeks ago, so there is a big possibility that the movie will never be made. I really loved 28 Weeks Later, and when I finished watching it I immediately searched for an eventual sequel, I was really happy when I found out that it was in talks, so as you might have guessed, I'm a bit sad that it might not happen eventually. But to be honest, I think eventually it will come out. It might only take a few years.
  • A Nightmare on Elmstreet 2: I didn't think that the reboot was bad, it was quite reasonable, but a sequel seems a bit unnecessary, because there were not many people that liked the reboot. So I hope that it won't be made. There is also not much known about this movie, so it might be possible that it's just a rumor.
  • Beetlejuice 2: There actually is an IMDB page for this movie, and Tim Burton had said that he always wanted to do a sequel of Beetlejuice. But I actually hope that it won't happen. Beetlejuice is a very good movie, and I personally think that a sequel is really unnecessary. I'm a bit afraid that it will be a lot like Burton's latest movies, and to be honest, I liked them, but they were definitely not his best. Almost everything is computer animated, and it ruins a lot I think. I think this movie will never happen personally, and I really hope for that.
  • Blair Witch 3: PLEASE NOT! Haven't they seen Book of Shadows? What a terrible movie! I loved loved loved The Blair Witch Project, but the Book of Shadows was the most unnecessary movie ever made. A third part will probably be even worse, so I really really hope it will never happen. But I'm afraid it will be made eventually, so we can only hope for the best.
  • Cabin Fever: Outbreak & Cabin Fever: Patient Zero: Yes, there seem to be planned two new Cabin Fevers, both for 2014. One appears to be a prequel, while the other is a sequel. I thought Cabin Fever was a reasonable movie, but I never saw Cabin Fever 2, so I can't really judge it. I think a prequel would be fun, but two parts in one year seems a bit too much. 
  • Carrie: Another reboot, I think I might actually enjoy this movie. Chloe Moretz is playing Carrie, and she's an amazing actress, so I think it will turn out quite well. Julianne Moore is playing her mother I believe, so I think it has a great potential.
  • Cloverfield 2: Not sure what to think of this, I enjoyed Cloverfield a lot, so I think a bit more background information about the monsters would be nice. If it will be just as unexplained as part 1 I probably won't like it. I hope this one will also be filmed with a handheld camera, but I think it will not. Maybe it's a good thing that a sequel comes, but it's definitely not necessary.
  • Curse of Chucky: This actually is happening, and it's a sequel for Child's Play 3. Tiffany and Glenn are not in this one, I did enjoy Tiffany's character, so it's a shame she's not in it anymore. It will be a lot like the original Child's Play again, so more horror and less comedy :). I think it's a good thing, however Child's Play 3 sucked. But a good horror with a killing doll is always good, so I can only wait till this one comes out. 
  • Dead Snow: War of the Dead: I can't find any original pages for this movie, so I'm guess it's a fake one, I liked Dead Snow, and a sequel will be fun to watch. We can only wait if it will ever come out.
  • Evil Dead IV: Also no official pages for this movie yet. However, I did read an article about it last week, so it might actually happen. The article even said that Bruce Campbell will star again, and it had a lot of other information. I can post it, but it was in Dutch so it will be a bit useless. I'm not a real big fan of Evil Dead (shame shame), so I don't really care if it will ever come out or not. 
  • Evil Dead: They are planning to make a sequel to the original series, and also doing a reboot of the Evil Dead series, in fact, the reboot is coming out next month already. As I mentioned in the previous part, I'm not a big fan of Evil Dead, but I will definitely watch it eventually. 
  • Friday the 13th 2: At few months ago I heard a lot about this movie, but I can't find any pages about it anymore, so I'm afraid it's a dead project. I did not really enjoy the first reboot so for me it doesn't really matter. 
  • Ghostbusters 3: Well, what can I say? A bit unnecessary if you ask me. I also heard that Bill Murray doesn't want to star in it, so I don't really see the point. It's just asking for a bad movie if you ask me. 
  • Gremlins 3: I never saw Gremlins 2, so I can't really judge. I liked the original Gremlins, but another part will be different I guess, because it will all be made with our modern technology and the whole Gremlins will change a lot I think. I also don't get why people need to make a sequel to a movie that came out almost 30 years ago, what's the point? If you really want to make a Gremlins movie than make a reboot or something, because else it will be confused with the original series, which are real different from the new ones (this is also for Curse of Chucky and Ghostbusters 3). There isn't any official page for Gremlins 3, so personally I don't think it will ever be made, but you'll never know. It also might be a reboot, which is a better case than a sequel I think.
  • Halloween 3D: Seriously, what's with all the 3D? I hate it so much, I haven't been to a horror movie in the cinema in such a long time, purely because they where all 3D. Yes, this is also a personal issue, because I can't see 3D, but even when I could, I simply would not pay extra for seeing a movie in 3D, because it's complete nonsense. With this said, I think that Halloween should not go any further, because Halloween 2 also sucked. I actually liked the rebooted version  (see my review in the review list) but part 2 really sucked. So, I can only say that part 3 will be even worse. It is however not directed by Rob Zombie anymore, so I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing. Time will tell!
  • I Am Legend 2: I'm not really sure what to think of this. I liked I Am Legend, and a sequel might be a bit unnecessary, however, I think it will be fun that everything will be explained about how everything happened, if it's really solved at the end, or something like that. A bit more details and stuff. At first it was rumored that it will be a prequel, so if that's the case it might be interesting too. I wouldn't mind if I Am Legend 2 will be made, but I also don't think it's a must.
  • It: I'm not really sure about this reboot. I liked the original It, but it was a bit slow and it became boring after a while, so or they have to make the story shorter, or more interesting, or else it might become just like the original. I know that many parts of the movie where necessary, because they where also important for the book, so I guess that it won't be any shorter. It would be fun if Seth Green played in this movie again, but now as a grown up Richie Tozier instead of the younger version, because I thought he really suited the role.
  • Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral: I thought part 1 and 2 were quite fun, nothing special, but amusing to watch. A part 3 would also be nice, because it's probably one of those never ending stories. I'm not really waiting for this to come out, but when it eventually does, I will probably watch it immediately.
  • Paranormal Activity 5: Such a shame that they continue making this. They should have stopped after Paranormal Activity 2, because that one was really good, while part three sucked. Remember when watching the trailer of Paranormal Activity 3, that nothing eventually appears in the movie? For example, you saw the fire that is mentioned in part 1 and 2 in the trailer, but this doesn't even happen in the movie! I thought that was a real shame, because it would totally make sense with the previous movies. I did not even see Paranormal Activity 4 yet, because it seemed boring to me, and seemed like it had nothing to do with the original story anymore. But of course, I can't really say that without seeing it first, so this was just what I figured from the trailer. I think they should definitely not make this movie, and if they do, they have to stop after this, because else it will be just like the Saw series, that don't even connect each other anymore when the series progressed. 
  • Prometheus 2: When I finished watching Prometheus it was very clear that there will be a sequel, I thought the first one was reasonable but nothing special. I do want to see the sequel because there where many things left unexplained, so I'm kinda curious about the details of the story. I just read somewhere that Prometheus is some sort of prequel of Alien? I have no idea, because I never saw the Alien series (shame shame, again), but if it indeed is a prequel it might be time to start watching the Alien series. 
  • Ring 3D: You might have read my tirade on 3D movies, but I want to make an exception for this movie. Ever since 3D was coming up, I said how cool it would be if the Ring would be in 3D, because of the effect when the girl is crawling out of the television. I think many have figured this, or else this movie wouldn't be made I guess. Unfortunately, I can't see 3D movies, so I will never experience this, but I think it's fun for the people who can see it. The movie itself doesn't seem really interesting to me, to be honest, since it probably will be a prequel.
  • Sinister 2: I'm not sure how they will continue this one, maybe with a prequel or something. It will not have Ethan Hawke in it, I can assure you that haha. But there's nothing known for this movie, so it might be fake. I liked Sinister, and if the sequel will be just as scary than it might be fun to watch, but to be honest, I don't think it will ever come out.
  • Texas Chainsaw 4: I haven't seen Texas Chainsaw 3 yet because it isn't out on DVD yet, so I can't really discuss this movie. But when I personally think at this moment is that they shouldn't make this. All the movies are getting reboots, sequels and prequels and to be honest, aren't we all a bit sick of them? Sure, some of them where good, but some of them where also terrible. But unfortunately, this will probably never stop. Anyway, Texas Chainsaw 4 isn' really a must for me, but that might also be because I haven't seen part 3 yet. I will add more information to my review, once I've seen it!
  • The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes: To be honest, I really liked the reboot. Good acting, some scary jump scenes and it was somewhat believable. It might be fun to watch, but it can also go terribly wrong with making a sequel to this. I definitely don't think it's necessary to make this movie. There is also a claim that another movie is being made about the Amityville Horror, which is supposed to come out in 2014, just as this movie.
  • The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia: This is kinda fun, because the movie is called The Haunting in Connecticut, while it plays in Georgia, a bit stupid huh? Why not calling it The Haunting in Georgia? I think people can figure out for themselves that it's a sequel. So besides the stupid name, I think the movies will not be fun, the trailer is already available, and it doesn't seem to be anything special. Chad Michael Murray is back to horror, which might be because he doesn't seem to get any other roles anymore, but I liked him in The House of Wax, so we'll see that later. But they really need to think better about that name...
  • The Strangers 2: I think I'm actually excited for this to happen. I do hope that they explain the motives of killers, a bit more background information about them or something. I also heard that Liv Tyler was interested in playing in this movie again. I don't know how they are going to do that, but I think it might be a real good movie. I also hope that they won't kill of her character immediately, but I'm afraid that that is what will happen. Anyway, I hope this movie will be made eventually.
  • The Woman in Black: Angels of Death: I don't see why they would make this movie. The original doesn't have a sequel either, and I think that part one ended well. But no, they continue with some story of '40 years later, this family moves into the same old house'. So I guess that this movie will be very predictable. Unless, they have more background information, in that case it might be interesting. But we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  • Zombieland 2: I really enjoyed Zombieland, but I think a sequel is really unnecessary. Zombieland had a great ending, and I don't think they should continue this movie. If they are making this I really hope that the same cast will play in it again, because they where a perfect chemistry for the movie. It's not necessary to make this movie, but it might be a good movie eventually. 

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