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Review: Wicked Little Things (2006)

Wicked Little Things
IMDB rate: 5,0
Genre: Zombie

For some reason this movie is named 'Zombies' on the dvd cover, so I couldn't find what movie I actually bought for a long time. So that's why I finally decided to watch it. The first thing I noticed was that Chloe Moretz is playing in this movie, so from that moment I could finally search it on IMDB. The rate wasn't that good, and not a lot of 'famous' actors where playing in it, but that doesn't have to say anything of course. 

In 1913, in Carlton Mine, Addytown, Pennsylvania, the cruel owner of a mine uses poor children in the exploration and after an explosion, a group of children is buried alive. On the present days, Karen Tunny (Lori Heuring) has just lost her husband after a long period of terminal disease when the family savings have been spent in the treatment. Without any money, she moves with her daughters Sarah (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Emma (Chloe Grace Moretz) to and old house in the mountains that belonged to her husband. Karen is advised by her neighbors to stay at home in the night, and Sarah hears that there are zombies in the area. When Emma becomes a friend of Mary (a kid that died in the mine accident), her mother believes she is an imaginary friend. However, when Sarah's friends are attacked and eaten alive by zombie children and Emma vanished, Karen and Sarah chase her nearby the mine.

To be honest, what a terrible movie. It's full with horror cliches. The teenagers making out in a car hearing a noise outside, the unfriendly locals and the local freak who appears not to be a freak.
We've seen them all, and when watching this movie,  you will probably all see it coming. 

The acting is terrible, from almost everybody, except Chloe Moretz. Even when she was a lot younger, she was a very good actress, and even in this movie, you can tell that she's the one that will get famous, not one of the others. I already complained about Taylor Scout-Compton in my Halloween review, and in this movie she's just as bad. Come one, when you have a bunch of zombie children coming after you, will you really fall down on the ground and cry that you can't run anymore? It's called adrenaline, and it will make you run if you are seeing this crazy shit going on. The make up of the zombie kids looks terrible, and is not even a bit scary. Zombie children can be very scary, but they just made this all wrong. It resembles the vampires in 30 Days of Night a lot, and well, they where vampires, and not zombies...

Another real bothering fact was the door. If somebody is throwing blood all over your front door, will you really still not get a lock? I mean, you have an eight year old daughter, and you live in the woods. Seriously? You don't find it a bit weird that the door is open EVERY time you look at it. Get the stupid lock fixed woman! Talking about bad parenting... Another weird thing is that the local grocery store hangs full with posters of missing people. And still, nobody bothers talking about it. When this many people are missing, the FBI would already be on top of it. But no, of course not.

There where not many tension building moments, and when they where, nothing eventually happens, so that was a bit of a waste. There was an incredibly annoying sound during the whole movie, not only the 'scary' moments, but also on the moments when nothing happened. When you notice this sound, you can't ignore it, and it becomes irritating. 

This movie could have had potential, because zombie children that came out of a mine can be really scary. But this movie just messed up terribly. The acting is terrible (except for Chloe Moretz), the script is terrible and the sounds wrong placed and not scary at all. The ending was the worst, way too 'mild'. If it had a bit more action, I might have given it a better rate but sorry it's just not.

There might be a small change you find this scary if zombie children are freaking you out like hell, maybe if you have the hots for Taylor Scout-Compton or if you just enjoy watching bad zombies movies, but in any other case, don't spend any money or time on it.

My personal rate: 3/10

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  1. I'm here because of the annoying sound. Totally ruined the movie for me.


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