Friday, 29 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 7: Dead Weight

I'm sorry to start this little review so negative, but this was one terrible episode. It was boring, and to be honest, season 4 itself isn't really good yet. It has a few strong episodes, but overall it's taking all way too long and things happening aren't very interesting. The location gets boring and the dangers of it too, the only thing that's a bit interesting at the moment is who will survive this virus and will they finally leave this prison. 

To make this episode even worse, it was about the Governor, again. You see, I get why the previous episode was about the Governor, we saw a bit of his life after Woodbury and he even seemed to have better his life. But, this episode it was all about him again and we learn that he didn't change a bit. What makes me angry is the fact that this episode seems to ignore everything that happened in the previous episode. The governor was bad, went good and went bad again. Not very interesting and to me it makes the previous episode very useless.

So the fact is now that the Governor is still after the prison for some dumb reason. I don't even get why he wants it that badly. Dude, move on and get yourself and your new family a new place. 
Now we've seen two episodes about the Governor, first he seems to better his life but this was only fake which made it a very useless episode, this episode he found Martinez and he immediately kills him when he saved him. I'm sorry, but why? Why everything? I seriously don't get what these writers are doing because it's just so boring now. 

There are already two episodes without the main cast and we're nearing the mid-season finale, which probably means that we will get some stupid cliffhanger in the next episode. Personally I hope that they stop with the Governor stuff after the next episode because it's just a repeat of season 3. I'm really hoping that he will die the next episode, and that they will find a new place again. I really don't care at the moment who dies because the character development has been poor lately. I only care about Daryl and Michonne surviving to be honest.

At the moment I think that season 4 is worse than season 3. I liked season 3 but there were so many unnecessary episodes in it. With season 4 it's almost an exact repeat only with some illness hanging around and with even more useless episodes. I'm not even excited for the next episode anymore because this one was that boring. I really hope that the writers will come with something good in the next few episodes, because this is becoming absolutely worthless. Come back with the simple episodes of season 1, only 6 episodes and everything was clear. For the new seasons they come with 16 episodes and sorry, but that's totally unnecessary. 
I'm crossing my fingers that the next episode will finally be good again!

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