Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 6: Live Bait

Oops, a bit late again. It was only until today that I finally had a bit time to watch The Walking Dead again. I was actually quite looking forward to it, since the last episode ended with a quick view of The Governor. The Walking Dead can use a bit of good action again so seeing a familiar face like The Governor had to make it interesting again.

With that I wouldn't say that the past few episodes were bad, but I definitely did not like them as much as I liked the previous seasons. Well, maybe I do like it as much, but on a different way. Season 1 and 2 were excellent, season 3 was good too, but unfortunately there were too many useless episodes which made it a bit less good again. Season 4 did have a few 'boring' episodes until this far, but it's not as bad yet as in season 3. 

What was nice about season 1, 2 and 3 was the fact that the location changed every time. With season 4 still in the prison it might become a bit dull, so I guess that it's a bit dangerous to use the same location again in a TV show like this one. 

What I notice in season 4 is that they focus a lot more on each individual. They focused a bit more on Michonne, Hershel and The Governor. In a way this is very clever because when they follow one individual, we get to see a new location every time they go out of the prison. It's also very interesting to get to know these characters a bit better, instead of just focusing on Rick. 

What I notice in season 4, this far, is that there's a lot less action. There are of course zombie attacks but on a different way I guess. They are quite neutral about it now, because they are facing these bastards for quite some time now. It's logical that they are becoming more neutral about seeing and killing the zombies, but for the action-level of the show it's a bit sad. 

As was it with this specific episode again. This episode was all about The Governor, we see what he did after Woodbury. He meets a family and actually helps them a bit. We know this Governor as a cruel bastard, but is he starting to show a bit of regret? I'm not quite sure yet, he was quite nice this episode and helped the family a lot. But personally I don't think that he can be trusted. I haven't read the comics of The Walking Dead, so correct me if I'm wrong but I heard that in the comics the Governor is the cruelest bastard alive, and sure that's also what we saw until this far, but is there a chance that he can be trusted again? I'm very curious to see how this Governor situation will develop in the next few episodes. 

The episode itself wasn't very exciting, the killing was kinda tame and since we are used to hating The Governor we can't really sympathize with him. I do think it was interesting to see what The Governor did after Woodbury, we perhaps start to get to know him better now.
I am very excited for the next episode though!

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