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Review: Misfits (Season 1)

Season 1
IMDB rate: 8,4
Genre: Comedic, TV Show, Supernatural

Last week I started watching Misfits, I had no idea what it was about and I always thought that it was about some random kids doing bad things, so I was kinda surprised that it was actually kinda supernatural. Maybe this review isn't very fitting for a horror blog, but hey, it's is a bit supernatural and I really liked this show. Sure, it is about kids doing bad things, but they do have superpowers! How cool is that?

So, I was very surprised when watching this because it was absolutely not what I expected. It really is a good show, it has it's drama, it has it's supernatural stuff and it has it's comedic side. For me it was a very good combination. It has the typical British humor and personally I loved it. 
While the characters are actually a bit scumbags, they start to grow on you. You start caring for them, how strangely it may seem when you first start watching this show. 

I've just finished season 2, so I'll write a review about that too Luckily there are only 6-8 episodes in a season, so it doesn't take as long as watching Lost for example (around 25 episodes each season). 

So a bit about the characters:

Nathan Young: Played by Robert Sheehan. How I hated this guy in the beginning, he was such a cunt and super annoying. But like I said, they start to grow on you, as is it with Nathan. I think that Robert Sheehan is a very good choice for playing Nathan. He just has the right looks and his acting is very convincing. His ability became known quite late, but it is quite a cool one. His ability is that he is immortal, and believe me when I say that he needed it quite a lot.
Alisha Daniels: Played by Antonia Thomas. Another character that started to grow on me, she too was an incredible bitch in the beginning, but I must say that her character became a lot softer after awhile. Antonia Thomas plays her character quite well, she can play both soft and bitchy very convincing so that's a good thing. Her ability is very lame though, if she touches a man he wants to have sex with her. Yeah well, very helpful.. 
Kelly Bailey: Played by Lauren Socha. Excellent casting if you ask me. If you only see her you can't help but think that she's trash. And when she starts to talk everything you thought about her gets confirmed. Amazing acting (or isn't it acted?). But she too get's to be a lot softer after awhile. Her superpower is that she can hear thoughts of everyone. Quite useful, but in my opinion it's isn't used a whole lot.
Simon Bellamy: Played by Iwan Rheon. Personally he is my favorite, he is incredibly adorable and shy and again, he is casted perfectly. I previously saw him as Ramsay Snow in season 3 of Game of Thrones, so this was quite a character switch. I already liked him since the very first episode, and that only grew a whole lot, so I guess I'm a new fan of Iwan. He can be invisible which is quite awesome and useful. It's also something that really fits his character since he is very shy and a bit introvert. 
Curtis Donovan: Played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. Not sure what to think of him. He seems okay and he stayed okay through entire season 1 and 2. I don't find him very interesting though. His acting is very good and I can imagine him being the same in real life as he is in character. His ability is to rewind back time. Quite useful but we don't see a whole lot of it unfortunately. He did manage to save everyone a few times though, so that's kinda cool. 

Episode discussing! It will be short I promise, but since there are only 6 episodes it's not too much to talk about.

Season 1, episode 1:
Great beginning. We get to know each character a bit better, in the beginning you may still think that it's only about a few random kids that did bad stuff but then when the lightning hits, things are starting to change! I'm glad this went that quickly or else I might have stopped watching. Great episode with a proper introduction to each character, we know what we can expect from them which is kinda good. We also immediately know that it's not just a show about random kids doing bad stuff, it's about some young folks with superpowers. Also, there's a lot happening which brings a good story for the rest of the season.
Season 1, episode 2: 
We now learn that the five young folks are not the only people who gained superpowers because of the storm. We also learn that these superpowers can be very big, but also very small and useless, for example, a man starts to think that he's a Jack Russell. I thought that was very original. Overall not a very interesting episode, but it was a funny one.
Season 1, episode 3: 
A lot of improvement in the case of this season, the dead body of their probation worker is almost being found so they search for a solution. Again, not a very interesting episode, but again it was a funny one.
Season 1, episode 4: 
Very good episode. Curtis rewinds time so he can make up for all his mistakes, but this has some serious consequences. Again, spoilers! Anyway, when he made up for one mistake, another one was being made. I thought it was brilliant that they all died when he was free, so clever because he saved them all the first time, so it's only logical that they didn't die. 
Season 1, episode 5:
A Simon involving episode, yay! Man, how sorry can I feel for this boy. I think that Iwan Rheon is an excellent (and if I may say, a very attractive) man. It was a very good episode which taught us a lot about Simon and his feelings, we also learn that you don't want to mess with him! But in all seriousness, I really liked this episode.
Season 1, episode 6:
Best episode this far. Nathan becomes a hero, sort of. It was an amazing episode with a lot of happenings. Also a mystery man shows up! Can't say a whole lot about this episode, besides that I loved it.
"We had it all, we fucked up bigger and better than any generation that came before us!"

As you may notice, I became quite a big fan of Misfits. It was absolutely not what I expected from it and that's what made it so great. I really like it and I recommend watching it!
Can't wait until I can watch season 3 tomorrow. And expect a review about season 2 too one of these days.

My personal rate: 9/10

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  1. I loved, loved, loved Series 1!! Series 2 was alright and I never could get into the third one or any thereafter, if there were some.


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