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Review: Lost [Season 4]

Season 4
IMDB rate: 8,5
Genre: TV Show, Mystery, Drama

Time for season 4! Again, I'm a bit ahead of this post already because at the moment I'm halfway through season 6, which means that I'm almost finished. Season 4 is still decent, there are some new characters introduced and they are quite cool. However, I also watched season 5 and a bit of season 6 too and I can say for sure that season 5 is the most terrible one. It's really going nowhere and it just doesn't fit with the story. Season 6 is pretty weird too, but it's less weird as season 5. But anyway, we're here to discuss season 4!

In season 4 people are finally close to being rescued, but since this was already shown in the beginning of the season, we knew that this was not going to be that easy. And of course, it wasn't. 
It took this entire season for them to being rescued, and well, as you can imagine, sometimes things are getting standard and boring. But, you did read that right! They are being rescued!

But why does it not end here at season 4?
Well, of course not everyone went with them. Some stayed out if freewill, some were forced to and some were kidnapped. So, we of course needed to know what happened with them, so there you go, another season story!
Sure, I get that some people wanted to stay, but it was not very clear why the ones saved never came back to the island. Also, why lie about all the dead people? Just because some people are still alive doesn't mean that other people will find the island.

All together, season 4 was a bit unnecessary with a few aspects. For example, why could they just not simply be saved at the end of season 3? The show would have ended so much better and there wouldn't be 3 unnecessary and not-so-good seasons. The things added in season 4 were a bit lame and totally not logical, which made it much less good as the previous 3 seasons.

Of course there are new characters introduced to the show, because what else would keep it interesting?
There are 4 new main characters introduced, they are the so called rescuers. But instead of rescuing them, they seem to have a different purpose on this island - of course.


  • Miles Straume: Played by Ken Leung. At first a bit of a boring adding to the show. He seemed to be just another scumbag with some unusual story. Miles has the ability to see the last moments of someones life. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that now also some people get abilities! Everything to keep it interesting, right? Anyway, after awhile his character grew a lot and he now seems a lot nicer and more interesting.
  • Daniel Faraday: Played by Jeremy Davies. Personally he is my favorite one of the new cast members. He seems to be a very confused and smart man, personally I find him adorable. He knows a lot about the island and actually helps a lot. 
  • Frank Lapidus: Played by Jeff Fahey. I also like him a lot, he was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815 but stepped out at the last moment. He knew all this time that the plane of the bottom of the ocean wasn't the real one and so he decided to check out were the real one is. He is a very likable character and seems to care a lot for everyone. 
  • Charlotte Lewis: Played by Rebecca Mader. For me she was kinda useless. She went to the island to search for her home again or something. To be it was a very lame story and I think that she was only added to have 'another pretty face' on the show. 
And again, a list of good and bad episodes!

Episode 2: Confirmed Dead
Episode 5: The Constant
Episode 7: Ji Yeon
Episode 8: Meet Kevin Johnson

Least favorite ones:
Episode 4: Eggtown
Episode 6: The Other Woman
Episode 9: The Shape of Things to Come
Episode 11: Cabin Fever

The fourth season only has 14 episodes, that's almost half of the previous three seasons. I'm glad though that there are a lot less, because else it would probably become unbearably bad. 
In this seasons there's some stupid talking about a guy named Jacob, Locke goes crazy and we figure out who the rescuers are. All together it was not very interesting and it's very sad that they kept continuing the show this far. It's absolutely unnecessary and it gives the show a bad name.
In the previous seasons there were flashbacks of the life of each character, their story of their life before the island. In the new seasons there are flash-forwards to the moments were they are already rescued. What happens with them afterwards and how do they react on it. I don't think that this is a bad thing because it does explain a lot, but it does give away a bit of the mystery of the show - will they be rescued or not?

Personally I thought this season was a lot less interesting compared to the previous three. While I watched season 5 I almost stopped watching because it became very lame, but I did continue watching because I still was a bit curious. I don't think I will ever get the answers to the questions I have though, because there are not that many episodes left to watch.
I think that if people start watching Lost that they should stop at season 2 or 3, after season 3 things are getting weird, lame and very unoriginal. Also, there are all kinds of additions that are supposed to keep things interesting, but really are not.

My personal rate: 6,5/10

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