Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 3: Four Walls and a Roof

This review is NOT spoiler free!

Again, a bit late with my review. I'm sorry but I was very busy with school. The third episode of season five wasn't too bad I must admit. Compared to the previous two seasons it's actually not too bad at all so far. It was again an episode with quite a bit of action and good action I must say. 

Season 4 was pretty much one big build-up towards the whole Terminus thing and to be honest I expected that the Terminus thing would go further a while in season 5 as well. It actually ended with this episode and that's something I'm pretty happy about. If you've read my rant in my previous review, you know that I was quite afraid they will take profit of this for way too long, but luckily they knew when to stop with this storyline. The whole Terminus thing took 4 to 5 episodes perhaps in total, 2 from the previous seasons and 3 from this one. And that's not too bad, I think. It's also because there was a break from a year between the second and third episode that made it bearable. When these 5 episodes would've been in one season it might've become boring, but now it was timed quite good I think.

At the end of the second episode we saw Bob being captured by the Terminus people, or the Hunters as they call themselves. The Hunters are a group of cannibals who happened to be eating Bob his leg when he woke up. I already said this before but I think it's pretty awesome to have a group of cannibals added to The Walking Dead. It would've been quite unbelievable that there wouldn't be one group of sick people who didn't go that road. Cannibalism is something pretty disturbing and I thought it's a nice addition to the show. I already expected this, we all did, but Bob was indeed bitten by a zombie, meaning the Hunters were eating tainted meat. 

It would've been quite interesting to see if the tainted meat would've had any effect on the people. The meat was being cooked properly, but unfortunately we don't know if they would've gotten infected as well. This is because Rick and his group are pretty sick of all shit going down and they took justice in their own hands this time, and quickly as well. In most seasons you see them hesitate when they capture the bad guys because you can't just kill a living human without reason, but I'm glad that's over because it means the Hunters were dealt with once and for all.

That's pretty much the main storyline in this episode, and in my opinion it was pretty interesting. The more tiny story lines of this episode included Abraham wanting to go to Washington, which he eventually did. This means that Glenn, Maggie and Abraham's crew left the group, but I suspect that they will meet again sometime. It was also about Tyreese overcoming his fear of killing, which he did eventually. He's quite a cute character actually, since he probably looks the most badass compared to the rest, but he's the sweetest. Always walking with the baby and stuff, very cute. 

At the end of the episode we got a glimpse of what might come in the next episode, and perhaps the rest of the season. Darryl and Carol got back, we saw Darryl in one piece but he was being all mysterious about Carol who was in the bushes. Unfortunately the episode stopped here so we'll have to wait till next episode to know if something was wrong with her. For those who don't know yet, they were chasing the car that took Beth away, and I expect that the rest of the season will be about those people. We did see a glimpse of Beth in the next episodes' trailer, meaning she's still alive. It seemed like she was in a hospital of some sort and things were messed up. I'm actually quite curious where the show will continue to go after this. What's a bit strange actually is that Maggie just left while her sister hasn't been found yet. 

The third episode was quite good, it dealt with the bad guys and showed some perspectives of the human nature. It also made me very curious about the next episode. I think so far this season is better compared to season 4. It's still too early to really tell though.

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