Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday the 13th

IMDB rate: 6,5
Genre: Slasher
Starring: Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Kevin Bacon

Finally people, I watched Friday the 13th. This is the first time ever that I've watched a Friday the 13th movie, for a change I haven't even seen the remake yet. I'm planning to first watch all the Friday the 13th movies and after that I'll watch the remake, and after that compare the two! But well, that might still take some time :). I did see Freddy vs. Jason by the way, but well, that's a bit different. 

I liked the movie, while watching it time flew by. I wouldn't say it was a particularly impressive movie, but it certainly was a fun watch. I'm not really sure what I exactly expected from this movie, I knew some things about Friday the 13th, but still it was different from what I imagined. Not really sure if it's better or worse though. Something that I am a bit disappointed about was the fact that I already knew who the killer was thanks to one of my favorite slasher movies Scream. Thanks for that spoiler Wes Craven ;). 

Here's my small spoiler, but I think if you're somewhat familiar with the concept of Friday the 13th you have your expectation of who the killer is, that being Jason, but with knowing thanks to Scream that it was actually his mother who was the killer in this part it spoils something I wouldn't have seen coming if I didn't knew it already.

It's funny that Kevin Bacon is the only actor who grew big after this movie because he's definitely not one of the better actors in Friday the 13th. I actually liked every other actor better than him. Adrienne King is a good main character for this movie I think, she was simple and not one of those extreme screaming girls. What I did miss though was a bit more character depth, like there's something mysterious about Adrienne King's character, but you never get to know what it is. There's just missing something.

At first I was surprised how quickly the people died in this movie, in a term of early in the movie. But then I realized that the time just flew by while watching this movie. It's funny because I wouldn't say that I thought it was an incredible movie, but I still had a very good time watching it. It was definitely more tensive compared to what I expected from it. 

Something that I didn't like a whole lot was the make-up. When someone got killed the make-up was way too obvious. She skin color changed quite some bit when someone died, it was very grayish making it too visible. Another thing that I didn't like was when they killed the snake, this is because it wasn't a fake snake, they actually killed a snake for that scene which is definitely not necessary. 

After watching Friday the 13th for the first time I can honestly say I liked it, it wasn't the best movie and definitely not the greatest slasher either but it's definitely a good watch. Can't wait to see the sequels and I'm hoping to learn more about Jason. I mean, with 9 sequels (Freddy vs. Jason and the remake not counted) you may expect some stories about him, right? It's pretty funny actually that this movie led to 9 sequels and that Jason became such a big thing, considering he's not even in this movie. Or well, he's in the movie but not in the way you know him. 

My rate: 7/10

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