Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 4: Slabtown

This is NOT a spoiler free review!

The fourth episode of this season was definitely one of the lesser enjoyable ones. If you follow my TWD reviews you know that I was quite impressed (against my expectations btw) with the first three episodes. The fourth episode however was not very impressive. 

This has a very clear reason, which is the return of Beth. For those who don't know Beth was kidnapped and for a few episodes she disappeared. Now she's back and we get to know her story. Apparently some people tried rescuing her from the zombies and took her to some sort of hospital. At first it seemed pretty normal, almost as if the world hadn't end, but of course this is never the case with this show. To be honest I didn't really get what was going on in this episode, it was all kind of confusing. 

Beth was taken to this hospital where she was cured by a nice looking doctor. Then a woman shows up who's being a bitch. She's bitch-slapping her and stuff, saying she now owns them. Anyway, she got a real anger problem. The doctor appears to be a selfish bastard that kills to be more important. Oh, and there's a raper cop. This cop does get killed though in this episode, which is pretty much the only thing that I admire from this episode, since that scenario would become very predictable else wise. 

The most bothering thing about this episode is of course Beth herself. Most annoying character from TV history I suspect. Thinking she's tough, while she's just an irritating useless person. It's not just that it's a terrible character, she's being played by a terrible actress as well, Emily Kinney. Her emotions don't show at all, and when they do, it looks very fake. Because of this it's terribly hard to connect with the character. 

It's true that the creators of the show try to give Beth a bigger role, but it just doesn't bother me anymore. To me she'll always be that one useless character that can't emote and is just boring as fuck. Melissa McBride's character Carol got out of that, but I find it very hard to believe that they can pull off the same thing with Beth.

The episodes wasn't very interesting, it was slow and things were predictable. I liked that the raping cop got killed off immediately, but that's about it. We don't know much about this place yet, but I'm not sure if it will lead to an interesting story ever. What I am curious about it how Carol ended up being there as well, and who was with Daryl at the end of the previous episode. I'm slightly disappointed in this episode, but there's still enough yet to come, so I'm pretty interesting with future episodes.

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