Monday, 10 November 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 5: Self Help

This is NOT a spoiler free review!

Another episode of The Walking Dead, and yet another episode that wasn't very interesting. It wasn't a boring as the previous one, but still.. not very entertaining either.

This episode was about Abraham and his crew who are trying to get to Washington because Eugene claims to know how to solve the world as it is. In Abraham's crew are Tara, Maggie, Glenn, Eugene and Rosita which aren't the most interesting characters to be honest. Tara is just there to make a lame remark once in a while, Eugene is talking smart stuff that no one understands and this episode might have been the first one where Rosita actually spoke more than two sentences. The only one with a bit of a story are Glenn and Maggie, but their role isn't very big anymore the last couple of episodes, so their contribution to this episode wasn't much either.

Abraham and co. are on their way to Washington but their bus breaks down. This is still only 15 km from Rick and his group. They kill some walkers, seek shelter and find a new bus. In this episode we learn a bit about Abraham's background story but still not enough to really know him. He scared away his family apparently, got depressed, saved Eugene and here he is. He's being a pretty big dick to everyone who stands in his way to get Eugene to Washington which is getting somewhat annoying since it happens every episode. 

Because Abraham is being a dick, Eugene eventually breaks down and says that he lied to everyone, he doesn't know what caused the apocalypse and he doesn't know how to fix it either. This stops the fight and this also pretty much stops the episode. It was a pretty big bummer actually, since the viewers were counting on him being the big savior, but apparently all these episodes spending about it were... well useless actually. Eugene does still claim though that Washington is the best place to survive, and that they should still head that way. 

This episode was pretty boring. It was Abraham's background story, a bit of zombie fighting and Eugene's big confession. The Eugene confession was actually the only thing interesting about it and in my opinion they shouldn't have paid an entire episode on this since it was just not worth it. 

I'm hoping next episode will be better again, in the previews we saw Darryl and Carol going on Beth's mission. We already know about this that Darryl got back alive with someone else and that Carol ended up in the same hospital, so I'm hoping they still have some exciting stuff for next episode since we already know a lot about it. 

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