Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 6: Consumed

This is NOT a spoiler free review!

Well, it's getting a bit standard to say but *yawn* what a boring episode, again. I'm getting a bit tired of this actually, sometimes I think it's better to just watch the first episode, the eight episode, the ninth episode and the sixteenth episode since those are the ones that really matter, and are often pretty good. Everything in between is mostly just.. boring. 

The thing that's causing this high boringness of those episodes is the episode count in a season. In season 1 there were only 6 episodes and it was a brilliant show. Every episode was interesting and exciting. The second season was still okay with a total count of 13 episodes, there was a small amount of less fun episodes, but they weren't boring episodes. From season 3 on they started to have a standard of 16 episodes, meaning they need to have actual material to fill 16 episodes with, which I don't think they have. Sure, 16 episodes will bring in more money, but is it really worth risking losing your viewers  for that? It's just a fact that these creators don't have enough material to keep 16 episodes exciting, and I think it will eventually chase away a lot of The Walking Dead viewers. 

To be honest, I think I'm mostly still watching this every monday to avoid the internet spoilers about these episodes. Every monday I'm watching it over dinner, and while it's fun, it's not that I'm still excited about watching it that day. It's not like Game of Thrones for example, where I can't wait till the next episode comes out and I'm watching it the second I am able to. 

This episode is finally giving answers to the ending of the third episode where Darryl came out of the bushes with an unknown person behind him. It was a pretty predictable answer to be honest, after seeing the fourth episode I already figured who it was and I was right about that. The episode wasn't very exciting, it followed Darryl and Carol but they hardly spoke and the few things they said were hardly relevant for the story. It also contained a couple of flashbacks to what Carol did after leaving the prison, but they just weren't interesting, since it still told us nothing new. 

They did find out where Beth is and now Carol is trapped there as well and I guess that the next two episodes will be about rescuing both. Perhaps it doesn't even end in two episodes, perhaps they let us wait again until february for the mid-season premiere. Thing is, I'm not really interested in what happens next. I think someone will die and I'm hoping it will be Beth, since she's causing a lot of shit every season. 

Please Walking Dead, just stop making 16 episodes every season, you just can't live up to it. Keep the episodes exciting by keeping it simple. Less is more! In all seriousness, it better be good again soon, since these boring episodes are just bullshit and somewhat a waste of time. 

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