Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 7: Crossed

This review is NOT spoiler free!

I always put a spoiler warning first in front of TWD reviews but I am wondering with each review why I'm still doing this, considering nothing new actually ever happens. Yes, you might read a bit of disappointment in that sentence which is not really strange after the last couple of episodes. If you're following each one of my reviews of TWD episodes you might know that I liked the first and second episode, everything after that was unfortunately rubbish. 

The story did finally follow all storylines again, after 4 episodes of separate stories. It's nice to know what's happening to each separate group at the same moment, instead of watching an episode about someone you don't give a shit for and having to wait a few episodes to know about the person you do care for. Even though there was a lot going on with following 4 storylines, it was still not interesting enough to make me excited for next week's mid-season finale.

In this episode Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Rosita, Tara and Eugene are still stuck on the road with Eugene being knocked unconscious. Abraham is being silent and stubborn and doesn't want to say a thing, because he's disappointed in Eugene. Meanwhile, Glenn, Tara and Rosita are looking for water. While doing this they talk, Rosita finally says a few words again and that's about it. Abraham is also finally speaking again after Maggie confronted him. Yay, this was so exciting.

In the church are Michonne, Carl, Judith and Father Gabriel. Judith is being a cry-baby (hah!), Carl is being tough and tries to learn Gabriel how to fight. He doesn't want to and eventually escapes the church, we don't know why.

Beth is in the hospital, trying to save Carol. She's doing something she's not supposed to and she seems to feel really badass about it. There's even mentioned by the leader Dawn that she's tougher than she looks. Truth is, Beth is still an useless character, who is not interesting at all.

Daryl, Rick, Sascha, Tyreese and new guy Noah are going on a trip to try and save Beth and Carol. While trying to do this they encounter a few cops from the hospital. Shit's going (not really) down and eventually Rick and his group have these cops captured. In this meantime Daryl was in danger for two seconds, but that didn't excite much because you know they wouldn't kill Daryl of very easily since he's the favorite of practically everyone. The cops somewhat helping them explain how the hospital's leader (Dawn) is like. But then they're not nice anymore and one of them knocks Sascha unconscious and runs away. /Sarcasm I did not see that one coming, at all /sarcasm off.

Honestly, I couldn't care less who dies next episode at this point. 5 bad episodes in a row is definitely not cool. I'm pretty sure that the next episode will be exciting though, every mid-season finale is exciting. But even though it might become exciting, I just couldn't care less at the moment after 5 horribly boring predictable episodes. Perhaps they should all die and end this bullshit because I can't imagine they will ever reach the awesomeness of the first season again. At the moment the only thing that's not predictable about next episode is who will die, since that could be everyone.

I'm starting to grow tired of this show :(.

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