Monday, 13 October 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 1: No Sanctuary

This review is NOT spoiler free!

It's that time of the year again, a new season of The Walking Dead has started! For those who don't know already, I was a big fan of the first season, the second and third season were okay, but I wasn't the biggest fan of season four. We were left with a big cliffhanger where most of the group was locked in this so-called sanctuary Terminus. The last episode of season 4 was pretty tensive because of this cliffhanger, also the group was finally almost back together, which was pretty nice.

This episode was filled with a lot of action - finally. The last few episodes in previous seasons were just a bit... I wouldn't say lame, but it was pretty close to lame. They were just using too many episodes for useless stuff and using multiple episodes to build up to something. I hope they won't do that again, and in my opinion they started this season off amazingly. Sure it was slightly predictable, but that doesn't really matter since the viewer wants that most of the group stays alive.

If you're still reading this, this is where the real spoilers start!
This episode starts pretty much where the last one left of. Rick and his group are trapped inside Terminus. Meanwhile, Carol and Tyreese are wandering in the woods when Carol decides to go to Terminus, while Tyreese stays behind with baby Judith. In Terminus Carol manages to distract everybody, meaning Rick and the group could escape. Afterwards, Carol is being reunited with the group. She brings them to Tyreese, meaning that Rick and Carl are finally reunited again with Judith.

It was a nice episode, it really was. It was tensive, but also brutal and awesome. There are some pretty nasty deaths, and it's quite awesome that Rick and co. aren't dealing with all this shit anymore. They immediately kill anybody who is crossing their path, which is nice. Previously it lead them to situations where they were almost killed, but they're kinda done with it, I think. There were finally tons of zombies again and that included also some nice killing of them. In the end there was the final reunion with the entire group, which was a touching moment. At first I was scared they would drag the reunion over half of the season again, but luckily they did it right away. The only one still missing right now is Beth, but in my opinion she isn't really missed. I wouldn't care if she was dead, actually. She's an useless character who only sings. In the end we got a nice little surprise with Morgan showing up, perhaps he was the one kidnapping Beth? I'm also still interested in the Terminus people, since there are rumors they are cannibals. I think we aren't done with them yet actually, so maybe we still get some inside scoops.

This episode was a promising start for this season, it made me really excited for the other episodes. Perhaps The Walking Dead will finally be interesting again!

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