Friday, 17 October 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

Once in a while I like to write about something different than a horror movie. Not so long ago I watched Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, or in short: Sin City 2. 
I personally was a big fan of the first Sin City movie. It was a very refreshing movie in my opinion. They kept the color scheme of the comic book, which was mostly black and white with very few use of color. The use of color is of course what's most notable about Sin City, it's what made things pop out. What I also liked were the white glasses of Kevin, it was something that made him somewhat outstanding.

In Sin City 2 they just overused this interesting color scheme. It was not special anymore because it was used for every little unimportant thing. The blue dress? Nice, but it had to further use. Also, suddenly every character that wore glasses had them made white, again, with no further use. It's sad because I thought this was what made you recognize Kevin most, or perhaps they should've used it for another psychopath, not just for every character who happens to wear glasses.

Sin City 2 is a bit of a sequel and a prequel, which makes it difficult to keep track sometimes when what takes place. As if this wasn't difficult enough already, it's being made harder because there's almost nobody left of the original Sin City. Michael Clarke Duncan's Manute is now being played by Dennis Haysbert because Michael Clarke Duncan sadly passed away. The cop Bob is now being played by Jeremy Piven instead of Michael Madsen. Jamie Chung replaced Devon Aoki as Miho, of course Miho's role isn't that big but I loved the deadly look of Devon Aoki, while Jamie Chung looks more sweet instead of deadly. Josh Brolin now plays Dwight, who previously was played by Clive Owen. In this case however it's justified since the character got a new face and they actually did their best to make Josh Brolin resemble Clive Owen's Dwight as much as possible. 

All together, it was pretty confusing some times. Besides this cast misfortune and the wrong choice of colors, the script was just terrible. It was just messy and it did not fit together well at all. The characters are just plain, even Nancy's (Jessica Alba) great role was turned into nothing in this movie. We were all surprised when Bruce Willis showed up in the cast list on IMDB, but in fact his role in Sin City 2 might have been the shortest one of his entire career. 

I'm not always the biggest fan of Mickey Rourke, but he was pretty good in his role as Marv in Sin City 2, unlike others. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also a great choice for the role he had, I think he was my favorite in this movie. It's just so sad that it turned out to be this bad. 

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is not a good movie. It has a terrible script, and it's overplaying the significant small things from the first movie. It's not worth watching, at all. Dare I say it? I think I enjoyed The Spirit (aka the so called bad movie version of Sin City) more than this movie.

My rate: 4/10

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