Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero (2014)

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

IMDB rate: 4,6
Genre: Virus
Starring: Sean Astin, Mitch Ryan, Jillian Murray

Another Cabin Fever movie. I actually did not necessarily hate the first Cabin Fever movie. I just liked the idea of it, of a virus killing people and stuff. It's definitely a movie not to take seriously, and then you might be able to like it a bit perhaps. I always enjoy watching the first Cabin Fever movie, even though it's not a very good movie. The second movie was a lot less serious and gave it a somewhat comedic twist, but that didn't turn out great either. Part three is a lot more serious again, and in my opinion a bit better compared to part 2. It's still a bad movie though. 

First of all, I'm a bit disappointed in Sean Astin for lowering the bar so incredibly much. First he was the hero of Middle Earth (come on, Frodo was a whining prick), and now this? He played patient zero in this movie, and it just had so many flaws. Of course you get to know nothing about the virus again, this patient zero is supposed to be the most interesting character in the movie, but instead they just test on him, he turns out to be a dick and that's it. The focus in this movie is again on the partying teenagers, which is quite a shame because this patient zero's story could've been so incredibly interesting. You would've gotten to know how the virus would've reached spain, what the connection was with Cabin Fever 1 and 2. Instead the focus is all wrong, which makes it just another terrible Cabin Fever movie.

I really had high hopes when I read last year that there will be a Cabin Fever movie called Patient Zero.  The story would've gotten a lot potential, a whole story about this virus and how it all works and stuff. Of course I should've known better that this is not how horror movies work, and that the makers always choose partying teenagers above an actual interesting story.

The moment you saw that a girl would join these guys on their bachelor party you know which way this movie would go. Of course she would try to seduce the man who would marry, even though her boyfriend's with her, because in horror movies, every girl is either a slut or a virgin. A bit tired to see this actually, it would've been nicer if the girl would've been left out. But hey, how else can they show the grossest scene in the movie where the boyfriend goes down on the girl who is sick, and show his mouth filled with blood, because he can't taste or feel the difference between a shit load of blood and you-know-what. He also can't seem to hear the difference between screaming and moaning... right...

Cabin Fever is overal a pretty lame movie, but it does always have great special effects, and the make-up looks awesome as well. The moment where one of the guys tries to pull his girlfriend up and the skin of her arms just rips off is kinda awesome. Incredibly far-fetched, but awesome as well. Or the moment where on of the doctors shoots his gun but because of his illness, his hand rips off leading to a gun in his head is pretty awesome too. 

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is not a good movie. The acting is pretty bad, with the exception of Sean Astin. The plot of a patient zero is unfortunately not used enough, only with some lame ending scene. This movie is pretty exaggerated, but it does have some pretty cool effects. Now all we have to do is wait for the next disappointment called Cabin Fever: Outbreak ;).

My rate: 4,5/10

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