Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Caller (2011)

The Caller

IMDB rate: 6,1
Genre: Revenge, Serial Killer
Starring: Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, Lorna Raver

Recently the name of The Caller kept popping up on every horror site I visited, because it was also available on Netflix it seemed like a good time to watch this movie. Because of the title I expected something like 'When A Stranger Calls', or something similar to that. The Caller is definitely different from When A Stranger Calls. I thought it was a good movie, but a bit confusing as well. It's hard to say which horror genre this movie belongs to, perhaps a bit Revenge? Or Serial Killer? I don't really know, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

I know Rachelle Lefevre from Under The Dome and Twilight, both not very good movies/TV shows, so I didn't really know what to expect from her. In the two Twilight movies she played in, her role wasn't very big and since the movies are pretty crap it was a bit of a hard read of her acting skills. In Under the Dome her role is pretty big but since that show is pretty crap as well, I just didn't pay a whole lot of attention to her. I liked her in The Caller though, she was very convincing. Her role isn't one of those whining roles, she actually tries to make things right, she was kinda badass. Also, she has the best hair ever ;).

I was a bit sad actually with how the movie ended up to be. Not because it was bad, but because I liked how John Guidi (played by Stephen Moyer) believed her immediately, and then something bad happened and it was just a twist I didn't expect.

At first I was very skeptical about how the gardener George (played by Luis Guzmán) could've actually met the woman who lived in the house in the 70's or 80's (can't remember when the caller Rose lived there), because he seemed way too young to be working in that garden for 30 or 40 years. But after I watched the movie I searched for Luis Guzmán on IMDB, and the guy actually was 56 by the time this movie was made, while I thought he would be 40 years old max.

Where I'm still a bit skeptical about is the finger buried in the ground. I just won't believe that finger would still look that good after 30 or 40 years. Also, every time Mary Kee is screaming nobody is reacting to it. Every normal apartment building is very noisy, and I find it hard to believe that no one heard her scream and called the cops or something. Or these people are just all very deaf.

I don't really get the purpose of the ex-husband in this movie, he's only being annoying and trying to take her dog, it doesn't really seem to add anything to the movie. It made me worry that he would took her dog, but that's about it. By the way, that dog is perhaps the least protective dog I've ever seen.

The movie is very tensive and it's pretty confusing in the beginning. When you finally get what's going on you instantly start liking this movie more. I really liked the ending where Mary Kee is helping her past-self attack the woman, it's very interesting and well thought through. The Caller isn't a movie filled with scares, and you really need to pay attention to keep up with what's going on, but it's a very good movie if you ask me. Some things are a bit far-fetched, but well, which horror movie isn't far-fetched. Great acting and a great ending.

My rate: 8/10

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