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Mini Ninjas Trophy Guide

Mini Ninjas is a fairly easy game that is available on PS3, PC and X-box. This game guide is mainly for the ps3 because I don't know if there are any differences for other devices.

There are 36 trophies that can be earned in this game.
Platinum: 1

Gold: 5

Silver: 9

Bronze: 21

All these trophies can be earned offline since there isn't any offline modus. There are however some tricks too earn the trophies easier, these will be explained later.

Before you begin with playing the game, set the game mode on Hard, because one of your trophies has to be earned by completing the game on hard mode. This will save quite some time, because there are many trophies that can be maintained in this mode. Some trophies like "Animal Friend", "Completist", "Sightseeing" and "Tengu Friend" seem to have glitches what causes a lot of useless game time, because when you didn't complete this at the first try you won't receive a trophy. I played the full game on Easy mode first, and tried to receive all the trophies after I finished when I played it all over in Hard mode. The trophy for "Tengu Friend" didn't work for me, so I had to remove the save file and play the game all over again. I didn't had trouble with the other ones, but there seem to be some people that have, so the important thing is that you complete these four trophies while playing the game on hard (if that is what you choose the first try).

The following trophies are easy maintained by just following the story line, remember, the best way to start is by playing in Hard mode. When you're eventually completing the leftovers, you can switch to easy and get the "Little Ninja" trophy too.

Off you go:
Complete basic training.

Found Futo:
Find Futo.

Found Suzume:
Find and free Suzume.

Found Shun:
Find and free Shun.

Found Kunouchi:
Find and free Kunouchi.

Found Tora:
Find and free Tora.

Lost and Found:
Retrieve all five missing ninjas.

Off the Richter Scale:
Defeat Boss Lumbering Fool

Smell you later:
Defeat Boss Windy Pants.

Tripped and Fell:
Defeat Boss Timid Swimmer.

Crash Landing:
Defeat Boss Screeching Owl.

Restore Balance:
Defeat the Evil Samurai Warlord.

Little Ninja:
Complete game on easy or medium difficulty.

All other trophies that need a bit more effort, remember that it's better if you get the trophies for "Animal Friend", "Completist", "Tengu Friend" and "Sightseeing" directly the first time you play the game.

Tree Hugger:
Shake 15 trees. 
These are found all over the game and you will probably walk into a lot of them, unfortunately bushes don't count.

Defeat an enemy as a snowball.
This has to be done in the level 'Snowy Canyon', you need to hit a tree right before you see an enemy, this will make you slowly a snowball. It might take a few attempts but eventually you will hit one of them. (Also, it might be easier if you just put the sixaxis off, be sure you don't change the difficulty)

Smooth Sailing:
Flawless Great River Canyon rafting.
This has to be done in the level 'Great River Canyon', you will need to raft the river without hitting any rocks. This is done in two parts, be sure you save in the middle because it might save a lot of time. You can check in the right corner if your hit made any damage to you hat, if it has, it will become a bit red on the bottom, the more you hit, the more red the hat will be. Be sure too check if you think you've hit something, because sometimes it didn't do any damage. Also, be sure that the hat stays completely white during this mission. Any red will made your change on the trophy go away and you have to start over again. I found it easy just to peddle a lot backwards, so you go slow, this makes it easier to navigate around the rocks. 

Bow before me:
Defeat 50 enemies with the bow.
One of your characters is Shun, he has a bow and is the only one that can get this trophy. 

Eat my dust:
Travel far in full gallop.
One of your characters is Tora, and his special attack is running very fast, it might take a few tries but the main key is letting the sprint meter get full and get an extra medicine that can fill this up again. Hold the triangle button until the sprint meter is empty. 

Pied Piper:
Incite 50 enemies to dance.
This can be done with your character Suzume. Just use her special move around a few ninjas so they will start dancing. 

Defeat 30 spearman with the spear.
This can be done with the character Kunoichi, her weapen is a spear. It's always more easy to use her when you get confronted with spearman, because you won't get hurt that fast. Just use this enough and the trophy will pop up very quickly!

Don't blame it on the sunshine:
Bring sunshine to all the denizens of the graveyard.
In the level 'Haunted Forest' you will get the spell where you can summon sunshine. You have to get this one or else you can't complete the level, you have to defeat all the ghosts in the graveyard with this spell, and the trophy will be yours.

No Conjurer of cheap Tricks:
Expend 1500 Ki using Ki magic.
This is almost naturally to get, because you will probably use a lot of magic in the game. If you didn't receive the trophy after a while, you can always go back to the 'Haunted Forest' to defeat some ghosts, they drop Ki so it's fast maintained.

Now you see me:
Attack 100 enemies in stealth mode.
This is easy with Hiro but takes some time if you're not using stealth mode a lot. If you do, the trophy will pop up in no time!

Big guy:
Defeat a large one.
This is also maintained easy because in some levels you must defeat the large ones before you can continue the story mode. To defeat a large guy you will need Futo to hit him three times, and after that hit the X button. Repeat this three times and he's dead in no time.

Defeat 10 enemies with the Boar.
It's fast done, but you probably won't do this while playing. Anyway, when you wan't to get this trophy, just search for one. 

Bear with me:
Defeat 10 enemies with the Bear.
In the level 'Leaving Home' you will need to take possession of a bear, so it's a good start. 

Visit all temples.
There are six temples through the entire game, but you will probably see them while playing. Don't forget to visit them, especially the first time playing, because it might be that there's a glitch when you want to visit it after completing the game. The levels where the temples are:

- Leaving Home
- A Distress Signal
- Grassy Hills
- Flooded Valley
- Winter Range
- Volcano's Shadow

Collect one of each ingredient.
There is no available map for the locations of a ingredient, but you just come past most of them while playing. Just collect everything you see and the trophy will come eventually.

Tengu friend: 
Complete all wandering Tengu quests.
The Tengu are the big birds that are through some levels, they will ask you to complete some simple tasks that can be done in a minute. 
The locations of the Tengu are:

1) Leaving Home - Tengu in the village: 
Destroy all samurai on other side of the bridge. Just kill all the samurai across the bridge and that's it. There are a total of 13 that need to be killed.

2) Leaving Home - Tengu near the Temple:
He wants a Burdock Flower. The Burdock Flower is right up the stairs near the temple, behind a few statues.

3) Haunted Forest - Tengu in the woods to the left of the main path from start:
He wants a Spear of Ashida. You should have one to spare so just hand it over to him.

4) Flooded Valley - Tengu near the start of the level: 
He wants you to go to the temple and check on the Tengu there. Once you return, he gives you the sturdy rod, which will allow the giant Koi to drag you into the next area. 

5) Winter Range - Tengu by the split in the path near the start:
He just wants a tiger Lilly. Just hand one over and you're done.

Remember, it's the best you complete all of these while playing the first time, because there's a change that's you won't get a trophy when you're doing it after completing the story.

Animal Friend:
Free all caged animals.
There might be a glitch with this trophy too, so be sure to do this trophy while playing it the first time! Also, every time you leave the level, and play it again, the animal count will be set to zero. So be sure you complete it all first. Here is a video that points out all the animal locations in the game. When you click the video, you will find the other levels on the sidebar.

- Thanks to SideFXProduction

Hard Little Ninja:
Complete the game on hard difficulty.
When you didn't set the game on hard when starting the game, you can always do this afterwards. Just remember which levels you've played on hard, because there is no stat count or something to tell you.

Silent Assas... Ninja:
Complete a level without being seen.
This is fairly easy to maintain in the level 'Great River Canyon'. In the video below you can see the exact way to reach the end without being seen.

- Thanks to Achievements4Gamers

Collect all the Jizo statues.
There are 100 of the Jizo statues through the entire game, in almost every level are mostly 5 or more of these hidden. Some of them are in plain view, while others need to be searched. Luckily, there are videos of the exact locations, if you have some trouble finding them. In the sidebar you can find all the other levels where statues are hidden.

- Thanks to hiryusbd

Congratulations, you have unlocked all trophies. 
Finally, your hard work is rewarded ;).

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