Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 8: Too Far Gone

FINALLY, a good episode of The Walking Dead. For those who read my previous reviews about the Walking Dead episodes know that the past few episodes had it's ups and downs. The main thing was about this illness and the governor and to be honest, it wasn't much interesting. It was tensive to watch the prison scenes where people were almost dying, because you were afraid that one of your favorite characters would die, but since that was the only tensive thing it's wasn't much interesting. Also, the whole governor story became a bit old and reminded me a lot of season 3.

Anyway, like I said this episode was finally good again. Absolutely my favorite episode of this season this far, but unfortunately we now have to wait until february for the next episodes :(.


So we see that the Governor tries to take the prison once again, it's the same old story and I was getting afraid that things would be all the same again. He has a tank this time and was quite dangerous with it, and unfortunately, it was the last episode for one of the heroes thanks to the governor. Now, I've said it before and this will be the last time I say it, but there are massive spoilers ahead, so if you really don't want to know what happened, then I strongly recommend that you look the other way. 

The governor took Michonne and Hershel, and used them as a trading method. The governor wants the prison, and Rick can have Hershel and Michonne back. In the middle of the discussion, the governor gets impatient and slices Hershel's throat. This was such a sad moment because Hershel always was the soft, sweet and rational one of everyone. He was so wise and it's very sad to see him go. 

Of course, it was terrible to see Hershel get killed, but I must say that it was necessary that an important character would die again. The past episodes everyone of the main cast was always safe and the zombie world didn't really felt dangerous anymore. What I find ironic is that Hershel was killed by a human instead of a zombie. 
It was good that an important character died because it made me hate the governor even more. It put emotion in this episode, and that was exactly what was missing the past few ones.

Anyway, Michonne gets away while Rick and the rest opens fire on the Governor. There's a whole battle going on and everyone that isn't fighting tries to escape. 

At one point Tyreese is fighting a few of the other side, and almost got stuck while fighting them. Luckily, the children save him. Now, this was another great moment because these children are quite useless to the show, and seeing them kill someone that isn't dead is quite something. Also because Tyreese is quite a big fellow, and him getting saved by kids was pretty cute. Another great scene.

In this episode there is also briefly shown that there's a rat hammered to some door in the prison, meaning to attract walkers I guess. This is still a small question that needs to be answered, because someone is messing with the prison guys. Personally I suspect Bob, because he's always acting weird. 

Now the most important thing of this episode is of course, did the governor get what he wanted? What happened with everyone? Well, the governor got killed. HELL YES, you read that right, the motherf*cker is finally dead! One time by Michonne (that needed to happen) and the double tap shot by his 'new wife', the new wife who just lost her daughter because the governor was being a dick again. Personally, I thought it was amazing. The governor thing is finally over, and the way he got murdered was cool looking too. 

The people from the prison got chased away more or less by the governor and his people, and they basically have split up in 3 or maybe 4 groups, what will happen with them is not known yet and we'll have to wait until the next episode for that. There's still a question who got killed by the governor and his team, and who got injured. I don't think that another important character got killed, but perhaps some smaller ones. 

What do I expect from the other half of the series? Well, to see their new location is important. What will be the next storyline, what happened with Judith (Rick's baby), did she get killed or did someone take her on time? I'm quite curious about the next episode because this chapter of the governor and the prison is finally closed. 

Too Far Gone is the best episode of this season so far. Everything happened what should have happened, the prison is no longer their location, the governor is no longer a threat and we finally got some emotion again because of the killing of Hershel. I'm very sad about it, but damn this episode was amazing. I think The Walking Dead will finally be good again!

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