Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 9: What Happened and What's Going On

This review will NOT be spoiler free!

After 3 months of waiting The Walking Dead has returned. Last sunday the mid-season premiere aired and I was somewhat excited to be able to watch The Walking Dead again. This also because the mid-season premieres are often very exciting, just like the season premiere, mid-season finale and the season finale. If you have been following previous reviews of episodes you know that I hadn't much good to say about recent The Walking Dead episodes, I had high hopes The Walking Dead would improve the standard formula and would attempt to make thing surprising again. Unfortunately, it did not succeed.

This season may have a bit of a higher character death-rate but it's still the side characters that get killed off, aka people we don't really care about. Sure it was sad when Bob died and sure it was sad Beth died, but that's more because of the reactions of the actual main characters rather than because of the characters that died. In the mid-season premiere another character died, but again not a very important character. It could've been a sad death but this episode was so goddamn boring that it just didn't matter a whole lot. Normally I cry at every stupid thing, I can't hold my tears at whatever Disney movie I'm watching and I even cried when Beth died even though I hated her intensely. When this specific character died, it should have been sad, because it was a loving character that I actually liked, but the episode ruined it so damn hard.

The episodes name 'What Happened and What's Going On' is actually just that. A short recap of everything that happened with a sad event thrown in. I'm going to say who died this episode so if you really don't wanna know I suggest you stop reading right about now! The one who died is Tyreese, and for those who followed The Walking Dead he has some issues because he couldn't kill a few people and he was a bit of a pussy sometimes. And when the man was bitten he is starting to hallucinate or something and sees the Governor, the two girls, the man who snatched them to Gareth and Beth. All because he thinks it's some sort of Domino effect that got everyone in danger because of Tyreese's failing to kill. 

This hallucination is going on almost the entire episodes, nothing made sense of it and it was just plain boring. Worst part? That stupid Beth was still singing, even when she's dead she can't shut up. Meanwhile, Rick, Michonne and Glenn are searching the place they're at and discuss where they will be heading. It's more a bit of rambling though, since what they said was not important whatsoever. 

By the way, is it just me or is everyone noticing that whenever someone with a dark skin tone is being added to the group, another one dies? For example, Gabriel got in, Bob died. Noah got in, Tyreese dies. And even in previous episodes, T-Dog and Oscar died, Tyreese and Sascha get in. Coincidence? I think not. 

To be honest, The Walking Dead really needs to step up it's game to make it watch-worthy again. Next season I won't probably do these weekly reviews anymore, simply because it sometimes because hard to get myself to watch this again. But then again, I finished watching Lost, so it couldn't become much worse than that, right? Right?! I think they already lost a hell of a lot viewers, and with episodes such as this one I can't be surprised about it since it was plain boring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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