Wednesday, 17 January 2018

It (2017)


Starring: Bill Skarsgard,
Director: Andy Muschietti, Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard
IMDb rate:7,6
My rate: 8

Probably the most anticipated horror movie of 2017: It. I never did a review about the original movie so here are quickly my thoughts about it. I thought Tim Curry as Pennywise was absolutely amazing. He did an amazing job and he was quite scary as well. I liked how Pennywas looked very child-friendly which made it believable that little Georgie would follow him. However I did think the movie was way too long and the special effects were rather meh. The big spider at the ending? Please... I do realize the original It is from 1990 but even back then could have done much better. The book was, similar to the movie, quite long but in the book I didn't feel like it was that long at all. I thought there was a lot of tension in the book of It which I sadly missed in the movie.
Now! Let's talk about the remake of It.

When I first saw the trailer of this movie I was like "Nope." because the CGI of the clown looked pretty fake at some point and quite hilarious actually. I did however wanted to give it a chance because I am quite terrified of clowns in real life and since I loved the book I was hoping they made this one a bit more scary. Well I can tell you that director Andy Muschietti (also known for Mama) definitely delivered with this remake.

First of all I think that casting Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise was an amazing choice. He pulls off that creepy smile so well. I've only seen him beforehand in the TV show Hemlock Grove in which he acted pretty good as well but sadly that script was overall just quite bad so it went a bit unnoticed I suppose. I liked most of the kid actors as well and I personally can't wait to see which actors will represent their adult versions in the sequel to this. Personally I'm just really hoping that Seth Green will be adult Richie Tozier because I love Seth Green as an actor and it would be nice considering he played the child Richie in the original It. That being said, while I love Finn Wolfhard in Stranger Things, I did feel like his representation of Richie Tozier was a bit forced.

I mentioned earlier that I loved the somewhat child-friendly look that Tim Curry's Pennywise wore, however I do feel like this new representation of  Pennywise is much more scary. It reminds me of one of those creepy dolls that old people have in their house because they think it's cute but in reality it looks like it will move one day to murder everyone in their sleep. Personally I think both looks work well to be honest. The atmosphere in this remake is a lot more dark, especially when they visit the old house, which of course makes the movie a lot more tensive. AND BOI: that freaking room filled with clowns?! Get me out because that shit is creepy as fuck.

This movie currently has a 7,6 on IMDb which is first of all a really high rate for a horror movie, but second of all for a remake! Personally I can't disagree with the rate because I really liked watching this movie. I'm also glad they split it in two parts (please don't make more than that) so that the won't be as absurdly long as the original. In short: Go watch this!

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